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    State of the Union Address (The Other Side)

    in Politics

    Listen as we go live again tonite and take President Obamas Speech apart for complete analyzation. 

    Corresspondent and anchor Mark Falzon to commentate.

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    SOTU vs The Grammys

    in Politics Conservative

    Today Jeffrey Aleknavage (if he shows up) and I will discuss the State of the Union address, tagging topics like:


    US Economy

    Government Spying

    Katy Perrys Grammy show

    40 Gay marriages 

    Madonnas hat




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    The Weekly Read, Will it Go Round in Circles?

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    Tonight we will go on the air a bit later than normal friends.  In deference to President Obama’s State of the Union Address, we will move the show.  We hope you can stay up to join us; it is only fair to PRESBO that we don’t steal away from his audience.  Of course what he has to say will be part of the discussion but this week has been just a smorgasbord of good things to choose from.   We have Congress wanting answers about Predator Drone attacks killing “Americans” and collateral damage (where were these questions when a war was waged to go after fake WMD)?   For the first time in almost a thousand years a Pope has called it quits. The real “song of the South”, Dr. Essie-Mae Washington-Williams (the illegitimate daughter of Strom Thurmond) has passed away.  The end of an error……, sorry, couldn’t resist. All that AND a buffed up, pissed off cop killing cop is in a shootout with the police in California! We WILL hit these points and more, tonight at 10:30pm EST. Focusing on the major and sometimes overlooked topics affecting us in America today, the Nitelifer Circle of Sanity examines what is going on in Baltimore MD, Seattle WA, and all parts of the country in between.  The “Media” is or isn't talking about it, but regardless, The Nitelifer Circle of Sanity is! We hope to enlighten and educate while delivering the seriousness of the issues with sarcasm and humor.  Whether it is politics or social issues, The Nitelifer Circle of Sanity will be there. Call in to join in (347) 205-9763 or just click the link to listen in.

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    Shout Out Wednesday!! ~ Say It LOUD.

    in Jobs

    'Go Hard or Go Home' Powered by The Career Engineer (TCE)   What is your 'Shout Out' this week?  What do you have to say about the President's State of Union Address? Who impressed you this week? What or who boosted your week? Who has done some phenominal work and you just have to share? Call-In....Shout It OUT, Say It LOUD!!!   Programming: SweetBerry Designs Production: NH Productions

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    MuscleHead Revolution: State of the Union, Lawmakers solving TeacherSex Scandals?

    in Politics Conservative

    Should it be left up to lawmakers to solve the continuing problem of teachers who sex up their teen-aged students? PLUS: the State of the Union... the good, bad, and ugly...