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    The Healthy Woman: Inside And Out

    in Women

    Being a healthy woman from the inside and out is a process. It requires a thought, mental attitude and self awareness. March is Women History Month let's start with a new beginning and reconize that we can be healthy women 365 days a year.


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    Eat Healthy to Stay Sexy!

    in Relationships

    Certified Holistic Healthy Coach and Personal Chef, Mindy Kannon, works with busy boomers to make the connection between how they look and feel and what they eat. She is dedicated to helping her clients create a healthy, delicious and fun life! Join world-renowned dating coach, Sandy Weiner, as she interviews Mindy about how to eat healthy to stay sexy!

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    Yogilachi: Healthy Living Laboratory

    in Health

    How using the 4 Elements can help restore harmony in the body, mind, spirit and heart.

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    Have Food, Will Travel: How to Stay Healthy and Focused on the Road.

    in Self Help

    Wondering how to stay healthy and sharp on your next trip? Afraid that traveling and eating well don’t mix?  Think again!  Join Roberta Mittman, acupuncturist and nutritional consultant, as she gives you valuable, must-know tips to stay balanced, healthy, alert and productive on your next business trip. 

    A dedicated alternative health care practitioner, health and wellness coach, speaker, author, and licensed acupuncturist, Roberta Mittman is the founder of the Park Avenue Center for Wellbeing. She serves the New York City area as well as those from around the world who connect with her for guidance to reach healthy, happy, and richly rewarding lives. Roberta specializes in guiding women to quickly and elegantly feel and look trim and vital so they have more time and energy to spend finding happiness, love, and abundance. Her magic: the perfect, holistic blend of East and West. A self-proclaimed chocolate enthusiast, she’s also the author of Ultimate Wellness: The 3 Mental Shifts You Can Use to Change the Course of Your Health Right Now.

    To learn more, go to: http://tinyurl.com/robertakate

    Visit www.KateBeeders.com and get your BRAND NEW COMPLIMENTARY MINI VIDEO SERIES: "Stop Procrastinating: Start Mastering the 3 Keys to Unlimited Business Success Now" 


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    Yogilachi: Healthy Living Laboratory

    in Health

    Stephana shares her personal journey to heal her body, heart and mind. On today's episode she shares her number one action that helped her heal after years of illness and suffering.

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    Stay Bold Roundtable Discussion Show

    in Politics

    Many hosts and co hosts from Stay Bold Radio will have a roundtable discussion about many topics.


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    New Year’s Resolutions to Stay Healthy and Active

    in Current Events

    Our guests this morning are Joe Charles and Jasmine Sharp.

    Joe Charles has been running Beach Bootcamp with GI Joe on the Manhattan Beach Pier for 15 years with the City of Manhattan Beach Parks & Recreation Department. GI Joe's group workout is designed to help you lose weight, tone your body, build endurance and network with others. Joe also organizes the Pier to Pier Run three times each year. In addition, he hosts the annual Push Up Challenge during the Village Runner 4th of July 5K Run/Walk & Firecracker Dash. Joe was a UFC fighter and has starred in several action movies. He brought in 2015 by taking on 15 people in 2 minute rounds in a grappling bash to see if anybody can make him tap out! No surprise there – nobody could!

    Jasmine Sharp created and launched LAB5 Fitness in Seattle in 2010 and brought it to Manhattan Beach in 2012 adding an organic cold pressed juice bar.. She created The SHARP Method Fitness Technique in 2014 certifying fitness enthusiasts to both teach as well as open their own SHARP method based studios in their cities. In addition, Jasmine designed the jasmine style reformer Pilates machine currently being used at 5 studios to date. Originally from Oakdale, she currently resides in Manhattan Beach..

    This morning it’s all about fitness and New Year’s resolutions on staying healthy and active.


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    Yogilachi: Healthy Living Laboratory

    in Health

    The body will do what the mind tells it - but what if your mind has some poor input? We're going to talk about this on today's blog talk radio show.

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    Healthy Ageing Rocks with Michael Parenti

    in Education

    Today's guest Michael Parenti was born and raised in an Italian-American working class family in New York City. After high school he worked for a number of years then returned to school, eventually earning a B.A. from City College of New York, an M.A. from Brown University, and a Ph.D. in political science from Yale University.

    Michael Parenti is an internationally known award-winning author and lecturer. He is one of the nation’s leading progressive political analysts. His highly informative and entertaining books and talks have reached a wide range of audiences in North America and abroad.

    He is the author of twenty-four books which include;

    The Face of Imperialism (2011)

    God and His Demons (2010)

    The Assassination of Julius Caesar (2003)

    Democracy for the Few, 9th edition (2010)

     He recently published a warmly received "ethnic memoir" entitled Waiting for Yesterday: Pages from a Street Kid's Life.

    Portions of his writings have been translated into some twenty languages. Books and articles of his have been used extensively in college courses and also by lay readers. Over 550 articles of his have appeared in scholarly journals, political periodicals, various magazines, newspapers, books of collected readings, and online publications.



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