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    Stock Market Scams and Frauds

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    Every day on the internet there are ads and articles about ordinary people getting rich quick, instant millionaires, and fantastic profits from the stock market.  Most people know to ignore these hyped up scams, but how do you know when something that appears to be a legitimate claim is not a scam?  How can you avoid con artists and those who would take advantage of you and your hard-earned money?  Who can you trust? Martha Stokes, CMT explains how to disseminate the difference between a fake statement, and honest reliable information about stocks.  This radio show is for everyone who has ever thought about buying a stock, or who is actively trading or investing in the stock market.

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    Interview w/ Scott Carney,Stock Market Expert and Founder of HarmonicTrader.com

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    Scott Carney has been involved in the stock market for many years and has seen many ups and downs.  Recent market activity has been scary and there are a lot of ideas of why volatility has been increasing and we'll be delving into them.

    The market was incredibly weak during Scott's last appearance, but he predicted an amazing market run to come and he was 100% RIGHT.  With the market still sitting near all-time-high's, what's in stored for the coming weeks and months?

    Should you be invested in the market or should you stay away?

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    The Courage to Heal Series: Taking Stock

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    Join us as host Faith Reagan continues with the second show in "The Courage to Heal Series."  First of all, survivors please take a moment and congratulate yourself on having the courage to heal!  Tonight's show will focus on guiding you through the process of "taking stock" as Faith steers you through the process of recognizing the damage through an examination of "where is your self-esteem and awareness of personal power?"

    During the process of taking stock, you will be exploring your feelings about your body, intimacy, sexuality, children and parenting, families of origin and where you are now in relation to those feelings.  If this sounds paralyzing and/or overwhelming to you, remember you are warrior strong as you have already survived the most difficult part of the actual abuse!  Give yourself the credit you rightfully deserve for the strengh you already possess within youself - the strength that makes you warrior strong!

    During last week's show, "Introduction to The Courage to Heal Series," Faith shared a list of questions encouraging you to ask yourself "where are you right now?" and to check off statements that apply to you.  Have you found a support group or safe person?  Unlike the desolate paths we walked during our abuse, the path to healing does not have to be journeyed alone.  It is imperative that you begin your healing journey with the necessary survival skills and are able to create for yourself a safe environment.  As outlined in the Workbook, Faith will explain the "building blocks of safety" including how to create ground rules, create boundaries (or as Laura Davis put it "build a container"), find a safe spot, establish your privacy, and establish a protective pattern and/or routine.  Tune in to progress on your healing journey. May peace be with you!

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    Technical Analysis Can Help You Invest in the Stock Market

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    Martha Stokes CMT reveals why Technical Analysis is so important for beginner investors and traders, mutual fund investors, 401 pensions, and retail trading.  Information Includes how market data ends up on stock charts for analysis, after it flows through the financial market system.  Her simple easy to understand teaching, takes the confusion and complexity out of understanding how the stock market really works. 

    Thank You For Listening To My Radio Show

    Trade Wisely,

    Martha Stokes CMT

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    The Courage to Heal Series: Taking Stock Part II

    in Self Help

    Join us as host Faith Reagan continues with the third show in "The Courage to Heal Series," which is based on the book "The Courage to Heal:  A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse," authored by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis.

    As the last show ended, Faith was discussing the process of taking stock and explaining the "building blocks of safety" including how to create ground rules, create boundaries (or as Laura Davis put it "build a container"), find a safe spot, establish your privacy, and establish a protective pattern and/or routine.  Faith will pick up where she left off in establishing a protective pattern and then continue with building your support system by making lists and asking yourself the right questions to know who directly supports you in your healing.  After answering these questions, things to think about are:  Were there any surprises in looking at all the people in my life and, if so, what were they?  Can I imagine someone supporting me and why or why not?  What's standing between me and a better support system?

    Tune in to learn how to progress on your healing journey.  May peace be with you!



    https://www.facebook.com/faith.mcdaniel.9 and https://www.facebook.com/survivingwithfaith

    As stated before, although not necessary for participation or listening, I encourage you to acquire your own copy of both "The Courage to Heal" and "The Courage to Heal Workbook" if you are able.  Not only will the workbook provide you with exercises and activities, it will also serve as a journal of your journey.

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    Stock Market Charting Software

    in Education

    In this radio show, Martha Stokes CMT talks about what a charting software should have in it to help you find and select stocks, Mutual Funds, Indexes for Retirement accounts, and or ETFs.  Her candid no-nonsense approach is a refreshing way to learn about what stock charts can do to help you manage your 401K or IRA, how stock charts can help you choose better mutual funds, and how you can learn to read stock charts to select the right stocks for your long term investing or for short term trading.  Martha tells you exactly what a good charting software should do and the features you need to make stock chart analysis fun, easy, and speed up your stock pick selections.  This training is for new investors and beginning traders.


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    The Hut - What's Your Value to the Company? Time to Take Your Personal Stock

    in Entrepreneur

    The year is just about over - what kind of an impact did you make?

    High performance employees know their value and worth to a

    company. Do you? Listen today to get a simple method to calculate

    your personal stock.

    For more information on today's host, go online to http://intelli-think.com/

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    Lease to Purchase Mortgage Alternative Program - COVE Financial

    in Real Estate

    Cove Financial Group Inc. (Cove) is a real estate investment company operating in 16 states that purchases and then leases and sells single family residential (SFR) homes through its Mortgage Alternative Program (MAP)

    Listen to a very informative discussion with Eric Frazier, Host and Elizabeth Shermerhorn. Business Development Manager

    MAP is an innovative “lease and later own” program that features a standard form real estate purchase contract, a lease and a proprietary purchase agreement with an escrow period of up to 6 years, giving customers time to cure the issues preventing them from getting a mortgage while enjoying many benefits of home ownership

    View the powerpoint presentation by clicking the link below:

    Presentation:  http://issuu.com/eric_frazier/docs/map_program_-_11-4-2014_presentatio/0


    Elizabeth Schermerhorn
    Business Development Manager
    Cove Financial


    Eric Lawrence Frazier MBA,  President & CEO 
    The Power Is Now Inc. 
    Office: 800-401-8994 ext.703

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    Stock Car Steel/SRI Motorsports Show - October 30, 2014

    in Sports

    A live interview from PRN at the Track host and Charlotte Motor Speedway Communications Director Lenny Batycki, previewing the World of Outlaws World Finals at Charlotte, headlines tonight’s edition of the Stock Car Steel/SRI Motorsports Show on Speed77 Radio powered by Race Chaser Online at 7 PM Eastern, airing for the final time on BlogTalkRadio.

    Audio with Koma Unwind Modified Madness Series winner at Orange County Speedway, Burt Myers, will also be featured as part of the broadcast.

    Co-hosts Jacob Seelman and Tom Baker will sit down at the 77 Roundtable to preview the North/South Shootout at Caraway Speedway this weekend for Tour-type modifieds as well as the PASS South super late models, and will also break down the recent rash of driver swaps coming out of the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour.

    Short track analyst Kyle Magda as well as New England analyst Kyle Souza will also join tonight’s program.

    PROGRAMMING NOTE:  The Stock Car Steel/SRI Motorsports Show will make a platform jump beginning in two weeks’ time on November 13th to the Performance Motorsports Network, the largest 24/7 Wireless Mobile Motorsports Programming Network!

    Speed77 Radio and RaceChaser Online have agreed to a major content partnership that will elevate the brands to PMN’s reach of over 400,000 unique impressions per week worldwide!

    As such, tonight is the final time the show will air on Blog Talk Radio and the show will not air next Thursday, November 6.

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    Understanding the Stock Market

    in Education

    In this radio show, Martha Stokes CMT takes the complex world of the stock market down to simple terms that anyone can understand. By using examples and analogies everyone knows and understands, Martha teaches people that the stock market is not complicated, alien, or impossible to learn. With her frank explanations, beginners will learn that the stock market is just like any other business. Listen in to get some tips for better stock buying and how to work with your online broker.

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    How CEOs Affect Stock Values

    in Education

    Why is a CEO so important to a company and its stock values?

    CEOs are paid huge sums of money in the eyes of Main Street.  Why do firms pay so much?  Are CEOs that important?  Martha Stokes CMT explains the role of the CEO, his or her importance to the company, the difference between a great CEO and a bad CEO, how the Board of Directors control the CEO, and how the shareholders of the company can force the Board to replace the CEO.  CEOs do make or break a company and do impact its stock price.  Learn more about how to judge a CEO’s performance and what to look for when selecting stocks for investments or position trades.

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