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    The Bully Proof Classroom speaks with Laura Reiff

    in Family

    Laura Reiff has been a special education teacher in the city of Chicago for over ten years. Her expertise in this field has inspired her to write children’s books with a passionate mission to lift the negative stigma of Special Education by planting the seeds of understanding and compassion through self-esteem.  Her first book is in development.  It is an inspirational story about a young girl coping with dyslexia. In this, the first book of the series, Naomi Noodles faces the confusion of being told she is dyslexic, and the trials and tribulations of realizing how dyslexia can affect one’s life outside of just the learning environment. With a little help from a very special friend, Naomi begins to learn how to triumph over issues of bullying and family problems associated with her learning disability. Along the way she discovers just how wonderful, amazing and splendiferous she truly is.
    Laura is also the creator of www.about-special-education.com, a website dedicated to supporting the needs of parents of children with learning disabilities.  Laura offers valuable resources for parents and informational articles, on her blog, based on her expertise in the field.  She also offers a coaching program for parents acting as their guide and mentor through the sometimes scary world of Special Education.

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    What is the Name of this Show Show: Big ef'n balls

    in Entertainment

    Thats right ladies and germs we got big ef'n balls! And that means even bigger ef'n ball sacks!

    So tonights episode will truly be splendiferous! Scotty is having an off week, but Tommy is a rockin and gunna blast off with discussions on Jersey Shore, American Douches top 13, Survivor, Pot smoking 8 year old pot smokers, 4 year old alcoholics, anything off limits and under the sky!

    Give us a call and say whaddup!

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    Tope Con Coolio - Episode 87~! - We're Back : A Dinosaur's Story

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    Tope Con Coolio returns from its November hiatus with Episode 87~! Join Ben, Foster and NXTCC rookies Will & Brendan as we discuss an array of wrestling and pop culture topics, including

    * The Miz as WWE Champion.
    * King Sheamus & why King of the Ring is always a splendiferous occasion.
    * The 2010 Grammy nominations aka the cultural impact of Glee and why Justin Bieber should never win awards that give him credibility.
    * Gus Johnson's ability get you excited for anything, curling and bacci ball included.
    * Holiday Season TV specials & movies.

    All this and more! Just go to Topeconcoolio.com and be sure to listen LIVE at 7PM EST for a fresh edition of Tope Con Coolio. Tope Con Coolio will also be available as a downloadable podcast accessible anytime from our website and our page on BlogTalkRadio (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/topeconcoolio).

    Call in and make yourself a part of Tope Con Coolio through our hotline - (646) 649-0062 - and join us in our AIM Group Chat - topeconcoolio - . You can also email us any questions or comments at topeconcoolio@gmail.com and follow along with us on Twitter and on Facebook!

    Tope Con Coolio - A wrestling podcast for dorks.

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    ChubSquad Radio Show #5

    in Comedy

    Our show this week comes from the shores of Fall Creek Falls Lake during splendiferous Lost Weekend 2010 (LW2kX)!

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    Kathleen's radio show!

    in Youth

    venting about your day
    helping you with problems