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    Having Fun with Kids and Music

    in Moms and Family

    Most everyone loves music, especially kids. Studies show that music supports brain development, and some even see song as medicine-- bringing joy, healing and more. Listen in on this interview with Gabriela Masala and learn fun ways to incorporate music into your daily life with your child. She will share important benefits as well as specific mantras and songs to soothe and uplift Mama, child and the whole family.

    Gabriela Masala, M.A., is a natural intuitive, with a knack for bridging inner and outer worlds, bringing relevance to daily living. She has been steeping in the universal wisdom teachings of metaphysics, mysticism, energetic healing, Shamanism, Yoga, Zen, Transpersonal Psychology, Earth-based Spirituality and Buddhism for more than 20 years. Her approach to healing is holistic, compassionate and evolutionary. Gabriela creates a context for authentic expression and sacred wisdom to come alive. 

    Gabriela is a lover of life, art, music, nature, humanity and cosmology. She is a long time student and facilitator of several schools of yoga, dance, martial, healing and expressive arts. She is a published writer and is currently in production of her first musical recording project. She is the choreographer/creative director for ZaBoomBa, Interactive Theatrical Production. She served on the founding staff of The Chopra Center for Well Being, on the Fitness and Movement Therapy teams for Canyon Ranch Health Resort, was the director of Yoga and Movement for the internationally acclaimed Shape Your Life(tm) Programs and cofounder of BodyVida, Expressive Arts and Movement. 

    She currently offers Group and Individual Consultations and guides special events, locally, nationally and abroad. Contact Gabriela at www.theinnerwealth.com

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    Steeping Hot Issues in Texas

    in Politics Conservative

    The Waco Tea Party Watchdog show with Host Bobby Keith and regular guest callers Toby Marie and Michael Simon will be discussing the hot topics of the week from the Tea Party Perspective. Interesting topics, lively conversation, and sometimes, we just get a little crazy. Join us in our live chat room, or by calling in at 646-200-0248.

    The hot "Steeping" issues this week include Texas Voter ID set to be voted on in the Texas Senate, the repeal of Obamacare in the U.S. House, and much more.

    Join us each Sunday night at 8:00 PM

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    Life changing stories that inspire you to live!

    in Lifestyle

    At 1:15pm -1:30

    Keith “Temple” Trotter is founder of A. Keith Consulting, LLC, and author of the blog and upcoming book 100 Small Steps: The First 100 Pounds.  Applying the principles he brings to his clients (research, test, document the results) to create millions of dollars in cost savings to their organizations, he's lost over 160 pounds and has kept the weight off for three years. His weight loss story was recently featured on CNN.com and the book will be released to the public in Q1 of 2014. 

    Guest: PERES OWINO 1:30-2pm. Peres is a Kenyan born and raised Actress/Writer/Director whose first screenplay, “The Call”, a short film about HIV, won several festival awards, including the Mel Van Peebles Award at the San Francisco Black Film Festival. 

    Guest Tene Carter  at 1:30-2pm Tené is currently the Co-Producer on the Documentary, “Bound: Africans vs. African Americans” which explores the dynamics between Africans on the Continent and Africans in the Diaspora; questioning the tensions that exist- real or imagined

    living with HIV- a positive diagnosis at 2:30pm-3pm  

    Ken Williams, the author and creator of, Ken Like Barbie, is an award winning blogger.Ken Like Barbie keeps current by addressing steeping issues in the gay community from religion to relationships to, more recently, his HIV diagnosis and stigma. Ken’s storytelling approach has engaged and educated not only the LGBT community but his truths are shared throughout the world.


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    Let's Do Lunch! with Christopher Rice @ The Cecil

    in Entertainment

    Author Christopher Rice joins host Robin Milling over lunch at The Cecil in Harlem to talk about his first supernatural novel, The Heavens Rise which is a page-turner featuring a 'Louisiana swamp mind-control parasite atmosphere.' Chris returns to New Orleans he says to give the community a kindness post Katrina. Compared to his first book A Density of Souls, where he trashed everyone he went to high school with, he is now paying homage to the people of the city and their desire to see it thrive.
    Chris says that of all his novels The Heavens Rise is the most cinematic and he would want to be involved in writing the screen adaptation. He may come full circle as he originally moved to Los Angeles to write screenplays; surprising even himself by writing a book.
    As the son of Anne Rice and his late father Stan who was a creative writing professor and poet, writing was inevitable. Chris reveals his father read him Tin Tin as a bedtime story while mom favored singing show tunes to lull him to sleep!
    Lunch with Chris at The Cecil in Harlem, named for the former hotel, was prepared by Chef de cuisine J.J.  It's Afro Asian new American cuisine featured Oxtail dumplings, spicy crispy ginger squid, and crispy okra fries. He brought his influences from Ghana, steeping himself in African markets, and preparing meals alongside the locals. At The Cecil he adds green apples to curry, and perry perry sauce to prawns. Save room for dessert with their peanut opera; sponge cake layered with peanut butter and chocolate and flourless chocolate cake with beany seed brittle.
    And watch for a second supernatural thriller from Christopher set on a plantation in the deep South. 

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    Popular Mechanics "Survive Anything" by John Galvin

    in Writing

    Popular Mechanics has been sharing with their readers the latest scienticfic breakthroughs and the most recent technolgical advancements as well as car advice and ideas for home projects....but now they are steeping out there and lending a hand to helping people prepare themselves for disaters which may arrive at any given moment anywhere on the planet. 
    Join us at the Campfire with Lady Selah SuJuris and John Galvin; contributing editor of Popular Mechanics Magazine. John wrote the Article "Survive Anything" which appreared in the magazine's April issue earlier this year. Due to the popularity of the article and the need Popular Mechanics is Launching it's new Disaster Prep and Survival Course hosted by John Galvin.

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    Midnight movie Massacre

    in Poetry

    Tonight we discuss the recent tragedy in colorado . Second only to the 1999 columbine school shooting which was also in Colorado . Reports indiicate the weapons used in his attack were in fact bought illegally there in Colorado .
    Are the colorado gun laws to lax  ?
    What precautions can movie thetares take against attacks ?
    Local news here in louisville are reporting our local theatres are already steeping up security ? What exactly does tha mean
    WE will discuss the events of friday night , the shooter and the presidenst response .
    Our prayers are with the families and survivors .
    Join us and express your thoughts and opinions .
    You can email the show with thoughts & comments @ thebutterflyeffect216@gmail.com . Comment will be read on air .

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    in Entertainment

    How to gain back the trust of your spouse after you messed up? That's what some of Us go thru in life. I believe if we talked about our problems ina relationship we should work out the problems before it reach to that level of steeping outside of the relatinship. We would love to hear from you...

  • Transform Your Life - Mid Life Alchemy with Eva Ruland, Ph.D!

    in Self Help

    Eva will share her story and those of clients who have transformed their lives, some powerful questions we can journal with, talk about the power of "steeping", and more...

    Eva Ruland, Ph.D., is a Transformational Coach, Workshop Leader, and Group Facilitator dedicated to promoting personal growth and change. Her work uses many approaches, including inquiry, guided imagery, journeying, chakra clearing, SoulCollage® and meditation. By overcoming limiting beliefs and energetic blockages, clearing unresolved emotional issues, uncovering parts of the unconscious, and stepping into more clarity, those she helps can acquire happiness and well-being. 

    In her native Germany, Eva pursued careers in communications and fashion design. A third career, in adult education, inspired her passion for coaching and led her to California. There she received her Ph.D. in East-West Psychology (CIIS) and trained as a co-active coach from the Coaches Training Institute. A student of Jungian psychology and a SoulCollage® facilitator, Eva's elixir are beauty and discovery.   Eva sees private clients and works with groups in Berkeley, CA as well by phone/skype.  You can learn more about Eva at:  http://evaruland.com/

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    Finding Spiritual Divine Peace

    in Spirituality

    Join Psychic Chance with special guest Soul Coach Jamie discussing how to find inner peace. Sharing that all our pain belongs to every Men and Women alive. Every event good and bad we encounter is a gift sent from G-d. Join Chance and Jamie in this remarkable show of steeping out of negativity and into divine peace.

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    Peach State Pandemonium

    in Sports

    This edition of Peach State Pandemonium, with hosts Les Thatcher and Mike Sempervive, filling in for the vacationing Rich Tate, featured opinion-based commentary on the world of pro wrestling. On this episode Les and Mike discussed the decline in training steeping stone opportunities for up and coming wrestlers with comparisons to old school territorial training. The program is a presentation of Georgia Wrestling History’s GWH Radio Network.

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    Introduction to Green Tea

    in Food

    We'll discuss green tea--the leaf and the beverage -- as well as some prominent varieties. Call with your questions or share your stories of how you prepare and enjoy green tea.

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