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    Magical Experiments: Space/Time Magic

    in Spirituality

    Join Taylor Ellwood of Magical Experiments as he and Erik Roth discuss space/time magic. Erik roth will turn the table on Taylor and interview Taylor about his work with space/time magic and where that work is going as well as how to integrate space/time magic into your spiritual practice.

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    30th Anniversary of Space Shuttle Challenger & Is Reading the Bible Be Illegal?

    in Christianity

    30th Anniversary of Space Shuttle Challenger & Is Reading the Bible Be Illegal? 

    Today is the 30th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster that took place in 1986.  We'll be airing the 4 minute address to the nation that President Ronald Reagan gave that day.

    We also will be looking at some media bias and how the liberal media ignored the annual March for Life.  We also have a few stories concerning religious liberty.


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    Space Coast Daily Sports Talk

    in Sports

    Join Zach Clark and Alan Zlotorzynski for Space Coast Daily Sports Talk today at 3:00 p.m. on Space Coast Daily.

    Today, the guys get you up to speed on the Bowl games and preview the Russell Athletic Bowl being played this afternoon between the North Carolina Tar Heels and Baylor Bears. The game will take place at the new Orlando Citrus Bowl.

    You never know who will stop by for an interview.

    Zach & Alan will also breakdown the Denver Broncos big OT win last night and get you caught up on the remaining playoff scenarios as the NFL heads into the final week of play for the regular season.

    Please follow the show on Twitter @FlaTalkShow & the guys @zlotsports and @theezachclark

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    Space Coast Daily Sports Talk

    in Sports

    Join Alan Zlotorzynski & Zach Clark for the debut of Space Coast Daily Sports Talk, tonight at 7:30 on Space Coast Daily

    Tonight, the guys recap Week 16 in the NFL, get you up to speed on the sports news of the day and welcome in two great guests.

    From the Florida Tech Panthers men’s basketball team, head coach Billy Mims joins the show to talk about his team and the start to their season. FIT is off until Wednesday when they travel to play Stetson University, a game that can be seen on ESPN 3.

    Also on tonight’s show is Scott Carter from Florida Gators.com (formerly Gatorzone.com). Scott will preview the Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl vs Michigan on Friday and talk a little Gators hoops.

    Give the guys a follow on Twitter @zlotsports & @zachclark2015

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    Shifting through Infintiy - the illusion of time & space

    in Spirituality

    Join us as Conscious Contact Radio, with Scott Mendoza & Reymond Colson discuss shifting through time and space, what it means, how it works, and how to get the best use from this knowledge. We will also be taking questions from callers on this topic about everyday situations and seeing what answers come up on our round table.  1/6/2016 at 7pm EST we will be taking callers for our first show this year. Call in at (646) 716-6386 via phone or skype, or ask in the chat room via Blogtalk radio through your blog talk account!  Be sure the enter #1 to enter the que if you have a question.

    Host - Scott Mendoza

    Co-Host - Reymond Colson

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    LearnMeScience: Space Oddities PT. 1

    in Science

    From quantum physics to infinte multiveres, we examine some of the greatest mysteries and oddities of the universe as we know it.  We will be speaking with our LearnMeScience chemistry editor about mysteries at  the atomic level and discuss observed phenomena that science has yet to explain, such as blackholes, magnetars and pulsars.  We will also hear some haunting audio of our universe at work.  Finally, we will have a tribute to the indelible legacy of David Bowie and his impact on the science community.  Join Captain RedBeard for another exciting episode of LearnMeScience on Thursday January 28 at 9PM MST.

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    Bringing Mindfullness to Your Drumming and Space Clearing

    in Self Help

    Everything has a vibration, a frequency, and a sound - people, nature, the objects in a home, and even the structure of a home.  Sound, whether audible or not produces vibrations that will affect all people and all matter, both emotionally and physically.   In the native american culture the "Drum" is an honoured and highly respected tool that is used to heal both a space and an individual.

    Learn the importance in how to use your drum and why the intention you set is paramount to the success of the Space Clearing.

    About Karen: Karen is a Master Teacher of Interior Alignment®in Sydney, Sound Therapist, Medium, labyrinth facilitator and shamanic healer with over 13 years of space clearing experience. Being one of Sydney's premier space clearers she has worked with many  companies and rural land holders alike and loves bringing holistic and organic ceremony and ritual into our daily lives. http://www.karenquant.com.au

    About Sharon: Sharon is an Interior Alignment Master Teacher practising in Melbourne Australia.  She offers private Feng Shui, Space Clearing and certification courses from her studio in Albert Park.

    www.fengshuispaces.com and www.lifestylejourneys.com



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    Ghosts, Aliens,and Holes in Space and Time

    in Paranormal

    Guest: William Hall

    Featured book: The Haunted House Diaries – The True Story Of A Quiet Connecticut Town In The Center Of A Paranormal Mystery

    Website: http://www.williamjhallauthor.com

    Experience a ‘paranormal crossroads’ where entities, spirits, cryptids, and UFOs all converge in an area that remains active to this day.

    Nestled deep in Litchfield Hills Connecticut, a 1790 farmhouse sits near the epicenter of a paranormal flap. The family regularly encounters its own ancestors and strangers – human and non-human – as they seemingly occupy the same physical space while still in their own parallel worlds. When famous ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren investigated, they dubbed it “Ghost Central.”

    Bio: WILLIAM J. HALL author of the paranormal best-seller The World’s Most Haunted House: The True Story of the Bridgeport Poltergeist on Lindley Street, returns with another profound investigation into the unknown. Hall is professionally equipped to recognize trickery: After more than 25 years as a performing magician, he knows how to create and recognize illusions. He is also an experienced researcher of the unexplained, from folklore and urban legend to fortune telling, the pyramids, and other mysterious tales. His syndicated column, “Magic and the Unknown‚” ran for six years in multiple newspapers. Hall has two sons and resides in Plainville, Connecticut.

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    Learn Feng Shui and Space Clearing Tips from Real Life Case Studies

    in Self Help

    Join Sharon Breslin, MTIA with the Interior Alignment School of Feng Shui and Rosemary Nelson, CPIA Practitioner with the Interior Alignment school of Feng shui as they share real live case scenarios.

    One of the best ways to learn about Feng Shui is to study and discuss an actual real life consultation. You may find yourself having an "a ha" moment as they share their own experiences when working with a business, an individual and their home and or outdoor spaces.  The results can be quite spectacular!

    About Sharon: Sharon Breslin is an Interior Alignment Master Teacher practising in Melbourne Australia.  She offers private Feng shui consultations, Space Clearing consultations and certification courses with the Interior Alignment School of Feng Shui from her studio in Albert Park.  You can contact Sharon on www.fengshuispaces.com or www.sharonbreslin.com or www.lifestylejourneys.com

    About Rosemary: Rosemary Nelson is a Feng Shui Landscape Designer based in New Zealand.  Rosemary has practised as a landscaper designer for the past 30 years and during this time has gained a clear understanding and love of working with existing earths cycles and patterns.  She believes Introducing the Interior Alignment School of Feng Shui principles into her already very successful landscape design business has given her the perfect tools to create a magical environment from the outside in, teaching her clients the importance of the connection between the land, the home and themselves.  Her website www.equate.net.nz

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    De-Clutter Your Work Space!

    in Lifestyle

    A clear work space allows for order and productivity! Tune in to Taylored Talk to find out how to clear the clutter at work!

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    in Spirituality

    I'm going to tell you how we Marian Empaths all know these sounds that are being heard all throughout the world really are.

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