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    The SupaFi64 Fiction Show!

    in Entertainment

    Dave Ginn is here to bring us our MMO report. As well as tell us whathe thought of Iron Man 3!
    Raul will also be here tonight to talk about Doctor Who and what he's been keeping up with in the Fiction world!
    And then ONCE AGAIN, I give you guys a HUGE dose of Fiction giving you all the breaking news that you probably didn't know about!
    All this and More on SupaFi64!

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    SupaFi64 Segment Show!

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    Alf is back with his TableTop Gaming Segment!
    Andrew is also here to continue with his SciFi segment, discussing Star Wars, and Flying Cars tonight!
    All this and More on SupaFi64!
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    90th Episode Of SupaFi64!!!

    in Entertainment

    Congrats to the Redskins, and HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!
    Official Co-Hosts Joe AND Andrew are back on tonight to talk Fiction with us!
    Joe and I will be delving into Video Game news with Playstationg 2 and Tomb Raider on our minds.
    Andrew and I will be discussing Walking Dead and the movie trailer review of Warm Bodies!
    And then I bring them BOTH back to talk about some Gun Laws and how they relate to Video Games!
    NEW FEATURED ARTIST Wrathmatics will have his music played this week!
    All this and More on SupaFi64!
    We're also on Google+, and Itunes!

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    League of Legends Entertainment & News EPISODE 8

    in Video Games



    New Skins

    Risen Fiddlesticks

    Bloodmoon Zilean

    Forsaken Jayce

    Master Arcanist Ziggs

    Ryze Rework

    Q (Overload) Now a skillshot

    W (Rune Prison) Mostly unchanged

    E (Spell Flux) Less randomized, now bounces back to main target after secondary

    R (Desperate Power) Grants movement speed, spell vamp, and AOE for duration, grants CD decrease at each rank.

    New Chroma Packs

    ?Garen, Poolparty Leona, Blitz

    ??Black Cleaver


    Recipe: Phage + Kindlegem + 825 gold (3000 gold total)

    400 HP

    40 AD

    20% CD

    Unique Passive - Dealing physical damage to an enemy champion Cleaves them, reducing their Armor by 5% for 6 seconds (stacks up to 6 times, up to 30%).

    Unique passive - Rage - "Dealing physical damage grants 20 movement speed for 2 seconds. Assists on Cleaved enemy champions or kills on any unit grant 80 movement speed for 2 seconds instead. This Movement Speed is halved for ranged champions 

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    League of Legends Entertainment and News EPISODE 2

    in Entertainment




    Patch 5.4 Notes

        Big changes to Mordekaiser


    PBE Updates:

        More new skins

        Sweet new jungle item for tanks


    Week 6 LCS Breakdown




    Be sure to follow us at twitter.com/lolen_show and be sure to tweet #DJBrona @lolen_show for a chance to win a free DJ Sona skin from us. As always thanks for watching and we hope you enjoy!

    Your hosts are:

    Steve "Beveest"

    Justin "Nerserris" Nerrnerr

    Jeff "jeffyhere" Jeffe Gato


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    League of Legends Entertainment & News EPISODE 7

    in Video Games

    LOLEN Show Episode 7



    Patch 5.7

    Darius - 
    R - Noxian Guillotine

    Refunds 25/50/100 mana on kill

    At rank 3 only, Noxian Guillotine's cooldown resets completely

    ??Shen - 
    R - Stand United

    COOLDOWN  200/180/160 ⇒ 180/160/120

    Cinderhulk - 

    HEALTH 350 ⇒ 300

    COST 2200 gold ⇒ 2250 gold

    Chroma Skins
    Incarnati0n suspension lifted, scouted for C9
    Urgot Rework planned (not soon)
    LCS Quarterfinals
    Free Champion Rotation

    Cho'Gath, Karma, Lulu, Nasus, Quinn, Sejuani,Singed, Swain, Trundle, and Twitch

    ?Skin Sale

    Demolisher Nunu - 487 RP
    Jailbreak Graves - 487 RP
    Ravager Nocturne - 260 RP

    Champion Sale

    Udyr - 292 RP
    Vayne - 440 RP
    Varus - 487 RP

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    League of Legends Entertainment and News EPISODE 5

    in Video Games

    LOLEN first ever free week!

    We'll be keeping the script loose this week since there isn't a whole lot to cover. Follow us at @LOLEN_Show


    Omega Squad

    5.6 Update



    Free Champion Rotation:











    Skin and Champion Sales 3.24 to 3.27:

    Lord Mordekaiser 487 RP

    Redeemed Riven 487 RP

    Shadow Evelyn 260 RP

    Aatrox 487 RP

    Galio 440 RP

    Shaco 395 RP

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    League of Legends Entertainment and News EPISODE 6

    in Video Games

    Episode 6 of the LOLEN Show with Steve, Jeff and Justin


    PBE Updates

    Omega Squad Teemo
    Blitzcrank Overdrive (W) Changes

    Duration reduced to 5 seconds from 8 seconds.
    Movement Speed % increased to 70/75/80/85/90% from 16/20/24/28/32%.
    Movement Speed bonus now decays over the duration of the buff.
    New Effect: When Overdrive ends, Blitzcrank's movement speed is slowed by 30% for 1.5 seconds. 

    Guardian of the Sands Skins

    Skarner, Xerath and Rammus

    NURF Mode

    +100% mana and energy cost on all abilities
    +200% cooldown inflation on abilities, items and summoner spells
    +225 movement speed reduction
    +200% delay between basic attacks
    Critical strikes deal 50% of base AD
    Units critically strike on 150% of attacks

    Archlight Vayne
    Morgana VFX Update

    League Reddit Mods Non-Disclosure Shenangins
    OPL Plays Chess instead of League
    Skin and Champion Sales 3/31 to 4/3

    Sandscourge Skarner 487 RP
    Battlecast Vel'Koz 675 RP
    Prestigious LeBlanc 260 RP
    Nautilus 487 RP
    Riven 440 RP
    Nidalee 395 RP

    Free Champion Rotation


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    Sup60 Music Show Interview with Lims (#1)

    in Entertainment

    We are back with another interview for you. We will be talking to none other than Lims, and hearing some of his songs. For more from Lims, you can check him out on:




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    League of Legends Entertainment and News EPISODE 3

    in Entertainment

    -Patch 5.5 comes out Thursday, March 12th, 2015

            -Bard, Luden’s Echo, Bami Cinder/ Cinderhulk comes out

            -Mandrake Ward; not coming out


    -Mata, former Support for Samsung White, the Season 4 champions being fined

    ¥50,000 (equivalent of roughly $400) for “negative attitude”

    -Teamwork discussion


    -IEM World Tournament in Katowice, Poland; 3 day event Friday-Sunday

    Group A

    Cloud 9 vs. GE Tigers

    SK vs. Flashwolves

    Group B

    Gambit vs. CJ Entus

    TSM vs. Team WE

    -Lee Sin incoming nerfs


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    SupaFi Interview #1: Author D.A. Roberts

    in Entertainment

    In the very first of MANY SupaFi interviews of all things Fiction and Nerd related, we talk to Author D.A. Roberts about his popular book series Ragnarok Rising! His newest book: "Ragnarok Rising: Damnation" is currently being worked on so its the PERFECT TIME to get caught up with the first 4 in time for the newest book to come out! On top of talking about his book series we also will get into what other Nerd lifestlyes he's into, from gaming to anime we are taking it to the next level. Check out his Main Website here: http://ragnarokrising.weebly.com, and his Merch website here: http://www.zazzle.com/ragnarokrising+gifts,  Its Time To Get Real With Fiction!