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    Police Reject Reasoning Behind Obama's AR15 Ammo Ban!

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    Infowars reporter Mikael Thalen published an article today linking to a Facebook post from Policeone.com.

    The post contained many comments written by members of the law enforcement community speaking out against Obama's push to ban the M855 round used in AR15 weapons.

    The comments by police officers specifically call out the fact that the White House's use of the "officer safety" argument is a joke.  Some comments even make reference to this being a backdoor attack on the second amendment.

    Download the report for the rest of the story.

    Watch on YouTube:  http://youtu.be/82SLC8RSLRQ

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    Check Yes: Ban the Box?

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    Friends, for many job applicants around the country, one question blocks them from gainful employment and economic opportunity --- “Have You Ever Been Convicted?”  Major U.S. cities and counties are taking the “Ban the Box” pledge to remove barriers to employment for qualified workers with criminal records.  Our special guest, Dr. Michael Flemons, know all too well of having to check “Yes” and will help us answer our question of the day – should we Ban the Box?  Join us on onCUE! Radio Sunday night @6pm CST (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/oncue) as we continue our Latter Greater Series with Pastor Flemons…

    More on Dr. Michael Flemons…, founder of Black Men Down: Missing In Action!, designed to advocate for the needs of former prisoners and their families.  He is also the Director of Community Development, Programs & Services; Associate Pastor, Minister of Men's Ministry & Community Outreach for Zion Chapel Primitive Baptist Church at Zion Chapel Economic Development Corporation… 


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    Obama to ban bullets

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    Obama says he will ban bullets!!! 

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    Soda Ban Halted & Fewer People Trust the Government

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    Is there finally some sanity?? A judge has the guts and brains to stand in the way of Nanny Bloomberg's fascist super size soda ban.
    And a Pew Survey finds fewer people trust the government. Is the tide turning?? Are enough people waking up to the fact that the government creates more problems than it ever solves??

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    Michael Bloomberg's soda ban & more...

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    Oregon Update -- on this week's program we talk about Michael Bloomberg's soda ban, the Chicago's teacher strike and an Oregon woman gets the plague from a cat bite.
    all this in your phone calls at 646-721-9887 e-mails go to talk@KRBNradio.com

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    #101 - Goodbye Internet Freedom, GOP Caves On Amnesty...AGAIN, AR-15 Bullets Ban

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    Obama gave Soros what he paid for on Thursday of this week. He wants to shut down the criticism of him and others on the internet and with “Net Neutrality” it will be easy to do. The FCC voted in draconian measures to control and regulate the internet and if immigration, energy, gun control, education and healthcare are any indication we are in for a terrible shock if the regulations actually kick in anytime soon. It would be almost bearable if you would think there was a chance for the GOP to do anything about it but they are caving in AGAIN on immigration and I don’t see them doing anything about the proposed ammo ban angle on gun control. Yep it’s a great big excrement sandwich and we’re ALL gonna have to take a bite.

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    GMO's: Just Ban It!

    in Environment

    The efforts in the United States for transparency have been great but is gmo labeling the way to go? Will this impact a consumer’s choice as far as paying a premium over the cheapest price for a product because of what is on the label? There is a movement in the United States to “just ban it”! In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer talks to Barbara Peterson, about why we should ban genetically modified crops. Stay tuned!

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    What's Next? The Double Gulp Soda Ban Is Dead! June 27, 2014

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    New York State's highest court has struck the final nail in the coffin of Nanny Bloomberg's dreaded double gulp soda ban. But it's not really a victory for personal liberty. The fact that such trivial personal rights must now be litigated all the way to the highest courts shows just how little credence our rights are afforded by the political system. And the decision wasn't unanimous, two judges on the saw nothing wrong with such nannyism, after all obesity is an epidemic. In other news, gold and silver are holding on to their gains, even though it's Friday. What a nice change. 

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    Judge Overturns New York City Soda Ban

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    Tonights broadcast is dedicated in loving memory of : Marine Sgt. Camella M. Steedley - 31, of San Diego, Calif.; She Died October 3, 2012 Serving During Operation Enduring Freedom, assigned to Combat Logistics Regiment 17, 1st Marine Logistics Group, I Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Pendleton, Calif.; while supporting combat operations in Helmand province, Afghanistan.    Start spreading the News I'm leaving today.... New Yorkers who enjoy super-sized sodas can keep drinking them, for now.   On Monday, a state judge invalidated New York City's large-soda ban, which was set to take effect tomorrow. Judge Milton Tingling, of the New York Supreme Court, called the measure "arbitrary and capricious," according to The New York Times. The measure would have prevented the sale of sodas and other sweetened beverages larger than 16 ounces. Mayor Michael Bloomberg saw the measure as an opportunity to make the city healthier, citing sugary drinks and large portion sizes as culprits in the obesity epidemic.   The Bloomberg administration said it plans to appeal the sugary drinks decision as soon as possible. "We believe that ultimately, the courts will find it consistent with the law," Bloomberg said in a press conference Monday.    We will also discuss current events in news and politcs.Join "Cool"Mike Sarge and Germaine for another edition of Conservative Primetime.Call in number 424-222-5255  

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    Traffic Ban or Nazi Curfew? The Lowdown on Monsanto, and MORE!

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    What's the real deal with the snowstorm traffic ban? Was this a test run for a Nazi-era curfew?

    The lowdown on Monsanto. America's number one chemical giant that's in charge of your food.

    Movie/Book Review: George Orwell's 1984

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    Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast: Syracuse's Postseason Ban/NCAA Issues

    in Basketball

    John's a #disloyalidiot, so that means he's going to bring these issues up for a good hour. Also joining him on the postseason ban-cast are Sean, Jared and Matt, as they try to sort through what it all means -- both now and going forward.

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