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    Winning the Interview with Special Guest Akilah Griffin

    in Jobs

    Brand Expert Latrice Collins hosts a new series that provides empowering tips and techniques to strengthen your job hunting and interviewing skills.  Over the past few episodes, we have discussed creating your interview strategy.

    This week’s guest, Akilah Griffin, Executive Partner Advisor of Appointed Talent Acquisition Services, will provide insight into the nine differences interview types.

    For Instance, do you know the difference in what employers are looking for in a behavioral interview verses a technical interview?  Are you clear on the purpose of a psychological interview?  How about, which interview is the most appropriate for asking technical questions, verses enterprise questions verses salary questions?

    If you are scratching your head to ANY of these questions, then tune in today. This episode is just for you!

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    Special Lives with guest Ms. Incredible Debbie Oveland

    in Caregiving

    Are you ready to be inspired? Are you ready to find your passion? Are you ready and willing to make the difference? What would it take for someone to dedicate their time and effort to help & to be in service of others with special needs?

    I would like to invite you to meet an amazing woman who has been dedicating her life to be in service of those with special needs. Our guest Debbie Oveland is the founder of SpeciaLives and Bliss-Ability. Debbie brings resources together to help families of young adults with disabilities transition easily into an independent lifestyle. 

    Debbie said: "Greatness is embracing others for the benefit of the greater good.  We are meant to empower others, seek out their greatness, passion, and purpose.  We are all different, which makes us special.  Our acceptance of being special is our bond, our greatness." Beautifully said Debbie.

    Debbie is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, Community Leader, Researcher, Author, Speaker, Disabilities Transition Expert, Certified Dementia Coach and Advocate for People with Disabilities

    For more information contact us at: http://YourLifeNow.info or email us at: info@CoachingByRea.com


    Disclaimer: This show is intended to be for information purpose and thought provoking. Please seek professional help when needed.



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    Special Guest Interview with Dre KB

    in Music

    Tonight special guest Dre KB will be on #MnTc Radio taking over the airwaves with his all exclusive interview and he will also be dropping his new joint "Day in the Life" live on air. Make sure to call in at 718-508-9559 to speak to Dre Kb or your host Mr. Music live.

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    A Special Love for Caring for a Special Needs Child with my guest Donna Anders

    in Motivation

    We all have challenges! But when it is a challenge that involves your child; especially a child with special needs, it takes a special kind of person and a special kind love to be the kind of caregiver to best serve your child needs. Whether you have a child that was born with a disability or the disability occurred from some sort accident, its about knowing what to do and having the right resources available is what makes it a lot easier to give your child exactly what he/she needs as well as knowing how to care for yourself in the midst of everything. Well, today's show is about being a caregiver for your child with special needs and our guest Donna Anders, Special Needs Parent Advocate and Consultant knows first hand what it takes to be on the front lines for making sure that you and your child are heard and taken care of. 

    Donna Anders is a wife and mother of 3 boys (one with autism). Understanding the challenges families face firsthand, Donna has a breadth of advocacy experience. She has testified before the North Carolina State Legislature on behalf of autism insurance reform, met with lawmakers on Capitol Hill regarding the unique challenges and needs of military families with developmental disabilities, advocated for safety of students against the misuse of restraints in schools, attended numerous IEP meetings, and helped families navigate the complexities of the healthcare system. Through these experiences, Donna has gained the respect and appreciation of families she has served and senior military leadership for her family advocacy efforts. Currently Donna works as a consultant for a nationwide Applied Behavioral Analysis company as well as assisting parents nationwide as a parent advocate. 

    Contact Donna at Donnaanders44@gmail.com.


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    interview with special guest and Entrepreneur Niq Ab'raKadabra Nubyan

    in Self Help

    come join order of the black dragon as we interview our special guest Niq Ab'raKadabra Nubyan as she talks about a business opportunity and the money making mindset as she introduces total life changes products and health benefits, Learn how you can get in on a rising company and work for yourself and capitalize off this exciting company.



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    Digital CrossFire with special guest Phyllis Cicero

    in Entertainment

    We have a special show planned for you tonight. Phyllis Cicero will sit down with us and discuss her career and experiences. She is respected among her peers, and always sought after. From children's television, feature films, voice over work, casting, and everything in between. This is something you might want to have a pen and paper for.

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    Special Guest Jockey Trevor McCarthy

    in Sports

    Pass the Buck Talking Horses with Special Guest Jockey Trevor McCarthy! Call in 714-816-4628 and let us know if you think American Pharoah will win the Triple Crown?

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    Underground Wednesday with Special Guest Billz

    in Radio

    William Hawkins aka Billz DaKid was born on October 9, 1987 in Galveston, Texas. His parents divorced not long after his birth and his mother moved back to Houston, Texas when he was 2 years old to live with her parents and his grandparents. William was extremely attached to his grandparents because he spent most of his time around them because his mother had to work. When William was six years old his grandfather died stripping him of the only father figure he ever knew. When William was ten years old his grandmother decided to move to a new area and sold her house to his mother. William's grandmother was sick so she convinced William's mother to let him move with her to help her out and come back on some weekends. William eventually graduated from Magnolia High School in 2005, got accepted into Prairie A&M University, and began college that fall semester. William attended Prairie View A&M Unversity for 2 1/2 half years before financial aid issues
     forced him to stop. William had meet plenty of people in Prairie View who where very into music in is time up there like he was. William moved back to Houston from Prairie View in April of 2010 with a mind to get his life back on track. Since almost that time until now his has been working on becoming a better artist and two projects. A mixtape which is currently out titled "Keep The Change" and an album which is scheduled to release late 2015 titled "Past Due".

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    Underground Wednesday with Special Guest Synista

    in Radio

    Born in Providence RI. Synista spitting them sick rhymes started really making a name for himself around the RI rap scene. Doing shows, open mics, battling other m.c.'s, and raising hell on the streets. Sin would constantly cheat death many times with the reckless lifestyle he was living. Running with a rowdy bunch.  In attempt to slow him down and make something of his life his cousins Intellect and Emecca formed the group Influenza and took their cousin  in. They made a demo that blazed the streets and caught the attention of Styles Amazing/Mass Hysteria. They was smashing shows straight killing the New England region. INFLUENZA was a group to look out for. But in 1999 the group disbanded. He moved to Houston and started rocking open mics for a year. In 2000 he moved to Atlanta. But more setbacks and drama would come his way. Deals that fell through, jail time, violent beefs, and tragic deaths. Synista gave up on music in 2003. But in 2004  Synista decided to round up his street click and formed the AFC(African Family Connection)  and  tried making a name for themselves in the Atlanta music scene. But more legal drama and street beef would complicate their grind. The rest of the AFC click would relocate to North Carolina, Philly, South Carolina, and Providence. But Synista would remain in Atlanta. But more tragic obstacles kept coming at him. This would motivate Synista . He would hit up every open mic straight killing every open mic, shows, and battles. People started to notice. When he entered the world famous battle league Gindtimenow, he became very contreversial figure in the battle circuit. Traveling the country and made name for himself. With his street family AFC, its easy to see Synista will definetley make his mark among rap's top spittaz.

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    Becoming a Cosmic Citizen with Don Daniels/Sierra Neblina/ Special guest Itasha

    in Spirituality

    From Don Daniels book:

    Evolution Through Contact – Becoming a Cosmic Citizen.

    This week we have an out of this world special guest.   Who is it?    It’s a surprise! 

    I can promise this, YOU will definitely want to catch this program Live if possible! This person does not come out often and this will be a very rare opportunity to ask this guest your questions. 

    A little over 4 years ago, I was helping my friend Mark Kimmel with some weekend workshops for people who had experienced UFO or ET Contact events. As a natural connector, I had referred several people to those workshops. The basic format was that we would gather on Friday evening, have dinner, and get acquainted.  Saturday morning we would set the general guidelines, basic confidentiality, listen with an open mind, don’t ridicule, that kind of thing. We would then share some of our experiences in order to break the ice, and encourage the attendees to share their experiences with the group. Finally being able to talk about their experience in a safe supportive environment was very healing for everyone. 

    Well, what happened at one of those workshops just blew my socks off and really called into practice all the training, self-work and analysis I had done up until that time. We will talk about that in this program. Then we will move on to what has happened in subsequent years and our guest will share some truly mind-expanding information with you. 

    Be There or Be Square,

    Don Daniels

    We always welcome your questions and calls. 

    Call 1-646-478-3085 and if you wish to talk press 1 to be put in the cue. 

    Don’s website:    www.EvolutionThroughContact.com