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    The Seahawks Show

    in Entertainment

    On this episode of The Seahawks Show, hosts Kevin Daggett and Lee Vowell discuss possible offseason moves for the Seahawks with guest David Stobbe of FanSided's Seahawks site, 12th Man Rising. Who might Seattle re-sign, who might they try to go after in free agency and what are the biggest needs of the team? Find out here.

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    On the Line: Gary Shockley and Special International Guest Lydia Stobbe

    in Sports

    Ron & Apryl chat with Gary Shockley, founder of the Central Alabama Disc Dog Club. We will talk about stalls, vaults and whatever else comes up.

    We will have a special International Guest, Lydia Stobbe, from Germany.

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    Organizing Your Home for Downsizing with Julie Stobbe

    in Self Help

    There are a number of reasons people move into a smaller home. The kids have left the house, desire to travel more, the economy. Whatever the reason, a major part of this new transition is reducing the amount of things that you own. This can be a challenging process, but with Julie's tips, you can tackle the task of downsizing!

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    Mind Over Clutter

    in Motivation

    This week we are excited to be interviewing Julie Stobbe of Mind Over Clutter.  Julie is a Trained Professional Organizer and Silver member of Professional Organizers in Canada (POC). Julie is currently the Chairperson of the Education Committee for Professional Organizers in Canada. She has earned a Level 1 Certificate in Chronic Disorganization from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICG)She began her company Mind over Clutter in 2006. Her philosophy of organizing focuses on identifying what is important to the client and finding a home for it. She develops appropriate lasting solutions to suit the clients’personality and lifestyle. She has an enviro-friendly approach to dealing with clients’ items. Removed items are recycled, deposited at environmentally safedisposal sites and donated to charitable organizations.She is a contributor to the book “Sync or Swim 201 Organizing Tips You Need to Survive the Currents of Change”. She has produced a series of tips booklets tohelp organize home routines, offices and decluttering or downsizing your home.She has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and a  Bachelor of Education.Julie@mindoverclutter.cawww.mindoverclutter.ca

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    LLN Reports on PHD-Society for Preservation of Human Dignity

    in Business

    LLN Reports on PHD (the Society for the Preservation of Human Dignity).
    Join Mike Boehler and Marie Lazzara as they interview Jane Stephen, Director of Prevention Programs and Kim Stobbe, LCSW and Clinical Director for the Society for the Preservation of Human Dignity in Inverness.
    The nonprofit’s mission is to affirm the value of the lives of women and families facing the issues of pregnancy and parenting. PHD offers professional counseling, education and integrated support services to meet the unique practical and emotional needs of each individual.
    PHD also empowers adolescents to protect their future goals through healthy sexuality and relationship education and learning the power of abstinence.
    In her role as Director of Prevention Programs, Stephen oversees the planning and execution of each program including writing curriculum and training procedures.
    As PHD’s Clinical Director, Stobbe is a licensed clinical social worker specializing in trauma and domestic violence issues.
    For more information on PHD, visit http://sphd.org/
    For more information about our Radio Shows, visit www.linkedlocalnetwork.com. 

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    Sisterhood of Beautiful Warriors: No Job? Find Faith with Guest Faith Bogdan

    in Women

    Are You Out of Work? Know Someone Who Is?Join Lucy Ann Moll as she talks with Faith Bogdan, a mommy of four little girls, a blogger, and a wife of a great guy who has looked for work in his field but no-go. Faith admits to occasional pity parties. Yet God has provided BIG. They've never gone hungry, lacked a place to stay or been without necessities.

    I invite you to hear Faith's amazing faith journey through her family's long-term unemployment and be encouraged by her faith in adversity.
    Missed the live show? Here's the archive.
    Faith also is an author and repped by Les Stobbe. Her book Oops, I’m a Mom is looking for a publisher as we speak.

    In a blogpost Faith writes candidly of what unemployment is like: “Unemployment is a reproach, an icky disease that people discuss behind your back. It's not like having cancer. Cancer isn't your fault. But unemployment is, right? It's something you can fix, and should.”

    Beautiful warrior, I have a request. If you or a loved one is out of work, please forward this blog post to them. Faith's words will soothe their pain. Be encouraged.

    Lucy's website with practical resources