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    Drunk Dialing, Strobelight Hunnies and Bad Decisions...

    in Romance

    Whether you traveled across the country, or drove a few miles up I-95 to take part in it... last weekend was a part of the quintessential black college experience. It was Howard Homecoming!

    Thursday night, you crahsed at you boys, or you and your girls got a hotel on Embassy Row... Friday, you met on the Yard with all your people... Friday night you went to one of the MANY parties in the DC area and if you didn't start on the Yard, you began your alcoholic binge! Drinking and dancing, huggin and drinking...

    Until Saturday morning you wake up thinking to yourself, "Why did I let this bum dude come back to the hotel with me?!?!?!"

    Did you drunk dial over the course of the weekend? Did you meet someone in the club that looked like Denzel or Halle under the strobelight, but they ended up looking like Miss Piggy or an escaped slave in the day light???

    If so, you may need to stop drinking. Or at the very least, listen to A Brothers Point a View to learn how to avoid these club night misjudgements!!!

  • 02:07

    Oldies Dance Music Show

    in Music

    Get Emm Unda Law Radio! Turn on the strobelight!  Put ya bellbottoms and platforms on! MissFree is going Disco! Get ready to get ya two step on! It's going down tonight! Call In! (347)215-9693  

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    Former American Idol finalist Kimberly Locke

    in Entertainment

    Guest Kimberly Locke Kimberley from American Idol Season 2. She is signed to Randy Jackson’s label and she's currently promoting her latest track STROBELIGHT. KimberleY is a veteran of CELEBRITY FIT CLUB and is working on her newest reality show concept … “Making The Curve” – a show that she is basically praises backup/background singers for not only their voices but their looks (in an industry that beats down the “plus size” woman).

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    It's All About the Benefits Baby! The BOOTY Call Show episode 42

    in Relationships

    "What y'all wanna do..." Do you have an "It's All About the Benefits Baby!" mindset when it comes to friendship where the only "benefit" seems to be you giving up or humping down the BOOTY? Does your phone only ring during off-peak hours? Tired of being "makeout takeout"? Has the neon glimmer of the limelight lost its soul glow? Sick of being a "strobelight honey"? Is being a "sugar daddy" no longer as appealing as it once was? Maybe you're ready for...CHANGE. Let's have REAL talk this Friday, February 19th @ 10 pm - midnight (EST) Join S-Dot & Friends call-in 347.308.8527