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    Modern Lesbian Subtext 101

    in Television

    F4F Radio rings in the new year with a discussion of lesbian subtext in modern television - a topic I’ve wanted to discuss since before the start of 2012!  Before the late 1990s, when fandoms began popping up with canon lesbian pairings on shows like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “Xena: Warrior Princess”, “Once and Again” and “Babylon 5”, gay characters typically lacked a screen presence beyond the “very special episode”.  Today, more network and cable programs seem to be recognizing the appeal of lesbian and bisexual women on the small screen. Yet for every canon lesbian couple with a fan following, it seems like there are many more pairings based on subtext.  Sometimes, it even seems like these are MORE popular.  As gay and straight audiences, rightly or wrongly, perceive subtext more and more on their TV, we begin to ponder questions like, how much subtext is REALLY there?  Are shows intentionally using subtext to pull in lesbian audiences without actually giving them maintext?  Can fan followings of subtext couples potentially shift storylines in a maintext direction?  We’ll be discussing these kinds of questions in a general context, but we’ll also focus on 4 shows in particular – “Rizzoli & Isles”, “Once Upon a Time”, “The Good Wife”, and “Warehouse 13”.  I’ll be joined by a panel of three past guests who between them have written memorable femslash fanfic for all four programs – Adm_Hawthorne, Heartsways, and Sweetjamielee.  That’s a lineup you can’t miss!

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    The Weekly Conversation with Kyle

    in Current Events

    This week on the conversation I will discuss the GOP debate and what came from it. Seeing who is shaping up to be a real candidate for President of the United States and who is there just totry to keep politics as usual in the white house. Also something Hillary said to a person who asked a question about how she said the republicans are her enemy.  "We need to get away from economic policies that give tax breaks to the wealthy and economic's where we get out of the way of corporations." Really she wants government involved in corporations her words not mine my thoughts on why you need to listen to the subtext of what candidates say.  My thoughts on that and other things people like Obama said that ring true now.   Also the anti christian coffee cups from starbucks, lets grow up all they want to remove christmas from there stores really then why do they sell christmas blend my favorite blend of there's.  Plus Jose Mourinho eyeing Man United job for real I hope Van Gal is here to stay and if not give Ryan Giggs a shot first. That and much much more so join me for the conversation your apart of.  

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    Screenwriting & Subtext: Guest Linda Seger

    in Film

     I'm very happy to have one of the top screenwriting experts in the world, author and consultant Linda Seger. We talk about Subtext in screenwriting and much more.

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    Chillpak Hollywood Hour #425 - "The X-Files: I Want to Believe" part 2

    in Film

    Brought to you by THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE, the epic documentary of comedy, consciousness and conspiracy, this is part 2 the special 2-part episode delving into the meaning of the 2nd X-Files film (“The X-Files: I Want to Believe”).

    In this thumbs up/thumbs down, letter grade, scale of 1 to 10, good/bad, right/wrong world in which we live, where movie reviews pass for film criticism, the ability to actually “read” a film, to explore it’s subtext, to understand what it truly means and what it says, is becoming lost (dying?). This week and last, your friends in podcasting try to remedy that … Film fans, X-philes, art lovers, those interested in depth psychology or those who simply enjoy spirited, inspirational conversation are bound to be delighted.

    Unfortunately, the audio quality isn’t the best and for that, we apologize.

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    Chillpak Hollywood Hour #424 - "The X-Files: I Want to Believe" part 1

    in Film

    In part 1 of this special 2-part episode, Dean Haglund may say that he and Phil Leirness are coming at you from the offices of Rational Exuberance, but in reality, they recorded these shows in a secret location, screening a film they have often discussed on YOUR Chillpak Hollywood Hour.

    In this thumbs up/thumbs down, letter grade, scale of 1 to 10, good/bad, right/wrong world in which we live, where movie reviews pass for film criticism, the ability to actually “read” a film, to explore it’s subtext, to understand what it truly means and what it says, is becoming lost (dying?). This week, your friends in podcasting try to remedy that … As loyal listeners know, an ongoing debate between Haglund and Leirness has been over the merits of the 2nd X-Files film (“The X-Files: I Want to Believe”). This time around, the debate is avoided, the analysis is deepened, the (supposed) weaknesses are re-examined and the dark, beautiful, self-reflexive, satirical, and occasionally subversive meaning of the movie is explored. Film fans, X-philes, art lovers, those interested in depth psychology or those who simply enjoy spirited, inspirational conversation are bound to be delighted.

    Unfortunately, the audio quality isn’t the best. Sorry!

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    Suspense Radio One on One with Rick Ollerman

    in Books

    Suspense Radio One on One in partnered with Partners In Crime Tours is pleased to bring you author Rick Ollerman.

    His book Shallow Secrets:

    Remember those old Ace paperbacks, with two actioners in one volume? Stark House is reviving them, with the current offering holding all the slam-bang anyone might want.

    In Turnabout, ex-cop Frankie O'Neil is skeptical when a friend's death is ruled a suicide. He uncovers a crime unknown to the Ace masters: computer theft. These crooks have friends with guns, and halfway along the novel becomes a series of cliffhangers that hit another memory: movie serials. Will Frankie escape in time? Find out in the next chapter. You won't stop until you know.

    Shallow Secrets moves slower, with a subtext: the power of chance to provoke horrors, then avenge them. Cop James Robinson doesn't just know the accused killer. They're roommates. The coincidence ruins his career. Then there are fresh killings, and Robinson is "a person of interest." Near the end, Robinson almost tells a woman that "there wasn't anything they could do to make the world safe" from murders. But coincidence can bring them down, as when someone sees something he's not supposed to.

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    Obama's Selma Speech Its All About Me

    in Politics Conservative

    While placing the subtext of blame upon the shoulders of racist white men, to make a self-serving point concerning illegal immigration Obama used black Americans as beasts of burden to haul the weight of his reprimand.

    For starters, historical revisionist Barack Obama left out the fact that those doing the beating in Selma were members of the Democratic Party. The president dared not reveal that, 50 years later, both he and his political cronies are now politically and economically billy-clubbing the very people he pretends to defend.

    Keynote speaker Obama opened the discourse by extolling civil rights leader/Martial Law advocate John Lewis (D-GA).  Predictably, before long, Obama’s words started to sound more like he was discussing his own struggles as a ‘fundamental transformer’ than commemorating a half-century old injustice.


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    in Lifestyle

    What we see today makes us unhappy and is the subtext of masonry.  We believe what we want to believe; see what we want to see. The unvarnished truth is assumed to be painfully unnecessary. Generations before us write about hubris, dwindling interest, myopic vision of the future, poor maintenance, glory that has lost; realizing we no longer release our architects, engineers and craftsmen to build us a  Cathedral.   I suggest the Order has been consistent from the beginning. The epoch ever only existed in the mind, a pastiche of aspiration.   In this episode we approach our work with two aspects in mind; Alpha & Omega. Introspective or gregarious influences how we go about engagement and performance. I suggest masonry has dark matter, mass larger than what we perceive. The intellect of Craft Masonry has been preserved passed through streams of ideas and observations that contain the freemasonry. Whether we grasp this process or not rests on differences of ability that naturally exists between men. What we see is insignificant compared to what we represent.  Can we or should we leave a symbol for future generations? Nostalgia drives many of us to preserve lodges that have served there purpose. Periodically unstoppable, corrective adjustments happen. Our largest organizations and networks continually release retrograde pressure.  

    We cannot change the perfect mathematics of exisitence, but that does not stop us from trying. It is natural that membership rises and falls, interest gains and fades. And the stream of ethics, philosophy and insight keeps flowing through time.  There is a beginning so there must be an end. Strings or loops? 

    Masonic Exchange.

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    Supernatural: The Crossroads - 'Black'

    in Television

    Supernatural: The Crossroads is a show by fans for fans. Each week the hosts will dissect and discuss each new episode along with rumors and gossip surrounding the world of Supernatural.

    This week a discussion on the season 10 premiere episode 'Black'. Also, we speculate on what will happen during the next few episodes. Are the producers setting up Cole as the possible focus of a spin-off series. 
    Plus a discussion on the sexuality of certain SPN characters. Is there hidden messages and subtext?

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    The Seth Glossary - The S's to the V's

    in Spirituality

    Seth will discuss the definitions for concepts in The Seth Glossary covering the S’s to the V’s. This will be a lecture style program. We will not take calls from the audience.
    Spiritual Hierarchy, Subconscious, Subtext ,The Christ,The Council, The New World, The Third Dimension, Trance State, Trust but Verify, Uncommon Trance, Value Fulfillment, Visionary, Vision Statement.

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    The Story Telling of Radio Dramas

    in Writing

    In the 28th episode of Write Pack Radio, the Write Pack kicks it “old school” and exams how old time radio dramas and modern audio drama podcasts can help authors of all media. Old time radio dramas was the form of entertainment that was popular before TV and radio drams bridged the media change. Now they are podcasts.  Some radio drams have been on radio, books, TV shows, movies, and even comic books.

    But how can they help a novel writer, play write, or screen writer?
    Fast Plot
    Writing Serials
    Much more!
    What is the difference between an audio book and a radio play or full dramatization?

    Radio dramas discussed:
    The Shadow
    Gun Smoke
    Star Wars (Original Trilogy)
    The Phantom
    General Hospital
    Dr. Who
    Sam Spade
    Sherlock Holmes
    Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
    Inner Sanctum
    War of the Worlds
    Les Misérables
    My Favorite Husband (forerunner to I Love Lucy)
    Lord of the Rings
    Buck Rodgers
    Guardians of the Universe
    Flash Gordon

    Also discussed:
    BBC World International Radio Playwriting Competition
    Radio Classics Station
    Radio Spirits.com
    Actors to read books