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    The SupaFi64 Fiction Show!

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    Dave Ginn is here to bring us our MMO report. As well as tell us whathe thought of Iron Man 3!
    Raul will also be here tonight to talk about Doctor Who and what he's been keeping up with in the Fiction world!
    And then ONCE AGAIN, I give you guys a HUGE dose of Fiction giving you all the breaking news that you probably didn't know about!
    All this and More on SupaFi64!

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    SupaFi64 Segment Show!

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    Alf is back with his TableTop Gaming Segment!
    Andrew is also here to continue with his SciFi segment, discussing Star Wars, and Flying Cars tonight!
    All this and More on SupaFi64!
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    90th Episode Of SupaFi64!!!

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    Congrats to the Redskins, and HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!
    Official Co-Hosts Joe AND Andrew are back on tonight to talk Fiction with us!
    Joe and I will be delving into Video Game news with Playstationg 2 and Tomb Raider on our minds.
    Andrew and I will be discussing Walking Dead and the movie trailer review of Warm Bodies!
    And then I bring them BOTH back to talk about some Gun Laws and how they relate to Video Games!
    NEW FEATURED ARTIST Wrathmatics will have his music played this week!
    All this and More on SupaFi64!
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    League of Legends Entertainment and News EPISODE 2

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    Patch 5.4 Notes

        Big changes to Mordekaiser


    PBE Updates:

        More new skins

        Sweet new jungle item for tanks


    Week 6 LCS Breakdown




    Be sure to follow us at twitter.com/lolen_show and be sure to tweet #DJBrona @lolen_show for a chance to win a free DJ Sona skin from us. As always thanks for watching and we hope you enjoy!

    Your hosts are:

    Steve "Beveest"

    Justin "Nerserris" Nerrnerr

    Jeff "jeffyhere" Jeffe Gato


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    League of Legends Entertainment and News EPISODE 5

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    LOLEN first ever free week!

    We'll be keeping the script loose this week since there isn't a whole lot to cover. Follow us at @LOLEN_Show


    Omega Squad

    5.6 Update



    Free Champion Rotation:











    Skin and Champion Sales 3.24 to 3.27:

    Lord Mordekaiser 487 RP

    Redeemed Riven 487 RP

    Shadow Evelyn 260 RP

    Aatrox 487 RP

    Galio 440 RP

    Shaco 395 RP

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    Sup60 Music Show Interview with Lims (#1)

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    We are back with another interview for you. We will be talking to none other than Lims, and hearing some of his songs. For more from Lims, you can check him out on:




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    League of Legends Entertainment and News EPISODE 3

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    -Patch 5.5 comes out Thursday, March 12th, 2015

            -Bard, Luden’s Echo, Bami Cinder/ Cinderhulk comes out

            -Mandrake Ward; not coming out


    -Mata, former Support for Samsung White, the Season 4 champions being fined

    ¥50,000 (equivalent of roughly $400) for “negative attitude”

    -Teamwork discussion


    -IEM World Tournament in Katowice, Poland; 3 day event Friday-Sunday

    Group A

    Cloud 9 vs. GE Tigers

    SK vs. Flashwolves

    Group B

    Gambit vs. CJ Entus

    TSM vs. Team WE

    -Lee Sin incoming nerfs


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    League of Legends Entertainment and News EPISODE 4

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    Patch 5.5

    Kassadin: Rift walk up to 500 range from 450, mana down to 50 from 60

    Nidalee: Bushwack (W) now deals flat magic damage.

    Nautilus: Riptide buffs, cooldown, mana cost, ratio, slow, reduced.

    Luden’s Echo/Cinderhulk Enchantment/Bami’s Cinder

    Bard Impressions



    New Skins

    Surprise Party Amumu

    Urf the Nami-Tee

    Archduke Nasus

    Order of the Banana Soraka

    Definitely Not Udyr

    Debonair Galio

    Champion Masteries

    "Levels 4 and 5 will offer: Loading Screen Badge In Game Emote and Announcement Banner"

    New Summoner Icon - URF

    Mandrake Ward is back

    Free champ rotation






    kog maw






    cham sales

    shyvana - 440

    akali -395

    lucian -487

    skin sales

    glasial malphite- 675

    dreadknight garen- 487

    giant enemy crabgot- 260




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    131st Episode of the Sup60 Music Show

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    Hey Everyone! We are back for our second night with special Co-host Yojira the Terrible from Lost Calligraphy. Brandon is back filling in for Jay, and the music is ready. More music tonight from Yojira The Terrible, Ambrose Chappel, B.A.S.I.C, and we get another go at Skyward. Definately a show you don't want to miss. Caller's are always welcome and the lines will stay open through the entire show. Let us hear your opinion. The future of music is here now. Sup60.

    Know someone who's music show be on the show? Should your music be on the show? Contact us @ Supafi64@yahoo.com or Brandoncraig82@yahoo.com with a brief bio and some music. We would be happy to hear from you.

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    League of Legends Entertainment and News EPISODE 1

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    Week 5 LCS Match Recap

    Daily Record
    Current Standings
    Top 5 Players Per Region (NA/EU)

    LCS Roster Swaps

    Piglet - Benched | Team Liquid
    Imagine - Starting Line-Up | Winterfox | Support
    Mimer - Assist. Coach | Meet Your Makers
    Jwaowv - Starting Line-Up | Meet Your Makers | Top
    Wickd - Benched | Elements

    PBE Updates

    Zilean Changes
    New Items

    Luden's Echo
    Mandrake Ward
    Party Rewards


    Player Tool Tips

    Skin and Champion sales
    Free Champion Rotation
    Solo Queue Tier List

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    The Sup60 Music Show 132nd Episode

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    Another night of great music is coming your way! We will be playing some new tracks that have never been heard, and some old favorites from exactly one year ago. We unfortunately don't have a co-host available to join us this evening, but the music can not be stopped. Callers are always welcome, the lines will be open, and we want to hear from you. Lets Keep Music Alive.

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