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    5-21-14 - Dr. Hildy - Michael and Tamera - E3LIVE - RAW SUPERFOOD

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                      E3LIVE.com - Dr. Hildy and  Michael Saiber and Tamera Campbell

    There are many things that occur naturally on our planet that we have long shunned as sources for food, medicine, and other basic needs. For everything once thought to be exotic, like fish oil and quinoa, there are many others that still have the same stigma. One of these products is Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, a freshwater species of cyanobacteria better known as AFA. Your first thought may be “why would you ingest bacteria on purpose?” but as a dietary supplment, non-toxic AFAs are known to contain nutrients including essential fatty acids, active enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, proteins, complex carbohydrates, and phytochemicals. Surprising, isn’t it?

    This week on One Cell, One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy welcomes Michael Saiber and Tamera Campbell, owners of E3 Live.com, a company that markets and supplies a wide variety of health supplements, including AFA.

    The discoverer and founder of E3Live, Michael Saiber,  was introduced to the raw living foods lifestyle more than 30 years ago.  MUCH MORE>>> http://onecellonelightradio.wordpress.com/2014/05/21/dr-hildy-e3live-raw-superfood/

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    The Matejuana Show – Superfood Herbs and Yerba Mate

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    Hey Yerba Mate Lovers,

    Here's another installment of The Matejuana Show with your hosts Dave and Dane from circleofdrink.com .

    Today we'll be discussing, along with Matejuana, some powerful superfoods and super herbs that go well with yerba mate. 

    Feel free to call in and participate.

    This broadcast for educational purposes only and has not been approved by the FDA.

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    Superfood, Stinging Nettle -Recap- on Herbal Prepper Live

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    Superfood, Stinging Nettle!
    The Herbal Prepper Live
    on American Preppers Radio!
    Sundays 7:00pm/Est 6:00pm/Ct 5:00pm/Mt 4:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    If there were one plant that survivalists, preppers, homesteaders, and bushcrafters were to want to have easy access to, it would have to be Stinging Nettle, (Urtica dioica). In this episode, you will learn all about this incredible plant, how to prepare it both as an herbal remedy and as a meal, and which parts of the plants are harvested for what use, and even how to make your own herbal multivitamin. 

    Read More HERE

    Visit The Herbal Prepper HERE!

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    Introducing Moringa

    in Health

    Have you ever heard of Moringa? It's a hidden gem, indeed. With a unique cocktail of nutrients and antioxidants, moringa may be the worlds next superfood. Learn about it with us during our upcoming Online Mate Circle.

    Watch on google.com/+circleofdrink
    or Call in at 917 889 9947

    Tuesday May 16
    6:30 pm est.

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    Easy Ways To Look Younger

    in Health

    On this episode of "Doc Talk", I"ll be discussing Easy Ways to Look Younger.  Exercise, weight loss, fasting, sleep and more sex are just a few of the things I'll share with you for reversing the clock.  I'll also give you my superfood picks that will help you look younger.

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    Whey as a Superfood

    in Blogs

    You can easily make your own fresh bio-available pro-biotic Serum!  

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    Harvest Soul Chewable Juices - USDA Organic Certified Chewable Juice

    in Environment

    Harvest Soul, Inc. creates nutritious USDA organic juices that are exceptionally delicious. Their new line of Harvest Soul Chewable Juices blend superfood organic vegetables and fruits with perfectly-sized, easy-to-chew nuts, seeds and berries.  

    Created to promote “chewing” which releases nutrient-boosting enzymes, the 12 ounce juices are high in fiber and a good source of protein. Green Fusion, a green blend of 21 nutrient-rich ingredients, and Tropical Fusion, a citrus blend of 15 fiber-rich ingredients are both high pressure processed to promote natural freshness and an extended shelf life. Both juices are Non-GMO Project verified and available through Whole Foods Markets throughout the South.

    Harvest Soul is participating in the national #1MilNonGMO Social Media March and is asking for listeners to help spread the word about why organics are important.

    Rani Quirk is a veteran consumer brand marketer, with over 25 years of experience working on major consumer brands like Sara Lee Bakeries, Birds Eye Vegetables, Northern Bathroom Tissue, OshKosh B’Gosh and Sprout Organic Foods. With a strong sense of what drives consumers, she has launched and restaged well-known consumer brands with integrated marketing, media and PR support. Quirk holds an MBA in marketing from The University of Michigan, Ross School of Business. She resides in Marietta with her husband, two teenaged kids, and a dog. 

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    Cynthia Simmons Empower Listeners To Embrace The Health Benefits Of SOZO Coffee

    in Self Help

    Wealthy Speaker Show listeners the honored guest for the next episode of our show is the phenomenal Cynthia Simmons. Cynthia is CEO of the Coffee Biz and is an Independent Consultant with SOZO.

    While Paul Lawrence Vann interviews Cynthia, listeners are going to discover more about SOZO and Cynthia's role in delivering wellness products to clients around the world. In 2009, a functional beverage called SOZO® that boasted a jaw-droppingly high antioxidant capacity was developed. Under the hood of SOZO® is a little red fruit packed with free-radical fighting antioxidants and phenolic acids called CoffeeBerry®, and soon new ways to utilize this extraordinary superfood. 

    Cynthia leads Coffee Biz from Lakewood, Washington and is empowering people to join her in helping others understand and embrace the health and wellness products SOZO provides. Discover more about Cynthia on her website: www.cynthialsimmons.com

    Join us during this incredible interview which takes place Wednesday, April 29, 7:00 PM (Eastern)/4:00 PM (Pacific). The web chat room will be available at www.blogtalkradio.com/paullawrencevann and or call in with questions at (646) 595-4797.

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    Chia Seeds The Ultimate Super Food

    in Women

    Have you heard that Chia seeds are the new super food! Join me as I continue my talk on the topic of an amazing food that is so versatile and can help you in so many different areas of your health. Find out how this tiny little seed can improve your health starting today. Last week I ran out of time so I promise to dedicate the entire episode to tell you how you can benefit from eating chia seeds in your diet and so much more.

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    Orange Is The New Black and Chia Seeds As The Latest Super Food!

    in Women

    Join me this Wednesday at 10:00am CST on Fashion And Food Warrior Wednesdays. The first half of the program discusses the topic of Fashion: Orange Is The New Black! Color is the first thing people notice about you! Are you wearing your most flattering colors? Are you wearing the colors that help you look healthier, more vibrant and even slimmer? The second half and topic of the program gives you the latest scoop on Chia Seeds As The Latest Super Food and why you should be using it everyday.

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    The Healing Power of Superfood with Darin Olien

    in Lifestyle

    What is superfood and how can it help with stress, depression and building strong immune systems?
    Join Rick Allen, Lauren Monroe, and Moon Calhoun in an informative and entertaining interview with health professional Darin Olien as they discuss the powerful impact of superfoods on our body and mind and how we can incorporate them in our daily lives to become healthier and happier people.
    For more information about Darin, see the Raven Drum Foundation website.