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    Soda Ban Halted & Fewer People Trust the Government

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    Is there finally some sanity?? A judge has the guts and brains to stand in the way of Nanny Bloomberg's fascist super size soda ban.
    And a Pew Survey finds fewer people trust the government. Is the tide turning?? Are enough people waking up to the fact that the government creates more problems than it ever solves??

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    What's Next? The Double Gulp Soda Ban Is Dead! June 27, 2014

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    New York State's highest court has struck the final nail in the coffin of Nanny Bloomberg's dreaded double gulp soda ban. But it's not really a victory for personal liberty. The fact that such trivial personal rights must now be litigated all the way to the highest courts shows just how little credence our rights are afforded by the political system. And the decision wasn't unanimous, two judges on the saw nothing wrong with such nannyism, after all obesity is an epidemic. In other news, gold and silver are holding on to their gains, even though it's Friday. What a nice change. 

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    Michael Bloomberg's soda ban & more...

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    Oregon Update -- on this week's program we talk about Michael Bloomberg's soda ban, the Chicago's teacher strike and an Oregon woman gets the plague from a cat bite.
    all this in your phone calls at 646-721-9887 e-mails go to talk@KRBNradio.com

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    Super Power Hour: Ban Blue Bags Edition

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    Join the conversation as we discuss the Fort Lauderdale Homeless drama, the push to ban blue garbage bags in the city of Plantation, the latest Broward Republican Party debate, UBER vs Broward County, the District 2 Broward County Commission election, Black Friday/Gray Thursday Thamksgiving controversy, NFL football, college football, Norman Fell, Scandal, Florida Republicans, Florida Democrats, Food Not Bombs, Miami Heat, Dale Holness, Grey's Anatomy, University of Miami. Florida State, College Football Playoff, Jameis Winston, Obamcare, Gruber, tea party, progressives and much much more

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    The Pawtucket Breed Ban Case - Dennis Tabella, Defender of Animals, Inc.

    in News

    Pit Bulletin Legal News radio welcomes Dennis Tabella, Director of the organizatoin Defender of Animals, a plaintiff in the Pawtucket breed ban litigation. Regular show episodes include:

    Recap of last week's show
    Weekly news update
    BSL updates with Kris "Brown Sugar" Diaz from StopBSL
    Chat with Denice Yeakey
    Dog Trainer Yvette Van Veen From Awesome Dogs
    Instagram T-shirt giveaway

    Check out our website PBLNN.com!

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    Judge Overturns New York City Soda Ban

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    Tonights broadcast is dedicated in loving memory of : Marine Sgt. Camella M. Steedley - 31, of San Diego, Calif.; She Died October 3, 2012 Serving During Operation Enduring Freedom, assigned to Combat Logistics Regiment 17, 1st Marine Logistics Group, I Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Pendleton, Calif.; while supporting combat operations in Helmand province, Afghanistan.    Start spreading the News I'm leaving today.... New Yorkers who enjoy super-sized sodas can keep drinking them, for now.   On Monday, a state judge invalidated New York City's large-soda ban, which was set to take effect tomorrow. Judge Milton Tingling, of the New York Supreme Court, called the measure "arbitrary and capricious," according to The New York Times. The measure would have prevented the sale of sodas and other sweetened beverages larger than 16 ounces. Mayor Michael Bloomberg saw the measure as an opportunity to make the city healthier, citing sugary drinks and large portion sizes as culprits in the obesity epidemic.   The Bloomberg administration said it plans to appeal the sugary drinks decision as soon as possible. "We believe that ultimately, the courts will find it consistent with the law," Bloomberg said in a press conference Monday.    We will also discuss current events in news and politcs.Join "Cool"Mike Sarge and Germaine for another edition of Conservative Primetime.Call in number 424-222-5255  

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    NYC Soda Ban/Is your city next?

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    This week we look at the New York City ban on large sodas. Has Bloomberg gone too far? Obesity rates are at a all time high. We examine all sides of this debate. Dr.Saul Miller joins us today as we debate the merits of NYC'S ban on large soda drinks.

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    NASCAR: Why a Testing Ban? F1: Is Ron Dennis Losing It?

    in News

    Join Michele rahal, Gene Boyer and Bill Marlowe for a one hour race around the auto racing issues of the week. This week we look into why NASCAR has instituted a test ban, why they have reduced the horspower of their cars, will Jeff Gordon retire after 2015? Unfiletered, unbiased and completely unafraid to tell it like we think it is.

    In Formula One we have to address the mess that Ron Dennis, the team principle of McLaren has made such a mess of announcing the teammate for the incoming super driver, Fernando Alonso? Why keep two great drivers on the edge of their seats not knowing if either will be alongside Alonso at McLaren in 2015? Has the glorious past of Willimas Formula One finally returned? Great team, great drivers and great engines....it could be the iconic British team is back with a vengeance. Will Formula One allow a relaxation of their engine rules to make the races more competitive?

    In IMSA, the Sports Car series, will we have some clarification of what the rules will be for 2015 or will it be another Daytona Prototype year? Did NASCAR, who owns the series, stack the deck in order for GM to run a Stingray look DP? What will we see when the 24 Hours of Daytona rolls around in February? All of this and much more.



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    State Senator Tony Avella talks about a fracking ban in NYS

    in Politics

     NYS Senator Tony Avella talks about a ban against fracking waste being imported into New York State from Pennsylania


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    Life Ban for Drug Cheats! 2 years for Smikle..Racers with the Early Start

    in Entertainment

    TJR Life Ban for Drug Cheats! 2 years for Smikle..Racers with the Early Start

    CALL 626-657-2104

    An indepth look with liveley discussion of the Track and Field happenings with a Caribbean twist with the Data Guy, Rico and host Sean Garrity. Athlete analysis, head to head matchups, relay pools, field events break down, world leads and much much more. Interviews with coaches and athletes.

    This is not your typical Sports show...its all track heads and junkies!!

    The mic and phones are always open, so call in with your comments and questions to 626-657-2104 or twitter @tfjradio

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    Google Privacy Violations, Military Sexual Assault, Soda Ban

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    Google Agrees to Pay $7 Million for Privacy Violations
    Google agreed to pay $7 million for privacy violations stemming from their mapping service. The online search behemoth admitted that it accidentally collected personal information from unsecured networks when sending around camera cars. As part of the settlement with 37 states, Google will destroy the offending data and ensure that such violations do not occur again. We talk to Woodrow Hartzog, Law Professor at Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham, Alabama, where he specializes in privacy law and online communication.
    Military Sexual Harassment Victims Testify at Senate Hearing
    Military personnel who were victims of sexual assault testified in a Senate hearing today that military justice repeatedly lets perpetrators of the hook. According to the Defense Department, there were more than 19,000 cases of sexual assault last year, but only 3,192 reported. Critics argue that the system dissuades victims from coming forward. We will talk to Paula Coughlin, Advocacy Board Member of Protect Our Defenders. Paula was the whistleblower of the Tailhook sexual assault scandal. She also started the petition that got Congress to hold the Lackland hearing in January.
    Court Knocks Down Mayor Bloomberg’s Soda Ban
    Michael Bloomberg’s ban on large sugary drinks, did not go into effect this week as planned. The New York State Supreme Court invalidated the ban calling it “arbitrary and capricious." Controversial from the beginning, critics argue the city Board of Health overstepped its authority unilaterally regulating sales. Others argue a violation of fundamental rights. Business owners complain that it was unclear. We talk to Jennifer Pomeranz, Director of Legal Initiatives at the Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity at Yale University.

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