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    SpiritBearPoems Mary Graybeal Reads An Audience of One

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    Welcome Mary Graybeal to Stage Left.  She is a free thinker, child of earth, dharma seeker, practitioner of all things mystical and soul based.
    We are honored to have her share her poem, An Audience of One .
    Ancient wisdom that lies beneath our skin
    In voices of our ancestors and in our own voices
    Feeling what they felt
    Knowing what they knew
    The world is filled with wonderous things
    Like the way the planets move in orbit
    Or the way the tides go in and out
    Or the way our dreams go in and out
    Or the way WE go in and out of paying attention
    To read more go to: http://www.spiritbearpoems.blogspot.com
    SpiritBearPoems Collection of poems and inspirations that have flowed from my thoughts into written word.
    Here is her contact info:    spiritbear731@gmail.com
           Facebook    http://facebook.com/mary.graybeal


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