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    A Codependent's Pathway to Stability

    in Prayer

    The world of the codependent can be very rocky, unsteady and insecure. In many cases this person relies on other people for support to find balance within their life.  We search over here, we grab over there but it seems as if no matter what we do we cannot find peace in our live, clear direction, or steadiness.

    In this show we discuss God on an intimate level, in order to find our pathway to stability. 

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    The 5 Stages of a Relationship Part 3 - The Stability Stage

    in Motivation

    Join us for another GREAT discussion on The 5 Stages of a Relationship Part 3 "The Stability Stage"


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    W.E.G.O. Show - "Lets talk financial stability"

    in Self Help

    Hello world come join us in the convo of financial stability and give opinions on ways to stay above the struggle!!

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    Maintain your sanity and stability during the holidays

    in Spirituality

    Join your hosts Clairvoyant Life Coach Bernadette Dickinson  and Psychic Medium Mark Troy for this timely discussion on Maintaining your sanity and stability during the holidays. With the upcoming Holidays, tis the season for anxiety created by either being alone or having to interact in big family gatherings. We've got some great tips to share that will enable you to thrive through the energy of the holidays. Taking your calls and questions about this topic. (Please note we don't offer free readings on air.)

    Hidden Wisdom Radio offers a refreshing spiritual perspective on life issues, relationships, spiritual growth and everything in between. Each week we discuss different topics affecting our ability to connect to God/Source energy. Tuesdays 5pm Pac/8pm ET with live calls and live chat. 347-324-3891

    For more info  on Bernadette go to www.bernadettesvision.com

    For more info on Mark go to www.marktroymedium.com

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    Are you with someone not for love but stability ?

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    Living Full Out with Nancy Solari/Health and Stability

    in Motivation

    Although she is legally blind, Nancy Solari is a successful business owner, life coach, radio host, speaker and author. Today, she brings her life lessons to audiences, inspiring people to push through their challenges and live life full out.

    When Nancy was sixteen years old, she was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa and over the years experienced subtle yet measurable vision loss.

    She decided early that she was going to fulfill all of her dreams regardless of her disability. As result, she has worked for Good Morning America and Entertainment Tonight, had a successful music career, and has been a top producing realtor in Southern California since 2001. Besides real estate, Nancy focuses her energy on professional speaking with great success, speaking to large audiences and coaching individuals who want to learn her methods for being fulfilled.

    Currently, Nancy hosts Living Full Out with Nancy Solari on Talk Radio 790 KABC, which reaches audiences in Los Angeles and Orange counties.

    Nancy is an authentic, passionate, and successful example of how you can live the life you want with the right mindset and foundation, regardless of the challenges you face.

    Additionally, Nancy goes out dancing at night, spends time with her friends, goes to the gym, takes her dog for walks, travels solo, and is always reaching out to meet the next challenge in life head-on with a smile on her face.

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    Neutralizing the Negative - Financial Stability and Creative Focus 7/23/14

    in Self Help

    In this show Janet gives a powerful healing to a caller who wants more financial stability and more creative focus. She then discusses, using examples from her own life, the topics of Divine Material Balance and the obscure or "sneaky" nature of the powerful beliefs we are not aware of from past lives.

    Tune in every week from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm (pst) and start taking charge of your life as Janet Richmond leads listeners through individual healings to help Neutralize the negative in their lives. This is an amazing opportunity to call in and receive personal one-on-one help to begin unclogging the areas of your life that continually resist change. Even listening to someone else's healing will take you through the same transformative experience as the person it's directed toward.

    Call into the show at 646-668-8565 to request a reading or healing.
    Can't call during a show? Email Janet@JanetRichmond.com and she will address your request during the next show.
    Follow this link to hear ALL of Janet's past shows.
    To look more closely into the Neutralizing technique, visit Janet's website at HigherSelfVoice.com.

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    Domestic Violence/Mental Stability......What makes people snap?????

    in Music

    Join Us 2Night @ 8:00pm Eastern Time!!!  With our hot topic for tonight..."Domestic Violence/Mental Stability"...... What Makes People Snap???  Is it in everyone??? We would love to have your input on this hott topic tonight!! Also we will be having special dedication Tibute to Ms. Zakiya Lawson & Mrs. Patrina Mosley...R.I.P....Listen in Tonight as the Founder of Crunktown Radio speaks about his experience on domestic violence..& anyone that want to send out a special tribute or prayer to a loved one or any aquaintances.. Call in at (646) 716 6674 or click on the link to listen In!!  Also Join My Team & I...Ms. Island Gyrl, Ms. Keenya Noel, & Me..Ms. KandyKisses!! So Much coming at cha...With Ms. Island Gyrl (The Hottest Interviewer/Co-Host) We got Keenya Noel's Segment "Oh No They Didnt", she will be discussing the weirdest & craziest news/gossip thats going on in today's society.  I will be doing my segement " Kandy's Secrets", which i will be giving helpful hints on ways to save & improve your lifestyle, with home-remedies, and great advice from love, to fitness, & savings!!  Join Us You will be glad that you did!!!  The only place poppin with Great Music, Entertainment, Laughs, And Real Talk...Crunktown Radio..ya know!!

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    Wednesday Lunch & Learn w/ Million Dollar North American Power Earner: Bob Doran

    in Entrepreneur

    Recently hit $1 Million In Combined Earnings with North American Power.  Bob said: “While it’s great that the big money can be earned here, it’s the fact that were are creating financial stability for countless numbers of people, that’s what get’s me fired up!”

    “We chose the North American Power Opportunity because we saw it as a possible way out of the pressures of the publishing industry, which took deep dives during economy turmoil. I saw North American Power as a recession-proof safety net. It was another pillar of income that was in a burgeoning industry. Not everyone needs a magazine, but everyone needs electricity.”

    Bob and Lisa are thrilled to have replaced their long hours of overtime with the part-time hours they put into their North American Power team. They sold their magazine of 13 years, and now enjoy more time with friends, family, and continue to have a substantial income.

    “And best of all, I love what I do,” says Bob. “Helping people achieve what they want out of life, and seeing them hit their targets is, to me, one of the most rewarding things in this life. North American Power’s combination of integrity, compensation, charitable giving, and green energy made them the right company for us to hit those targets with.”

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    Celebrate the Winter Solstice with Sonja Grace

    in Spirituality

    Reflect with gratitude on the transition from darkness to Light with inspiring mystic healer Sonja Grace, author of Become an Earth Angel: Advice and Wisdom for Finding Your Wings and Living in Service and Earth Ways: Healing Medicine for the Soul: A Practical Guide for Ceremonies for the Earth. 

    Sonja provides expert guidance taking us on a sacred journey through the four seasons.  From Earth Ways: "Thank you, Mother Earth, for this sacred time where we experience the longest night and the shortest day.  As the dark triumphs--but only briefly--we are in gratitude for the Solstice as it makes the turning point to light."

    For over 30 years, Sonja Grace has been offering her clients worldwide immediate stability, clarity and guidance through her healing and counseling. She has appeared on George Noory's Beyond Belief Gaiam TV program, many popular broadcasts and is a regular guest on Coast to Coast AM.  Her workshops, retreats, articles, film and conference appearances regularly inspire audiences worldwide.

    Sonja's web site:  SonjaGrace.com

    Frontier Beyond Fear music copyrighted by Grammy award winner Larry Seyer, www.larryseyer.com, included in this podcast with his permission. Nature photos copyrighted by  Susan Larison Danz.

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    Stress Tested

    in Christianity

    We become steadfast Christians, able to endure and overcome, through the power of Jesus Christ. Job stress has become such a universal problem that many medical professionals now classify it as an occupationally related disease, precipitating numerous other serious problems such as ulcers, depression, and even suicide.

    Over time, you truly will find His strength, wisdom, and presence sufficient for the fray. Your stress will become a catalyst for spiritual stability instead of an agent of destruction and despair. The pressure will reinforce your faith, not weaken it. We became steadfast Christians, able to endure and overcome through the power of Jesus Christ.

    Psalm 55:22 "Cast your burden on the LORD, and He shall sustain you; He shall never permit the righteous to be moved" 

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