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    Episode 20

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    In this episode Ill be interviewing science fiction enthusiast Jason Jeter.

    Jason has a vast knowledge of everything from sci-fi to comics and beyond!

    Join us as we discuss his passion for sci-fi, and much more!

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    Raw Talk Radio - StarTrek Jones

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    Raw Talk Radio of the DMV- With Your Host's Uncle Mook - Ms. Juicy J & First Class Ave.: The Topic For Tonight: "LIVE INTERVIEW With "StarTrek Jones" "- 11pm Rite On www.blogtalkradio.com/dmj09 & Please Call In @ 347-989-0209

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    Lets talk Infinite Fiction!

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    Donald and Sean will be discussing upcomming projects from 
    indie and mainstream Sci Fi Fantasy and Horror.

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    The Hobbit review by Sean and more with Panda!!!!

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    Sean went to the Hobbit and has a revie along with more from Donald aka Panda 

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    G-4, Beetlejuice and Hobbits Oh My!

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    Donald and Sean will be discussing upcomming projects from 
    indie and mainstream Sci Fi Fantasy and Horror.

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    It's Manic Monday! The work week has begun and folks are going nuts on Twitter as per usual.Ron Paul sent out a tweet today that caused extreme butthurt amongst the NeoCon contingent. In reaction to the tragic death of infamous US Navy Seal sniper Chris Kyle, Ron Paul commented that "he who lives by the sword dies by the sword." These insensitive remarks were taken as disdain towards the USA troops by the reactionary wannabe warhawk conservatives who've never liked Dr. Paul's foreign relations policy stance. The conservative blogosphere errupted with accusations that Dr. Paul "attacked" and "slammed" Kyle and tainted his memory.Speaking of conservatards... Todd Kincannon, leader of the Twitter Gulag Defense Network, sent out a few crude tweets in regards to Trayvon Martin during the Super Bowl blackout yesterday. He tweeted that Martin deserved to be put down like a "rabid dog" and also that if Trayvon had grown up he would have sucked dick for drug money.Piers Morgan goes deep into Gun Country! Fires a $40,000 machine gun on his show! Atta boy Piers, that's the spirit! Plus, Vince is still at war with the Bacon/KItten/StarTrek Industrial Complex! Call in. Open lines!

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    BOO! Infinite fiction talk radio blog!

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    Donald and Boo will be discussing upcomming projects from 
    indie and mainstream Sci Fi Fantasy and Horror.

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    Colonel Rick Searfoss returns to dish on the Green Lantern!

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    Colonel Richard A. Searfoss join us again to discuss his consulting work on the hit, new movie: Green Lantern! As you know, he joined us previously on July 20, 2009 - the 40th anniversary to the first moon landing! We welcome him back! Lots of stuff to dish on his work with the Green Lantern!
    A veteran of three space flights, Searfoss has logged over 39 days in space. He served as pilot on STS-58 (October 18 to November 1, 1993) and STS-76 (March 22-31, 1996), and was the mission commander on STS-90 (April 17, to May 3, 1998). Searfoss retired from the Air Force and left NASA in 1998. For the next few years he worked in private industry and, more recently, was a research test pilot at NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center. In February 2003, Searfoss left Dryden to pursue private business interests.

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    Episode 32 - #OperationLLAP or We Need A Genesis Device, Stat!

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    Words cannot express the sense of loss that many StarTrek fans have been feeling the last week or so since we learned that our sci-fi guru of sorts, Leonard Nimoy, had boldly gone where we will all go in the end. 

    Nimoy was Spock. I know he was playing a character, but it was more than that, and he knew it. He affected the culture of the world in such a profound way, that so many scientists, astronauts, teachers and more, would be so moved and inspired by him, and Star Trek in general, that they wanted to emulate Spock in whatever way they could in our day and age. 

    He was a kind man, an intellegent sage who had to grow into his ears and embrace what impact Spock would have on his life. I saw him in person once at a convention in SF when I was in my teens. He talked about his other endevors, directing, and photography, more than Spock, and I was surprised to see how much the audience knew about all these aspects of him. He also plugged his son's upcoming directorial debut.

    While we are all saddened by his passing, let us also celebrate his rich life. This episode has gone through a few transformations along the way to evolve into this finished product. I hope I have done justice to his memory. 

    RIP Leonard. Thank you for your work. You will most certainly be missed, Spock lives forever because of you. 


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    FX Mogul Radio : Bruce Branit & Dylan Cole

    in Computers

    Will talk about the careers of four time Emmy Award nominee for his work on StarTrek, a Filmmaker and computer graphics and visual effects expert Bruce Branit, and the famed Matte Painting artist and art director Dylan Cole.

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    Noriega Radio! Episode 48: Cliff Simon of Stargate SG-1 rides to the rescue!

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    Noriega Radio entertains Cliff Simon - we recently interviewed Cliff on www.blogtalkradio.com/StarTrek and due to a technical difficulty, the show ended 10 minutes early. We'll, he's coming back with us for 30 minutes to complete the job!

    After that, we'll just have some fun with the current affairs and we'll close out the month in preparation to our big month of September and our 1-year anniversary!!!

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