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          May 11, 2015, one week off and recuperating from Strep Throat. Today The Real Delia and Mr. DLW will be interviewing Katherine Waddell from This Needs To Be Said Media about her marketing program, The Prospector. This is a great show for any entrepreneur who wants to do more efficient marketing to get their product and/or service more visible & thus more Profitable. Call in with your questions early in the show. The balance of the show will be about Mother's Day and May Commemorations. 

     One of our success stories, here on the JKN, even though each show host is their own content supervisor within a guideline and responsible for their own shows, this “lady cab driver” not only works hard for her money, but works hard for her show.  Started her show on Sunday, following the original THE WAY I SEE IT with Jay King the original show for this foundation, now on every Monday at 4pm pacific.  She chooses her topics wisely and gets involved with her true spirit.  She is also known as the corrector.  THEE CORRECTOR.  347-205-9366  Welcome to the show!

              Immediately after THE REAL DELIA comes - Let's Talk Sports, hosted by Tony Smith and other members of Let's Talk Sports group.  - hot competition on the NBA courts.  The baseball season just getting underway. Always a fresh perspective on what's going on in Sports and issues of the day. Input from the audience is welcome by callig  347-205-9366, press the number 1 to join in the conversation.    Check this show out, ya hear????

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    Potty Training Support E74

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    Today's episode included the following topics:

    *Parents decided on a night time reset after a very dramatic attempt at night training. Their daughter still does great during the day with pee and poop but has started to poop in night time diaper. What to do?

    *Out of the blue accidents both at home and daycare for 28 month old little girl. Last time this happened, it coincided with strep and a yeast infection, though she seems to be well now. She will say she has to go potty but then won't go, only to have an accident.

    *3 yo boy is waiting too long to go poop and almost always ends up having poop in his pants, though he finishes on the potty. He's having a rebellious stage in general with a new baby.

    *22 month old boy did great in Block 1. As they progressed into Block 2, he has some pees in his pants. Suddenly, he's anti-all-things-potty. Is this a good situation for a reset?

    *26 moth boy is doing great during the day but is NOT getting night training after many months. Is it okay to do a night time reset?

    *Mom is starting a "poop camp"...she will be gently available for her daughter as her daughter works through the poop-dance-but-won't-release phase. Mom has questions how to best help during this transition.

    *Parents have worked out a lot of kinks with the process and their daughter.  But she's still only pooping about every 4 days. Any additional advice?

    *Child who loves peeing so much that's all he wants to do. Little pees and a big production to empty the pot, wash, etc. Mom has a new baby and can't deal with all the hoopla around pee, especially how often it is. Child has a 13 month communication delay and usually verbal tactics don't work.

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    International Prenatal Infection Prevention Month with Dr. Jamie McGregor

    in Health

    Doctors of the USA welcomes Dr. Jamie McGregor, a retired Ob/Gyn/infectious disease specialist on the Group B Strep International board, an internationally known clinician and expert consultant, to talk about the epidemiology of GBS. Listen in as he shares how it can be prevented and the treatment options available.

    Dr. Jamie McGregor is a graduate of Dartmouth College and McGill University Faculty of Medicine as well as a retired Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA.

    He is an internationally known clinician, researcher, teacher, author, editor, collaborator, student, and expert consultant. McGregor is author of over one hundred published papers, chapters, textbooks, and videos. McGregor excelled as a medical student and as a leading clinician, scientist, and researcher.

    Dr. McGregor is a frequent world traveler and speaker who can make personal referrals for patients and families worldwide. When in active practice, McGregor was widely recognized as a “top” Ob-Gyn by his patients and colleagues. McGregor can be reached at jamiemcgregor@earthlink.net, ob.mcgregor@gmail.com or by cell or messaging at 310-466-9908.                                                       

    Check out his website.

    Visit Group B Strep International website to get more information about GBS awareness and prevention.

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    The Know Your Rights Hour

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    Join Doctor-Attorney-Author Mayer Eisenstein and Vaccine Rights Attorney Alan Phillips as they discuss flu vaccine studies that show better health in unvaccinated children than vaccinated children; the relationship between antibodies and immunity; how the Hypocratic Oath has lost its meaning; how pro and con vaccine studies are treated differently by the medical profession; the Rhode Island ACLU's position against mandatory flu vaccines for pre-schoolers; where the "rubber meets the road" in the vaccine controversy generally; how arguments for vaccines different from those against vaccines; when it makes sense to test for strep throat and to treat strep and other childhood diseases with antibiotics; whether or not there are some circumstances where we should vaccinate; the difference between medical and chiropractic perspectives on healthcare; vaccine medical exemptions for dogs; and more! 

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    Has Your Child Been Diagnosed with OCD? Psychosis? It could be PANDAS

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    If you have children with neuropsychiatric symptoms that defys diagnosis, this week's show is a must-listen for you!!!

    On January 6th at 8pm eastern, The Center for Bio-Individualized Medicine is raising awareness about a condition that causes acute onset psychosis, tics, OCD and other neuropsychiatric symptoms in children (and adults!)....PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections) and PANS (Pediatric Acute Onset NeuroPsychiatric Syndrome).

    We have the honor of interviewing Tracy DiNezza who is the mother of two children with PANDAS/PANS and an advocate for PANDAS awareness. Ms. DiNezza works to spread awareness in the state of Maryland. She also works with PANDAS Italia. She is the co-administrator of several private Facebook support groups that help parents learn and deal with this disease. Ms. DiNezza has been instrumental in promoting the first PANDAS Awareness Day in many states this past year, in bringing PANDAS awareness into schools and in aiding new parents in finding resources and help.

    There will be time for Q&A....Join Us!!!!


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    It's going to be FAN NIGHT tonight on the show because Cowboy has strep throat and will only be joining us in the chat room, not on air. So if you would like to discuss your thoughts on SURVIVOR BLOOD vs WATER - please call in at 1-347-237-5506 and let us know what your views are of the last episode and of this season, the twists - the drama, etc! 

     Michael "Cowboy" Ellis from Big Brother 5 is a HUGE SURVIVOR FAN and we're SO Happy to have him Hosting this season's SURVIVOR Round Table Show. He'll bring on past Survivor Alumni to join us with their opinions during the season. Because Michael attends so many charity functions, he's met many of the past Survivors and it will be fun listening to them share their thoughts about BLOOD vs. WATER.  You can join us too by calling 1-347-237-5506. We Love to hear from Survivor Fans, so don't be shy! Give us a call! Or, you can join us in our BlogTalk chat room and post your questions or comments there during the show. This is going to be an Exciting Season! Come to the SURVIVOR BLOOD vs. WATER ROUND TABLE shows and enjoy it with friends!

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    Brainstorms - Summer Flares

    in Family

    Summer Break or Summer Flares?  How will your PANDAS child deal with the next few months away from school?
    Ask your questions and share your stories with Dr. Trifiletti, Dr. Bhakta and Dr. Rabinowitz.  Call in LIVE at (646) 595-4018.
    Host:  Marcel Cairo

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    Essential Survival: Master Herbalist Rebecca Potter

    in Prepping

    Julie Behling- Hovdal talks with Master Herbalist Rebecca Potter about their new book, The Essential Survival Guide to Medical Preparedness. Both Julie and Rebecca share medical preparedness tips for wound care, shock, stroke, strep throat, and more!

    Join us for this informative discussion on the Essential Surivival show on the Survival Mom Radio Network!

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    House Calls w/Dr. Trifiletti - Breakthrough In Testing

    in Health

    Wednesday, November 7th, at 8PM (EST).  Call-in and speak with Dr. Madeleine Cunningham, Strep expert and PANDAS research pioneer who has spent the last several years developing the world's first ever blood marker test for Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Strep (PANDAS).  For more info on Dr. Cunningham's PANDAS blood test, please visit Moleculera Labs.
    Host: Marcel Cairo

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    Extreme Living with Melinda Minton

    in Women

    How's LIFE? Is it FULL of LAUGHTER? Is is FULL of JOY? Is it totally MUNDANE? Are we USING every PRECIOUS moment we have to LIVE? Are we saying it's GOOD TO BE ALIVE?  How do we handle LIFE when BAD THINGS HAPPEN?
    Meet Melinda Minton; a mother, a successful business woman, a world explorer, an author, a woman overflowing with laughter and a bi-lateral amputee.  Listen to her story of flu-like symptoms that was found to be Necrotizing Fasciitis, a Strep A germ that kills more often than not. Her journey that includes: "death", a coma,  listening to the doctors tell her she would lose part of her lips, part of her tongue, and her legs, the painful rehabilitation, the fitting of prosthesis, learning to crawl and walk again. And, most importantly, Melinda LAUGHS! She is able to say with all confidence, "IT'S GOOD TO BE ALIVE!"
    Melinda Minton, author of RAW, extreme living, states on her website: "It is interesting that many respond to my physical presence as if I were a live, vibrant, running around, laughing two-footed creature and I am. It is only when they hear of a “disability” that their perspective changes. I like to live as if this were my last moment so attacking the joy that life so willingly offers has always been my only option. My children have aptly pointed out that if I ever need to I can take my legs off and use them for something…to dig a trench, self defense, to plant a tree or to place the foundation for something else that I am building."