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    Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #41 The Sandwich

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    Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #41 The Sandwhich


    We are celebrating the humble but heroric sandwich. What ever you use as the bun and toppings and the filler, I'm sure are your regular go to snacks or meals. Our very first sandwich show for all of our peeps to enjoy. From subs to your local fast food place has sandwich style options on all of their menus even including burgers in that category. We will discuss some of your favs and not so much fav options. Food Nation Food Talk Radio We Celebrate Food With You! Chef Shawn and Tech Rob are ready to talk with you!

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    Spiritual Food for Thought Global Radio Mid-Day PraiZe

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    Greetings all and welcome to our first Spiritual Food for Thought Global Radio Mid-Day PraiZe show.
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  • Global Drive Radio

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    Starting a business or looking to grow your business?  Join Winfred, Jasmine and Rashaad as we talk to the Vice President of Small Business Development Walter Miller.  Walter will give us tips, resources and other information to help entrepreneur's grown their bottom line.  Call in at 914-803-4503 to listen or ask questions.  We also will have News with Rashaad, Politics with Jasmine and an August Money Mentor Challenge with Winfred.

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    Global Drive Radio

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    Join Winfred, Jasmine and Rashaad as we debut new music from Gospel Recording Artist Jason Davis.  We will talk with him about this project, the music industry and much much more.  For live questions call in to 914-803-4503.  Plus we will have in the News by Rashaad Chandler and a new Money Mentor Moment from Winfred Burns II.

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    Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #37 MMM Mexican & Tex Mex

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    Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #37 MMM Mexican & Tex Mex

    What can I say, Chef Shawn's nuber one passion in the food category is MEXICAN food. First Mexican then comfort food. I love all the fresh bold yummy flavours that make my life a fiesta. Tech Rob and Chef Shawn use to make a 4 hour drive just to enjoy the Mexican food restaurant chain Chi Chi's. Well ok that was 50% of ofriedur reason for that trip. What an amazing fun place, too bad it had it's fall from grace. We have some great recipes to share with you all and yes his very own FRIED ICE CREAM RECIPE! Our very first Mexican radio show and the not so Mexican fried ice cream recipe is shared!!!! What we consider Mexican food is Americanized and Canadianized somewhat.... We all know they don't eat authentic fried ice cream, but we sure do. Food Nation Food Talk Radio "Where We Celebrate Food With You".... Your table is reserved!

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    New food for thought on this Wesnesday evening show

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    New music tonight from a couple of different bands is what is on the way for you this evening. One of the bands you will be listening to is called Food Emperor & Christian Ice - Mangiare è un' evoluzione. It is a Polish/ Italian song which translated to the English Language means "Food is an Evolution". Let me know what you think about that song by dropping by the website and/ or giving me a call during this live hour long broadcast. You can find out more about them at www.foodemperor.com

    Also for the first time ever we will be playing a song by the band Artweg called Drunk and High. This will be my first time listening to this song as well. If you want to be able to look up Artweg online you can do so by visiting www.artwegofficial.com

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    Global Drive Radio

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    Join Winfred Burns, Jasmine Patrick and Rashaad Ray Chan Chandler as we discuss, "Tips for Promotion in the Workplace and Workplace Etiquette."  Tune in at 8 PM CST and call us with your feedback.  Plus, what's in the news with Rashaad, Politics with Jasmine and we will have an August Challenge Update during our Money Mentor Moment with Winfred.  Give us a call at 914-803-4503

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    Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP # 36 Potluck Style (this & that, what ever talk)

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    Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP # 36 Potluck Style (this & that)

    Chef Shawn and Tech Rob are going to each bring food topics to our Chef's Table. Much like you would at a potluck style meal, we don't know what the other one is bringing. So this is a lightly organized, take us where we go kind of food for thought episode. It could be articles, recipes or what ever topic of food we discuss. We can't wait to get this show served up hot to you. Food and Fun is all we serve! Stay tuned our peeps. Brought to you by www.baycityfoodiefocus.com

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    Max Wellspring, Spiritual Connections Radio, Mon, Aug 24, 8pm EST

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    Special Spiritual Connections Radio show- Monday Aug 24, 8pm ET

    Hosted by the creators of the network, Pamela Latour and Mark Rawson

    Our Guest will be Max Wellspring

    During the show Max will talk about:

    As a coach, what does she mean by “transformational catalyst”?

    Why does she focus on trust in your coaching practice?

    How does she sustain a life of trust in the face of the one constant in the Universe that many people are afraid of…change?

    How does she regained a measure of trust?

    Max Wellspring has been a life coach for over 18 years now and is best known as a transformational catalyst.  In her coaching practice Max has supported hundreds of clients to transform, uplift and love their lives through one-on-one sessions, courses, tel-classes, support groups, seminars & energetic activations.  She is an expert in assisting people during times of change and transition to relax & enjoy their lives while cultivating and trusting that anything is possible.When individuals or businesses are looking for the road map for fulfillment and success, they have partnered with Max for her coaching skills in working through obstacles to create the most viable, sustainable solution, whether it is a life issue, career move, or business decision.  Max is currently supporting clients with her focus on “The Trust Your Life Experience” including a variety of healing modalities as well as tools for cultivating clarity, creativity, intuition, and holistic well-being.

     Website www.trustyourlife.com

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    Global Drive Radio

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    Wednesday Night on Global Drive Radio Winfred Jasmine and Ray Chan want to know:

    What are some successful and unsuccessful ways men let you know they are interested?


    What's in the news with Rashaad, Politics with Jasmine and a Money Mentor Moment with Winfred

    Join us at 8 PM CST 

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    Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #33 Fast Food Talk

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    Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #33 Fast Food Talk

    Fast food are two bad words now a days. There are the ones that shame people and then others openly eat it and others hide in shame and are closet eaters. It is what it is and always seem to be at the fore front of top food news talk on the radio and on tv. Tech Rob and Chef Shawn are ok with the fast food business and enjoy some of their menu items. Love it or hate it you usually have something to say about it either way. Pull up a seat to the Chef's table and let's get this talk started. Maybe a Chef's fast food recipe or two, food articles and what ever we decide to bring up to the drive thru. Super size us and join in, we might even let you steal a few golden hot, salty, delicious, golden, fry sticks from the fast food gods off of our trays. See you all soon. We celebrate food with you! Oh by the way bring extra napkins.