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    Kanye West - When your music doesn't matter anymore... Rely on publicity stunts.

    in Entertainment

    Hey gang. 
    Today we'll open with Phoenie Loco (Phoenix Calida) going in a group think/mob mentality. 

    We'll have news and comment. 

    We'll have rap music and hip hop from folks asking me questions in the social networks. 

    And yes... Kanye West exists, but why does anyone care anymore??? 
    Is it the music, or is it just a culture that celebrates the ignorant for being belligerent???


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    FEAR - What is it, anyway?

    in Spirituality

    Hello Soul Sisters!

    We have all experienced fear...but, have you ever questioned or asked yourself...why or how...and, is it even real?

    This week, Susan and Paula are pointing their converation to how fear affects every one of us in very different ways - physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. 

    Join us LIVE Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at 7:00PM EST on www.blogtalkradio.com/soulsisterradio. 

    Susan and Paula will share their experiences and outcomes and toss in their wisdom and wit....surrounding the many ways fear stops us in our tracks and stunts our growth...along with tangible and energetic ways to stop fear in it's track!

    So, grab your glass of wine or cup of tea and put your feet up, because we're talking this one out!

    And, as always...We've got you!


    Susan + Paula

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    Madness Monday: The Addiction to Social Media

    in Entertainment

     Black Entertainment Tonight? Tune into The Dymonds Radio Show tonight at 10 PM PST 

    On Madness Monday we will be talking about the addiction that so many people have to their social media accounts. Wherever you go people are constantly on their phones and snapping pictures (HELL I AM THE SELFIE QUEEN SO I GET IT) but when do we put the phones down and actually talk AND listen?

    We will also be talking about:

    Roosevelt Champion- The man found HANGING in the backyard of someone else's home TODAY!

    The messy social media fights between family members 

    George Zimmerman getting shot in the face

    Claudia Jordan (from Atlanta Housewives of Atlanta) & Genuwine get pressed for wearing sunglasses in the mall

    Recent publicity stunts by celebrities in order to show "support" for Baltimore & MORE

    Question of the night: How much information about what goes on in your personal life do you share with social media?



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    One Big Mall Cop Stunt Driving Clown Smacking Fiasco

    in Entertainment

    Join us live for chat and discussions with Mini Gene of Mini Kiss about the premiere of Mall Cop 2, Dr Danger from History Channel's American Daredevils joins us for Danger Road and Christy Spangler is on live to talk stunts, upcoming events and the wild times! 

    Dan and Matt bring a new smack like a clown, Dear Buffy, Kermit the Frog meets Matthew Mcconaughey and much, much more. 

    Christy Spangler may be Danger’s most regal of the Angels, as danger is all this gal has grown up knowing. Christy Spangler has daredevil in her blood, or I should say, her bloodline. Christy is the daughter of legendary daredevil, Spanky Spangler. This gal has faced fear, danger, and the unknown all of her life.  

    Do not miss this exciting show. Call in and chat live with your favorite guest! Plus, join us live on social media to see images during the show! https://www.facebook.com/buffedupradio https://twitter.com/buffedupradio 

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    Bobby Brown Bail and Beyond with Special Guest Rick McCallum

    in Entertainment

    At the age of three, Rick’s mom and dad took him to a John Wayne movie, where the key scene was a stage coach going over a cliff..obviously very impressed by what he saw, Rick drove his little red pedal car as fast as he could past his parents, who watched in horror as he headed toward the flight of stairs directly in front of him.. his dad tried to catch up to him but could only watch as he went airborne, and then he, while still in the pedal car, rolled end over end, crashing into the floor at the bottom of the stairs..Rick received two black eyes for his effort..

    At the age of thirteen, when he lived in the country, a small place called Sam’s Valley in southern Oregon, his dad was having a bunch of people over for an outdoor barbecue..deciding that the party needed a little excitement, Rick rode his Honda 50 motorcycle through the party, all while he was standing on the seat..after the party, he received a sore behind for his effort..Rick entered the stunt business in 1981..who would have guessed?

    Rick’s first movie was Lone Wolf McQuade, a Chuck Norris movie that was filmed in El Paso. While working on the movie he met another stuntman by the name of Kane Hodder, who became one of his best friends, and they have worked in numerous movies and TV shows together..Kane went onto to play the character Jason Voorhees in four Friday the 13th movies, as well as Victor Crowley in the Hatchet trilogy..

    With the help of Kane, Director Richard Friedman, ( Darkwolf, Born, among many others, which Richard had Rick as stunt coordinator) and Director Adam Green of the Hatchet series, who cast Rick as John , the silent hunter in Hatchet 2, and has had Rick on several other projects, including Saber, which won Best Picture and Best Action at Comic Con, Rick has gone on to be in more than 70 movies and TV shows.. Tune in To Find Out more!!

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    One Buffed Up Show with Dr Danger

    in Entertainment

    Tonight we launch Buffed Up Radio to the world. Get ready for a production exlposion of comedy and entertainment. Segments include a call to Rosie O'Donnell to join the show, a movie preview that should have been, genius of the week, song dedication to the brothers, lean and balanced news and special interview with Dr Danger. 

    Dr Danger, star of the History channels American Daredevils has been a central figure in the world of stunts for quite sometime. Hear about Danger's history, the show, new ventures, and have some laughs. 

    Visit www.dangerstunts.com for more news and photos. 

    All of this and more, on a special kick off show of Buffed Up Radio 

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    Will Scoville, Actor/Producer/Director

    in Entertainment

    Born and raised in upstate New York and now residing in central Texas, Will Scoville has become one of Austin's brightest new talents. His entertainment career began as a professional wrestler for the independent promotion International Championship Professional Wrestling under the ring name, Ironwill Anderson. In the summer of 2006 Will was cast as a stunt fighter in the independent feature starring Willie Nelson entitled, "Fighting with Anger". Since then, he has appeared on NBC's "Friday Night Lights", in large scale feature films and has worked on several independent productions. Most notably, working on Robert Rodriquez's "Shorts" and "Machete" (2010). Eventually starring as the quirky detective in the Ponderous Productions cult sensation "Serial Rabbit 3; Splitting Hares!" and then as Agent William Glass in "The Green Conspiracy". His love for the martial arts has lead him to become one of the original members of Grandmaster Wonik Yi's, Fighting Stunts Association in 2007 and studied Taekwondo under Grandmaster Master Sam Um director of, "Fighting with Anger" and is now practicing Brazilian Jui Jitsu. In 2011, Will formed Gravel Productions with good friend Adam Janes, and has directed and starred in the modest budgeted documentary "Voice of the Unknown, A Paranormal Investigation" and is working on the explosive new social documentary, "Swinging at Shadows".

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    Scottscope Talk Radio 4/11/2015: One Last Ride!

    in Entertainment

    This week, the roundtable reviews Furious 7!  How does it stack up to the previous films?  Is it among the very best the franchise has to offer?  Is it as good as Fast 5, or even Fast 6?  Is James Waan a worthy successor to Justin Lin?  Is the film a fitting tribute to the legacy of its late star, Paul Walker?  How, if at all, did Paul Walker’s tragic and untimely death affect the film?  What changes had to be made?  Does the film push the envelope to the bursting point in terms of stunts and action set pieces?  Does it go too far over the top?  Where does the franchise go from here?  Has it strayed much too far from its street racing roots?  Is a course correction in order?

    We’ll also be discussing the new Netflix series Daredevil!  Can it be considered Marvel’s first truly successful foray into television production?  Is it better than Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D?  Does it merit comparison with the likes of WB shows such as Arrow and The Flash?  Is it carving out its own unique niche and thereby distinguishing itself from other such shows?  Is it much too dark and violent for its own good?  Will viewers be taken aback by the shows rougher edges?  Will Marvel have a hard to reconciling the darker tone of Daredevil with the lighter tone of the films in its cinematic universe?  Is the show faithful to any particular iteration of the character, particularly the one popularized by Frank Miller?  We discuss           

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    Insight Into Healing: With Heidi Philipsen and Jon Russell Cring:

    in Self Help

    Heidi Elizabeth (Eli) Philipsen-Meissner  -  Producer/Co-director/Actressis a producer, writer, actress & director with 15 years of professional experience in international film, television and communications, who has production coordinated 11 features, including The Better Angels (starring Jason Clarke, Diane Kruger, Wes Bentley and Brit Marling), production managed multiple projects, including two national commercials, worked with stunts in actions films such as SALT and THE OTHER GUYS, acted in several features, including Business & Pleasure (opposite Vince Vaugn, Tom Wilkinson & Dave Franco), and has produced the feature Marcy. Heidi's a member of the Producers Guild of America, SAG-AFTRA, AEA, the Motion Picture Institute’s Directors Alumni Club, NYWIFT, UPWIFT, Chicago Women in Film & Television, and University of Michigan and Columbia University Alumni Groups.Jon Russell Cring  - Associate Producer/Co-Writer/Co-DirectorBorn in Columbus, Ohio in 1971 to creative powerhouse parents, Jon grew up around the arts. Traveling and performing with his family, presenting music and drama on stages crisscrossing the USA. It was a business to enthrall and he would get on the phone to book their travelling gypsy show as young as fourteen. His interest in film, besides rabid fandom, began when he met his future wife and muse Tracy Nichole. Writing a variety show together, STREETWALKING, Tracy started editing and contributing her own unique and sometimes demented ideas. An unstoppable team was born and they went on to make 17 microbudget, independent features together, accumulating honors from PBS, Fangoria Magazine for the Atlantic City Cinefest along the way.



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    The Big Teezy Show with Twin Radio Syndicate

    in Entertainment

    This Monday from 6-8 PM, I'll be doing the Valentines day special show. I will discuss all of the places people go eat, the stunts men and women pull on this day, the side piece factors, and Feb 15 which is side chick day. I also will play some sappy Valentines day music to get you ready for Judgement day.....I mean Valentines day! Call in number is (646) 716-4952 press #1 to chime in or better yet join us in the chat room!!! -Big Teezy 

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    Interview With Mel Novak:

    in Self Help

    Join us for our First Live- Call In Show: Mel Novak: Mel Novak is an American award winning character actor who is best known for villainous roles in Black Belt Jones,Bruce Lees Game of Death and Chuck Norris An Eye for An Eye. He is also known for doing all of his own stunts and fighting scenes.For 31 years Mel Novak have ministered at the 4 Skid Row Missions, doing Chapel services, Bible Studies on Spiritual Warfare, counseled & prayed with & for multitudes. I also minister on the streets, & have been giving Bibles out of my car trunk for over 31 years.  In addition I have given out over 1,500 pairs of reading glasses.