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    Buyers Meeting Point Weekly Update for April 13th, 2015

    in Business

    I would once again like to welcome from Buyers Meeting Point to share information of this week's events and news from the world of purchasing, Kelly Barner.

    NOTE: This week's recommended webinar topics include the application of analytics at law firms (Rosslyn Analytics), inventory management (Supply Chain Insights), and engaging your contingent workforce (Sourcing Interests Group/Allegis). In this week's guest audio, Charles Dominick, President of the Next Level Purchasing Association shares the overall findings of their 2015 Procurement Salary Survey.

    The full video, which was recorded at eWorld last month, referred to as the Big Procurement Debate, is available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUzO1t3hgI8


    Share your thought's on what you believe is The Future of Procurement on Twitter using the hashtag #FutureBuy

    Be sure to visit the Buyers Meeting Point website @ http://buyersmeetingpoint.com

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    Buyers Meeting Point Weekly Update for March 30th, 2015

    in Business

    I would once again like to welcome from Buyers Meeting Point to share information of this week's events and news from the world of purchasing, Kelly Barner.

    NOTE: This week's recommended events are from Rosslyn Analytics (technological breakthroughs in spend analytics), SAP/Ariba and Ardent Partners (CPO Rising 2015), and Zycus and Hackett Group (P2P process measurement). In this week's guest audio, Kevin Lecompte of the Gap Partnership provides a very interesting perspective on the negotiation skills needed by procurement in today's more collaborative business climate.

    Link to negotiation article: Article by veteran contracts expert Lewis-Fernandez demonstrates the kind of thinking that gives negotiation a bad name 

    Share your thought's on what you believe is The Future of Procurement on Twitter using the hashtag #FutureBuy

    Be sure to visit the Buyers Meeting Point website @ http://buyersmeetingpoint.com

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    Global Ambassadors for Consciousness

    in Spirituality

    Eunjung Choi and Yves Nager are partners of the heart on a mission with passion to inspire and help people who are on a conscious path. As enlightened entrepreneurs and planetary healers they share their unique gifts with the world so that they can fully live their lives aligned with their passions and purpose. Using their multi-dimensional tool-kit, Eunjung and Yves can help you clear, center, and create the life you've always dreamt of and live your life fully and magically witnessing miracles on an ongoing basis.

    Eunjung (originally from South Korea) and Yves from Switzerland had a brief encounter in Kaua'i Hawaii in June 2011 and again,  through Divine guidance, at the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland in September 2011. Since then, they have traveled together to over 30 countries on their mission to assist with the global shift in consciousness through ceremonies with the land, workshops, retreats and sacred journeys.  

    Join us March 4, 2015 when Eunjung and Yves will share some of the highlight experiences from their sacred adventure through 16 countries last year and share tips and tools on how to follow your heart, live your passions and create life of magic and miracles.

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    Who Are the Freemasons ? Understanding the Freemasons

    in Entertainment

    On Tuesday December 16th at 9pm est, 8pm cst and 6pm pst, join the host Dean Swett as he welcomes back Dave Shedivy and others as we continue to explore the Freemasons and their importance to society. Let's gather more information before we make unfair assumptions. The next shows will be more esoteric and philosophical in nature as we discuss who we are, where we came from, and why we are here, and discuss some of the hypothesizes put forth in books like the "Hiram Key" and "Hiram Key Revisited", "The Second Messiah", Sylvia Brown’s “Secret Societies”, "Uriel’s Machine", "The Knights Templar", and "Rosslyn" Chapel.



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    Getting the Most out of Life's Gifts and Circumstances with R. Smith-Angel

    in Self Help

    November 6, 2014 - LIVING A RICHER LIFE ~ Life Changing Talk Radio

    THEME: Getting the Most out of Life's Gifts and Circumstances with Rosslyn Smith


    Rosslyn Smith- Retired management executive, senior advisor, educator and the author of Heart Vision: Takes you deep below the surface. Heart Vison began as a result of her personal journey and tuned into labor of love. As she describes it, I went from a young married, highly successful woman to a divorced, retired, middle-aged woman uncertain of her future. I have learned to view life and its challenges in a way that empowers me…


    Whether you like it or not, major events in life happen and then come the circumstances. Samuel Lover, the famed songwriter, composer and novelist, once said Circumstances are the rulers of the weak; they are but the instruments of the wise. Getting a good grasp of the role that events and circumstances play in your life is essential to you understanding how to shape more positive outcomes to challenging situations. Achieving this level of consciousness is also essential to you recognizing and valuing the difference between responding versus simply reacting to a circumstance. During the month of November, Life Changing Talk Radio will interview noted authors and interesting personalities who have developed unique approaches to crafting their responses to some of life’s most challenging and perplexing circumstances. Through their knowledge, courage, commitment, faith and determination they have and continue to make a difference not only in their lives but also in the lives of so many others. Join us during the month of November for this insightful and touching series of interviews.

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    The Freemasons - Understanding the Freemasons

    in Education

    On Tuesday October 28th at 9pm est, 8pm cst and 6pm pst, join the Host Dean Swett and his panel of guests as they continue to share with us more about the Freemasons. 

    Come join us as we explore the meaning of man, who we are, why we are here, and where did we come from.

    We are a group of open minded free thinkers with a love and passion for history, and philosophy.

    We are a group of adventurers on a journey of exploration to find out the reason why?

    We offer an open forum for civilized thought and discussion, feel free to join us.

    As men on a quest for further light and knowledge many of the panel have read many of the books, works or philosophies of several well known Masonic Philosophers.

    If you’d like do your own research beforehand, we will be discussing the books: The Hiram Key, The Hiram Key Revisited, The 2nd Messiah, Rosslyn Chapel, The Templar Code, Uriel’s Machine, the Bible, and Koran, the Lost Gospels, and the works of Manley P. Hall, JS Ward, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, Martin Luther, Leo Tolstoy, and Mark Twain to mention a few.



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    Real Estate and Events in September 2014

    in Finance

    Today’s show will feature information on the newly opened casino in Baltimore, Maryland called Horseshoe Baltimore by the Caesars brand, Redskins and Ravens September schedules, upcoming events in September and my real estate minute on market conditions and VHDA’s FHA Plus Program.

    In Maryland, there are several festivals, fairs and events. Amaluna - Cirque du Soleil, Maryland Seafood Festival, Greek Festival, Silver Spring Jazz Festival, Takoma Park Folk Festival, Cambodian Community Day Festival, Annapolis Craft Beer and Music Festival, Hyattsville Arts Festival, Prince George's County Fair, Anne Arundel County Fair, Charles County Fair, Great Frederick Fair and the Calvert County Fair

    In DC, there are several events. Nation's Triathlon, The DC Short Film Festival, Taste of Georgetown, Nation's Football Classic, Adams Morgan Day, Latino Festival - Fiesta DC, DC Fashion Week and Turkish Festival

    In Northern Virginia, there are several festivals, fairs and home shows. Rosslyn Jazz Festival, Fall For the Book Festival, Alexandria King Street Art Festival, Virginia Wine Festival, Korean Festival Arlington Festival of the Arts, Mount Vernon's Colonial Craft Fair and the  Capital Home Show.

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    The Ancient Alien Question with Philip Coppens

    in Paranormal

    Vale Philip Coppens (1971-2012)

    Philip Coppens was an author and investigative journalist, ranging from the world of politics to ancient history and mystery. He co-hosted The Spirit Revolution radio show with his wife Kathleen McGowan and was a frequent contributor to NEXUS Magazine and Atlantis Rising Magazine. Since 1995, he had lectured extensively and has appeared in a number of television and DVD documentaries, including Ancient Aliens: The Series (The History Channel). He was the author of The Stone Puzzle of Rosslyn Chapel, The Canopus Revelation, Land of the Gods, The New Pyramid Age, Servants of the Grail, the ebook 2012, Science or Fiction? and The Ancient Alien Question.

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    Reflections in the Dark - Secret Societies Revisited

    in Spirituality

    We are airing a repeat of a show about Secret Societies where we discuss Freemasonry, the Illimunati, the Rosslyn Chapel and other such elements.  

    Covering current events, news, media, the normal and paranormal Reflections In The Dark will go deeper into the shadows to reveal what is really going on out there. No topic if off limits and no corner will be left unexposed. Commetary, interviews, discussions and exposing what has remained hidden happens here on Reflections In The Dark. Ephesians 5:11 And have nothing to do with the unfruitful deeds of darkness but rather expose them. CONSIDER THEM EXPOSED. 

    For questions or comments go to the SRT site - supernaturalresponse.net and use the Contact button.


    Firefall Talk Radio can be found on iTunes where you can listen to or download Podcasts


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    Nashville Presents: Saturdays With Singletary

    in Business

    Nashville Presents:  Saturdays with Singletary on The Singletary Network with your Host, Patrenna Singletary!

    ***A Candid Conversation with Patrenna Singletary: A Background Look At Her Life 2014***

    Join Host, Patrenna Singletary, Award Winning Educator, Successful Entreprenuer, Humanitarian, Empowerment Speaker and Aspiring Author as she briefly speaks from the heart concerning her life!

    Also, enjoy an Encore Presentation of a Candid Conversation with Patrenna from 2012: A Background Look  featuring Delmar Johnson of Delmar Johnson Enterprises and Rosslyn Jones, Graduate of National College of Business and Technology Memphis Campus and Owner of Graphinity Designs. 

    A Singletary Network Production!

    SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  An Evening With Melba Moore: Forever Moore is coming to Music City on June 9th at the Music City Sheraton Hotel are you ready? Do you have your tickets yet? Get your tickets today:








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    Die Drachenhöhle: Freemasonry Pt 2/Knights Templar Pt 2/Rosey Cross Pt 1

    in Spirituality

    Freemasonry End of Part 1/ Freemasonry Part 2 / Knights Templar Part 2 / Rosey Cross Part 1

    Corrections and Clarifications in coming show(s).

    Freemasonry Part 1:


    Knights Templar Part 1: