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    Celebrating "The American Dream" - The Ed Boston Podcast

    in Christianity

    For this show, I will open with a tribute to The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes (Virgil Runnels), who passed away this past week. The list of topics is long and I will do my best to do justice to numerous stories that are in the news or events that have reached milestones in history. 

    The list includes my beloved St. Louis Cardinals being investigated by the Feds, opening weekend for Global Force Wrestling, the 35th anniversary of the opening of The Blues Brothers movie and the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta document. 

    All of this and more........

    .... on The Ed Boston Podcast!

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    Podcast 386

    in News

    Conservative Movement RIP. The last podcast in June before a short Hiatus, also announces News Cleanse 2015. The time is ripe. While travel broadens the horizons and raises the energy of the traveler, it seems staying glued to the television 24/7, hyper vigilance with news websites, social media and those email newsletters in everyone’s in […] Read more

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    In the Midst of the St. John Festival

    in Culture

    The St. John Festival & Cultural Organization schedules 5 weeks of Caribbean Carnival celebration with a bevy of family-friendly events, including live music, local food, dancing, parades, fireworks, and more. St. John Carnivalbegins 5 Saturdays before July 4th with a steelpan music concert in Cruz Bay. Vendors of fine local crafts setup tents in Cruz Bay park while hardy folks build the stage that will showcase most of the festival events in the coming days.

    June 5, 2015 is the annual Beach Jam on Cruz Bay beach. With a mix of music talents and characters, the St. John Carnival Beach Jam is a must for anyone with happy feet. One week later, Seniors strut their stuff for the Senior Variety Show on the stage in the school ball field in Cruz Bay. Cheer for your favorite acts and enjoy local food, drinks, and crafts for sale around town. The day after the St. John Carnival Senior Variety Show is the annual Festival Bike Race, starting at 8:00 am at the National Park lot next to Mongoose Junction in Cruz Bay.

    The weekend comes to a close with the Festival Princess Pageant, which starts Sunday night at 6:00 pm on the stage in the ball field. Two weeks before the end of Carnival St. John really starts to heat up on the evening on June 19 with music in the school ball field starting at 9:00 pm. Return the next night to cheer on the new Carnival Queen contestants, as they vie for the coveted title starting at 8:00 pm. That Sunday kicks into gear with the opening of the food fair and Children’s Carnival Village in the national park field in Cruz Bay.

    The last weekend of St. John Festival: The Adult Carnival Village opens at 7:00 pm July 3rd with music and libations. Next morning marks J’ouvert (ju-vay), a joyous street party where revelers dance at daybreak.

    Visit: www.StJohnIsland.com/

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    Gil and Kelly Jo Bates Joins Us On The Ed Boston Podcast

    in Christianity

    On tonight's show, Ed will interview Gil and Kelly Jo Bates from the hit reality series Bringing Up Bates. Gil and Kelly Jo will share their faith, family, and more. Right here on The Ed Boston Podcast. 

    Another segment Ed will talk about his trip to Bowling Green, Kentucky to meet Jeff Jarrett and watch a Global Force Wrestling live event. 

    He will also introduce you to Periscope, the newest social media outlet that we are using. 

    All this and more.......

    ..... on The Ed Boston Podcast

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    St Louis 2015 Family Runion

    in Culture

    “The history of our families is entwined just as a piece of cloth is woven. Our parents and fore parents were all bound together by birth families and marriage into others, but we are all bound by bloodlines that make us all related to one another. These families all lived in towns and communities that surround each other. Some of the town names are Warren, Banks, Pleasant Hill, Gravel Ridge, Childs, Green Chapel, Hard Shell, Jersey, Hermitage, Johnsville, Morobay, Palestine, Mt. Olive, Vicks, Hampton, and Harrell. Some of the names of families who lived in those communities are Hampton, Davis, Belin, Hall, Tatum, Johnson, Lovett, Strong, Wilson, Pickett, Webbs, Phifer, Fall, Green, Momon, Trotter, Newton, Wheeler, Jones, Henry, Harmon, Childs, Woods, Boswells, and Gardner.“  Kathleen Hampton-Lee (from her Histories of Families 1800-1992 in the 1992 Milwaukee, WI Family Reunion)


    To those who traveled far and wide or just down the street, the Families welcome you to St Louis 2015 Family Reunion. We hope to help you create a great memory of these three days and leave here as you arrived…family. Organizer-Host, Ms. Fannie (Davis) Fuller will be our guest. Her co-organizers, daughters Deinene Thomas and NaToya Fuller will be here to add their opinions of the festivities. Rich Tycoon will give talk about his “My Family” song. Many more surprises, so stop on by.    

    This Blog Talk Radio show is sponsored by our parent company, CHIIA Group’s website at http://hcofa.net/ and our host third book, entitled, The Episodic Thoughts of Hamp at http://outskirtspress.com/webPage/isbn/9781478746232




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    Podcast 383 – Emmer on Trade

    in Atheism

    Emmer on Trade. Live from the Nation’s Capital, Washington DC, where it’s all about free trade authority. To talk about it with the Bob Davis Podcasts, Congressman Tom Emmer left the Cannon House Office building, walked a couple of blocks, to where the Mobile Podcast Command Unit was parked. He is the first official interview […] Read more

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  • Solid B Plus Podcast - June 26

    in Wrestling

    Despite a huge storm that knocked out my electricity for a few day earlier in the week, I powered through and still am bringing you the Solid B+ Podcast! This week I'm taking a look at the episodes of NXT, Lucha Underground and Ring of Honor from June 24 as well as New Japan Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Battle of Los Angeles, Absolute Intense Wrestling and more.

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    VOC Entertainment: Podcast About Nothing

    in Pop Culture

    It's Inkmaster Season and we're starting it off right on The Podcast About Nothing! Mark and Brad will be joined by special guests Erik Siuda (Season 5 Finalist), Kyle Dunbar (Season 3 & 4 (voted back by the fans) and the reigning Inkmaster: Jason Clay Dunn! They'll preview Inkmaster Season 6: Master vs Apprentice, and provide some insider views of what it's like to perform on the big stage.

    We're also reading questions on the air. Send them to Panpodcast@gmail.com or Tweet htem to @PanPodcast or @BradLaFratte 

    We'll try to take callers if time permits. Dial : 215-383-3765 when we give the word!


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    #17 - The Rabbit Hole Podcast, The Holy Month of Ramadan - Maha Jacobs

    in Islam

    We are conversing with a member of the Muslim community, Maha Jacobs, who is also an instructor at Cal State East Bay.  During this conversation we will discuss all that is wonderful about Islam and the Holy Month of Ramadan.  We will also discuss the the current phenomena of Islamophobia that Maha has conducted extensive research on. 

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    Jeff Jarrett and Much More on The Ed Boston Podcast

    in Christianity

    Once again, we welcome The King of the Mountain, Jeff Jarrett to The Ed Boston Podcast. Double J and Ed talk about Global Force Wrestling and their Grand Slam Tour as well as their first television tapings that will take place in July. 

    Current events will get a segment tonight and then there will be a suprise announcement for a guest coming to the show tomorrow. 

    All of this and more on The Ed Boston Podcast for Tuesday, June 9th

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    Podcast Returns While NBA Prospects Arrive

    in Sports

    The title says it all! The Iron Jaw Podcast returns while the most coveted NBA prospects arrive in the NBA, both the players and the podcast host living out their dreams. Michael Davis discusses the NBA draft and the NBA offseason as a whole, including trades and a little free agency discussion.

    Also, Michael Davis makes a big announcement about his sports journalism/broadcasting future, while explaining his absence from the podcasting scene.

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