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    Today on The Boochcast we celebrate Booch's favortie Holiday HALLOWEEN. we talk about our own Halloween experiences, Booch impressing Ron White, Booch gives his do's and don'ts on trick or treating, we recap NXT, How To Not Wear A Racist Halloween Costume This Year: A Simple Guide For White People, Terror on Twitter! Horror author R.L. Stine tweets a Halloween story, 5 Rules for Celebrating Halloween at Work, 5 Rules for Celebrating Halloween at Work, and The Newest Trend In Halloween Sweets? Candy That’s Supposed To Taste Like Other Candy.

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    April 27: Racism Overshadows Everything

    in Sports

    A race to a championship has been overshadowed by racism in society. Donald Sterling, the long tenured owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, took this to another level. A recording of Sterling in a racial tirade with his girlfriend surfaced, and the circus began. 

    Mike "the Buzz-saw" Asti and George "the Howitzer" Gerbo usually relish in asininity, but no one can really wrap their heads around this drama. What can even be done when it's THE OWNER as the problem? Did the Clipper players silent protest make a significant statement? What does the future hold for this rising franchise? 

    On the NBA playoff court, Indiana and Oklahoma City have struggled, despite extremely high expectations. Which favorite on upset alert is on a higher panic level? If the Pacers are eliminated, can anybody else in the East stop the Heat from another finals trip? How good are the Wizards? George and DC are getting all kinds of TURNT UP! Oh, and my God Portland. 

    The Stanley's Cup Playoffs is almost one round deep. Can anybody beat the mighty Bruins? Is San Jose finally ready to run the table, or are they about to deliver another Sharks post-season failure? Who should garner most of the blame in Pittsburgh? Mike's answer is sacriligious to most. Will the Blackhawks gas eventually empty from a tank with many miles on it? 

    Michael Pineda is a moron. That's really all that needs said about the Yankee pitcher putting pine tar on his neck on national televsion. 

    The Howitzer and Buzz-saw conquer racism and sports radio, one day, at a time.... 

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    Motivated Monday The CeCe Show

    in Entrepreneur

    Born Caitlyn Christian Amari (@thececeshow), this pint size 4 year old is as bright as a star can shine! Affectionately known CeCe by her supporters, this natural comedic actress was signed by Spanky Hayes after he saw one of her Instagram post. Spanky along with his company immediately began preproduction on The New CeCe Show.   The New CeCe Show which will be a comedy show starring Cece along with Spanky Hayes, and is set to start airing on the internet this spring. Aside from acting, CeCe says her favorite things are the color pink, eating Starburst, pizza, cereal and making people laugh.  She says the only things she don't like is eating grits and going to bed early.  As we noted she's your typical four year old trapped inside a superstar's body!

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    IndieReview Behind The Scenes chats with Author M.L. Lacy

    in Entertainment

    Hello Everyone! My name is Michelle Cornwell-Jordan, one of your hosts, and my co-host Jamie White is with me today as well! We're excited to chat with Fantasy author M.L.Lacy regarding her trilogy Chrysalis - The Awakening (Book 1) Chrysalis - Tribulations (Book 2) and Chrysalis - Trepidation (Book 3)

     M.L. Lacy is the author of the Chrysalis Series (The Awakening, Tribulations, and Trepidation) and the upcoming Starburst Series. M.L. Lacy was awarded first place in the Rebecca's Read's 2010 Written Art Award for her book The Awakening in the Fiction: Science Fiction/Fantasy category. M.L. Lacy is married and lives in far north Fort Worth, Texas. Visit FaceBook for more updates.

    Contact: (Website) http://www.mllacy.blogspot.com/

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    Thad from Ohio Gecko Joins Us

    in Pets

    Thad Unkefer from Ohio Gecko  joins us for some Leopard Gecko & Fat Tail morph discussion. We will hit on all of his interesting and unique projects. I am particularly interested in hearing about his Starburst fat Tail gecko morph and how it works. Thad is also the owner of Gecko Forums . If you would like to go back into the history of morph making then that is the place. Join us for this sure to be legendary episode.

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    4CR Sunday Freestyle 7/28/13

    in Wrestling

    Ant, Dre, and Sam bring you a second freestlye this week. As always you never know what will happen. 

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    Episode XXI: Cannibal Resurrected

    in Fun

    After last night's debacle, Kermit and the Elm Street Crew are ready to redeem themselves and ressurect the show once and for all. No more technical issues, no more threats from Simple, no more slip-ups by Kermit.
    Clovis Ledbetter once again joins Kermit in the studio, to continue what he started last night: Grilling Tips from the Master. Tonight's topics will be the same as last nights, sense we were unable to get to them at that time. 
    We are still holding out hope that the "Ask a Stripper," segment will be live tonight, but we have had difficulties all day reaching "Mystique," and are now shooting for a different stripper by the name of "Jezebel."
    1) Better Accent: Australian or British?
    2) The Truth of Starburst: Yellow and Orange Cause Cancer, Red and Pink Prevent it- Eat a Pack, Break Even.
    3) Legitimate Rapes and Legitimate Capes: Connecting Comic Book Superheros to Todd Akin's Comments
    4) Neil and Lance: What a Week for Armstrongs
    5) Frogs vs Toads: The Battle for Supremecy
    6) White Man with Neck Tattoo: Inbred or Inbred?
    7) Hidden Gypsies in Hollywood: Exposing the Truth
    8) Alternate Methods of Taking a Dump: Is the Upper Decker most effective?
    9) Randy Travis Misunderstood Again: LEAVE THE MAN ALONE!!!!
    10) Cookin' with Clovis: Old Man Ledbetter shares his tips from the grill

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    Episode XX: Can't Keep a Good Cannibal Down

    in Fun

    As you are mostly all aware, the show has been off the air for a number of consecutive nights. Initially we had planned to have a Sunday Spectacular lined up, but of course Simple had to try and keep that from happening. I'm here to say that we will not be off the air tonight. The cannibal will return at 9:00pm and will run until 10:30. 
    Tonight's show will have a number of topics that are brand new and intriguing, as well as many great callers to shed a little light on these topics and whatever else crosses their minds. Be sure and tune in because we also have the Sports With Ryne segment.
    Unfortunately there will be no "Ask a Stripper" segment tonight, as the arranged stripper, "Mystique," cancelled at the last minute. We have rescheduled that segment for later this week, but there will be a special guest host tonight, Mr. Clovis Ledbetter. 
    1) Better Accent: Australian or British?
    2) The Sick Fact of Starburst: Yellow and Orange Cause Cancer, Red and Pink Prevent it. Eat a Pack, Break Even.
    3) Legitimate Rapes and Legitmate Capes: Connecting Comic Book Superheros to Todd Akin
    4) Neil and Lance: What a Week for Armstrongs
    5) Frogs vs Toads: The Battle for Supremecy
    6) White Man with Neck Tattoo: Inbred or Inbred?
    7) Hidden Gypsies in Hollywood: Exposing the Truth
    8) Alternate Methods of Taking a Dump: Is the Upper Decker Most Effective?
    9) Randy Travis Misunderstood Yet Again: LEAVE THE MAN ALONE!!!
    10) Cookin' With Clovis: Old Man Ledbetter Gets the Grill Warm with Tips for the Fall Grillin' Season

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    Mac Attack!

    in Pets

    Heteroscodra maculata, H. mac, Togo Starburst, little evil silver and black tarantula, whatever you want to call it.  I just got one!  So I want to talk about them, and maybe some other random things that folks have been asking.

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    Welcome to The HealMobile

    in Energy

    The HealMobile awaits your listening.
    How are you healing, mini-miracle of the universe and closet revolutionary?  Are you being the sunshine or starburst that you are in this moment? Are you aware of what drives YOU?
    My name is Niamo, and I'm a reiki and energy worker, facilitator of empowerment and peace, submitter-to-the-deepest-voice-listening, and driver of The HealMobile. We're taking the high road and considering the healing repairing and restoring of the people.
    In this introductory segment we will describe our intention to  traverse physical, metaphysical, social and emotional landscapes. We intend to invite special guests and explore special themes in future shows.
    It could be your turn; contact me if you promotoe holistic health and alternative medicine and especially if you have new insights on essential oils and the culture of energy or of healing.  We cover a lot of ground so I want to hear how you're being creative!
    Music featured will be Expansions by Lonnie Liston Smith and African from God by Niamo.
    Toward a more spiritual humanity,

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    Write Now with Tsufit

    in Writing

    Expert Tsufit joins Stacey Chadwell to discuss  "How to Step Into Your SpotLight!".
    For More Information About Tsufit:
    Recently featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, TSUFIT is the author of the hot new book Step Into the Spotlight!: A Guide to Getting Noticed-- a Silver Medal Winner in the Axiom Business Book Awards.

    TSUFIT has been described by the Toronto Star as “a starburst of energy - bright bubbly and upbeat” and by Publisher’s Weekly as a “coaching dynamo”

        A singer, television actress and comedienne & the subject of 100’s of feature newspaper articles, television & radio appearances internationally, TSUFIT has appeared doing stand-up comedy in night clubs and on national TV and has appeared on television and film commercials internationally.

         TSUFIT coaches entrepreneurs, business owners, authors, speakers and CEOs to catapult their brands and themselves into a starring role! She coaches her clients to get seen, get heard and get noticed!

         Once named a Super-Achiever” by Canadian Lawyer Magazine, TSUFIT is a Dean’s List Law School Graduate who practiced law for 10 years before leaving law for the limelight. Her music CD “Under the Mediterranean Sky” has made Top Album lists all over North America and is played on the radio internationally.  

        TSUFIT’s unique story was the subject of a National Television Documentary which aired on several networks across Canada. 

    More at www.stepintothespotlight.com and at www.tsufit.com

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