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    Suns Talk Radio: A Tank Imminent?

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     With costly losses to poor teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers,  and many calling for the head of Jeff Hornacek,  Phoenix has its back to the wall heading into the All-Star break.   Host Zach Parnes  Will be answering your questions fed in from Twitter and Facebook, regarding the future of the Suns Team.  As always feel free to follow discussion on Twitter or by calling in.

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    Suns Talk Radio- A Downward Spiral

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    A stressful week and the firing of two assistant coaches is putting the Suns with their backs against the wall. Now the team may be facing massive coaching and front office issues as it pulls into a difficult road stretch against some of the best teams in the league. Host Zach Parnes examines the struggles of the past week, and looks ahead for the Suns. What to do about Jeff Hornacek? We will weigh in, but we want to hear your opinions. Tweet us @SunsTalkRadio or call in to the program.

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    Lakers Nation Podcast Episode 12: Dave Schilling

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    LakersNation.com's Jabari Davis caught up with former Grantland.com contributor and current writer for outlets such as The Guardian and Vice Sports (among others) Dave Schilling for this edition of the podcast. The two of them discussed the current state of the Los Angeles Lakers, how watching Michael Jordan compete with Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp made Schilling fall in love with the NBA during the 1990s, Schilling's thoughts on the young core and several other topics related to the current team.

    Schilling voluntarily acknowledged his desire for the team to move in a different direction with the coaching staff after the season and even offered a 'familiar' solution as a potential head coach. The two of them also addressed the upcoming free agency period and which strategy the front office should take as well as Schilling's belief that LSU's Ben Simmons is the prospect the Lakers should most covet in the upcoming NBA Draft

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    Lakers Nation Podcast Episode 14: Trade Talk

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    LakersNation.com's Jabari Davis was joined by Jamieson Welsh (Fox Sports Radio) and Jordan Buscarini (Castle Country Radio) once again for this episode. With all the rumors of potential free agents on the horizon and trade rumors swirling, the trio addressed all sides of the discussion. They also reassessed Jordan Clarkson's value with a bit of clarification of what his next contract might actually look like.

    They were also pleased to be joined by the site's Trevor Lane for his opinions on all the recent news and rumors. Lane has an upcoming potential trades piece that should be up on the site this week, so we wanted to get a quick preview of some of his trade ideas.

    The Twitter Topic of the Week was provided by a loyal and appreciated listener that wanted to focus on the idea of moving some of the veteran players. As always, your feedback and topics are very much appreciated. Remember to send them along with #LNPodcast to @JabariDavisNBA, @TheeJamieson and @Jordan_DTS.

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    Lakers Nation Podcast: Episode 7

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    LakersNation.com's Jabari Davis was joined by Jamieson Welsh (Fox Sports Radio) and Jordan Buscarini (Castle Country Radio) for the seventh installment of your Lakers Nation Podcast. The trio discussed Magic Johnson's recent comments about the front office and Jim Buss in particular. Davis asks if Johnson's criticism, while somewhat accurate, comes across as a bit of revisionist history given the fact that the former Laker-great publicly endorsed several of the moves he seems to be critical of at this point. 

    Davis also asked the panel to discuss some of the positive developments they've seen from the young core, while also addressing the current rotation, player frustration and whether the team may consider moving anyone if a more compatible or promising player were to become available on the market.

    Rather than their customary 'Final Shots' to close the show, the three of them took a moment to acknowledge some of Kobe Bryant's greatest moments since the 20-year-veteran officially announced his retirement last week.

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    Lakers Nation Podcast Episode 13: Brian Geltzeiler

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    LakersNation.com's Jabari Davis caught up with the host of NBA Radio (Sirius XM) and founder of HoopsCritic.com, Brian Geltzeiler for today's episode. We simply had to talk to Geltzeiler (@HoopsCritic) following his "tweet heard 'round the world" about the organization's willingness to at least field offers for rookie D'Angelo Russell.

    The duo also discussed the overall outlook of the young core as we move forward, how effective Coach Scott's methods have been with the younger players and whether Geltzeiler believes the team would consider making a move on the trade market if it meant shipping one or more of their developing assets out of town in order to make the current roster more enticing to potential upcoming free agents.

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    Suns Talk Radio: A Discussion with Brandon Steiner

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    In this episode of Suns Talk Radio, we will be sitting down with legendary sports businessman Brandon Steiner. Brandon will be discussing the new NBA TV deal and how the sports industry is looking to capitalize on bigger profits. We also will be talking about the small market implications involving the Pheonix Suns and other teams from smaller basketball fanbases. Steiner will also be discussing his involvment with former NBA player Dwayne "Pearl" Washington. As always, please feel free to tweet us your questions @SunsTalkRadio

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    Suns Talk Radio- The Warriors Baffle the Boys in Orange

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    The Phoenix Suns took some heartbreaking losses last week, including against the Golden State Warriors and the New Orleans Pelicans. Suns Talk Radio takes an inside look at these games and we take a look at the week ahead. We are also discussing the shooting performances of TJ Warren. Can he be a legitamte starting 3 for the team? Tweet us your thoughts! @SunsTalkRadio also feel free to call in 323-870-4073

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    Suns Talk Radio- A 2-2 Week: Now Taking a Look Ahead

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    Wins against the Portland Trailblazers and the Minnesota Timberwolves, were much needed for the boys in Orange and Purple this week, but as host Zach Parnes discusses, it will not be enough if the Suns want to be back in contention in the Western Conference. Now 11-15, the Suns have had their fair share of struggles and now it is time to move forward. What do the Suns need to do to change in up the losing patterns? Tell us by tweeting at us @SunsTalkRadio. 

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    Lakers Nation Podcast Episode 11: D'Angelo Rising

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    LakersNation.com's Jabari Davis was joined by Jamieson Welsh (Fox Sports Radio) and Jordan Buscarini (Castle Country Radio) once again for this week's episode. The three of them discussed Kobe Bryant's condition and where the bulk of his remaining minutes should be devoted, as well as D'Angelo Russell's continued improvement both by the eye-ball test and the numbers and whether he should be the permanent starter at this point.

    Corey Hansford also joined the show in order to give a mid-season assessment and chime in on this week's LakersNation.com Roundtable Discussion: which of the young core players has shown the greatest potential to be a superstar at this level?

    Davis also asked each of them to put on their proverbial GM hats and decide which direction would be the best way to go with the future of the small forward position with rumors of potential interest in upcoming free agents like DeMar DeRozan, Hassan Whiteside and Harrison Barnes (amongst others) from the organization.

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    Suns Talk Radio: 4 Tough losses... Hornacek on the Hot Seat?

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    Brooklyn, Detroit, The Wizards and Memphis.. 4 very hard losses for the boys in Purple and Orange. Looking ahead the Suns have a lot of ground to make up in the Western Confrence. Host Zach Parnes takes a look at the potential reality of Jeff Hornacek being canned from his position. Also we explore the Markieff Morris trade scenario, will he end up in Houston? Or stay in Phoenix? Let us know by calling in or tweeting us SunsTalkRadio.