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    Life In The Amazon Ep 1 Overview of the Aquatic Life in the Amazon

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    On this episode of the Aquatic Wetline, Aqua Alex will be creating a new series. The name of this series is Life In the Amazon. Alex will talk about all life in the Amazon from fish, reptiles, mammals, birds, and much more.  Believe it or not, the Amazon affects us fish keepers because some many fish come from the Amazon.

    Thousands upon Thousands of fish and other animals call the Amazon home. Aqua Alex will give a basic overview of the Amazon River, and discuss some of the many species that call it home. 

    You can call in at 347-989-8142 dial 1 with any questions!

    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!



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    The Reefs and Rivers Aquarium Show

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    The Hydra and Roland Franzen Stingrays are pleased to promote the next episode of:

    The Reefs and Rivers Aquarium Show panel of Biologist and Chemist Jungle Jim Carmark, Marine Biologist John Brandyberry, and Willy The Beast Forrest are pleased to announce that there will be three guests on the next show on Saturday November 8th at 11 PM Europe Time, 10 PM UK TIme, 5 PM EST, 4 PM CST, 3 PM MST, 2 PM PST. The invited guests are avid aquascaper Don Boyer Artist and Tropical Fish Hobbyist Msart Works and Avid Angelfish keeper Brenda Carpenter for a discussion about Aquascaping various different types of freshwater aquariums.

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    Anti-Nanny with Ravengrim Ep 88

    in Entertainment

    Spain's poor and Goldman Sachs

    DHS's useless and wasteful spending on "pandemic preparedness"

    Connecticut and homeschooling

    Stingrays (Que music)

    Law Lets I.R.S. Seize Accounts on Suspicion, No Crime Required

    Join us at six pm edt

    Only on the VP Live Network

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    TSZ - Radio Show, join Ricky, Jeff, Crystle, Bob, Joe, John talking Fastpitch

    in Sports

    TheSoftballZone Radio Show, has moved to BlogTalkRadio

    Tuesday Night at 8:00 pm EST time we will host are very first episode using BlogTalkRadio Software.

    We now have a Show Hotline (347) 945-7009, you can call this any time during the show. But will be mostly used when we opening up the Hotline so listener of the show can call in and ask question or make a remark. No more Pin #, just call the show and you be able to join once your per-screened.

    We will also have a chat room open during the show as well.

    We no longer need guest of the show to call in, when we have a guest on the show we can call them when its time for them to join the show.

    Click here for are New Home page and join the show


    Host information, includes Rick Moorehead who was a travel coach and Tournament Director and who started OFC; Joe Abraham, Head Coach at Hillsdale College in Michigan; John Kelly, a travel coach and founder of Softball Smarts out of California; Mark Termini, founder of the Ohio Stingrays and the Florida Stingrays, and Jeff Baker, a past High School and Travel Coach in Ohio. Jeff and Rick do double duty as Game Broadcasters, Jeff does Play by Play and Rick does game color commentator. Crystle Constiner whos daughters play Softball at all Level from Rec League up to College Ball.Bob Himmelein is a Tournament Director and umpire and has help with youth league over the past 20 years. Bob is not a regular but when he has time he stop in.

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    Anti-Nanny with Ravengrim Ep 84

    in Entertainment

    What's on tap for tonight:

    Huntsville schools say call from NSA led to monitoring students online

    Stingrays (Chicago style)

    Why Is the USDA Buying Submachine Guns

    Project Minerva and endless war

    The NY Fed and Goldman Sachs

    All this and more tonight at six pm est


    Only on The VP Live Network

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    Anti-Nanny with Ravengrim Ep 83

    in Entertainment

    What's on tap for tonight..

    Pacer dumps thousands of legal documents with no warning.

    NGI systems and you

    Stingrays (again)

    Cryptophone finds more fake cell phone towers scattered all over D.C.

    50 Years ago the government wanted a database of your I.Q.,now it wants your metadata.

    C.D.C  guidance for airplanes

    Join us tonight at six pm est for all this and more


    Only on the VP Live Network

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    Anti-Nanny with Ravengrim Ep 80

    in Entertainment

    Here's what's on tap for this evening.....

    Stingrays (Again) Tacoma this time.

    The NSA builds it's own secret Google

    Teacher suspended for writing book.

    Your Bank May Seize Your Money To Recapitalize Itself

    All this and more tonight at six pm est.


    Only on the VP Live network

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    reefs and rivers aquarium show

    in Entertainment

     On Saturday August 23rd 2014 at 11 PM Europe time, 10 PM UK time, 5 PM EST, 4 PM CST, 3 PM MST, 2 PM PST the next episode of the Reefs and Rivers Aquarium Show is scheduled by the Pet Keeping Magazine and Radio Show. Wacko Bob will produce the show on the Wacko Radio Network and the topic of discussion will be about the Monster Fish of South America. Jungle Jim Carmark, John Brandyberry and Willy The Beast Forrest will discuss the various different fish species that are often considered monster fish and even have been featured on Television programs. Fish Species such as Stingrays, Arowanas, Piranhas and others will be mentioned. The topic will include their habitats in the wild and include tips for keeping them in captivity.

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    Introduction to Stingrays - Freshwater Stingray

    in Pets

    :  On Monday April 16th at 8pm est,7pm cst and 5pm pst the Under The Sea Radio Show is proud to present,a discussion about freshwater stingrays in the wild and in the aquarium.
    The confirmed guest for the show is Ray Owczarzak, a professional aquarist that has worked for several public aquariums including the National Aquarium.  

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    The Pet Keeping Magazine and Radio Show

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    Roland Franzen Stingrays is pleased to promote Wacko Bob's production of the the next episode of the Pet Keeping Magazine and Radio Show on The Wacko Radio Network that will be about Flowerhorns. The next show will be on Sunday May 25th, 2014 5 PM EST, 4 PM CST, 3 PM MST, 2 PM PST hosted by John Brandyberry and Willy the Beast Forrest and their guest will be Juan Ice Man Hernandez and Andoy Brasileño Labating about the wonderful world of Flowerhorns. During the Interview there will be 5 separate SECRET WORDS adn after the Show message the United Flowerhorn Association Facebook page with all of them the first 5 winners will get a UFA Calendar and UFA / FFH Banner with Free World Wide Shipping Here's the link of Wacho Radio Network: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thewackonetwork Here's the link of UFA page where to message us after. https://www.facebook.com/pages/United-Flowerhorn-Association/116368125140420

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    U.S. Marine catches great white shark while fishing from beach at Camp Pendleton

    in Sports

    he avid big-game angler had recently moved to California from the Gulf Coast and was accompanied by his wife and daughter. He used heavy gear and was targeting sharks or stingrays, but never expected to set his hook into the jaws of the planet's most notorious marine predator.

    Hear how long the battle lasted, what Fangman used for bait, and how he hooked up at the very last minute. 

    You'll hear the story of how he caught this apex predator on this special edition of the Phil Friedman Outdoors Radio Show. 

    Check Phil Friedman Outdoors on Facebook, YouTube & Twitter.

    Also check Phil out at www.PFORADIO.com or www.PhilFriedmanOutdoors.com

    More on Phil's Spanish show at Al Aire Libre y pescando con Felipe on Facebook. 

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