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    Social Media Personal Branding Strategies

    in Entrepreneur

    The Brand Re-Coder, Kellie Kuecha of KellieKuecha.com talks about Social Media Personal Branding Strategies.  She gives insights on how to use Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to effectively communicate with your niche audience.  She reveals her Facebook personal branding secrets and the best times to do what and when with your targeted fans.

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    Branding 4 Bizness through Social Media

    in Marketing

    Branding Strategists & Ceo of Branding Chicks; Nakita Pope will be our featured guest.

    Branding Chicks is a boutique branding studio based in Atlanta, GA, that specializes in marketing and
    strategy for small businesses. With a unique skill set to boost women-owned businesses and
    female-centric brands, we collaborate with our clients on every level ranging from consulting, brand
    strategy, marketing, and graphic design. We help chicks make their dreams come true!
    Nakita M. Pope is an award-winning, patent-holding, creative brain who values service to others and
    Chief Chick at Branding Chicks. She’s earned the honors of speaking on the Growing Your Grassroots
    Idea panel with the former Senior Executive Editor for Black Enterprise Magazine at the Dream
    Project Symposium - headlined by Daymon John of Shark Tank.
    Her passion for brand strategy is evident through her teaching at the Creative Circus (one of the
    top-rated advertising portfolio schools in the U.S.). Undergrad and graduate degrees in Graphic Design
    and a wealth of professional experience have well prepared Nakita for the visual aspect of what she
    does. While 16 years of experiences in the marketing and advertising industry has nurtured the practical

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    Branding for Social Media Marketing Success

    in Technology

    Dr. Sarah David is the Founder of Social Savvy Sarah and our guest on Social Geek Radio this week. Sarah is a personal branding strategist and works with a World-Class Team of 7 renowned business partners, talented graphic designers. She is known for her love of entrepreneurship, gadgets, innovation and inquisitiveness. 
    Sarah recently completed a series of blogs posts on “On the Road to Brand YOU for Social Media Marketing Success ~ Brand YOU” and will share her tips on:
    Brand Positioning
    Benefits of Branding Signatures
    Branding Through Taglines
    Don’t know where to start self branding or why? Not sure how to create that recognizable image? Then this is the show for you! Bring your questions to the chat room or tweet them with #SocialGeekRadio and we will answer them live.

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    Social Talk- Justice or Injustice

    in Self Help

    Social topics covering daily life and views of the United States

  • Authentic Branding With Heart

    in Entrepreneur

    Host Lori Wilk of Successipes interviews the Founder and CEO of http://www.CreateGoldmines.com, Jo Ann Goldsmith, a Madison Avenue design branding expert with soul; Jo Ann shares with audiences what it takes to stand out from the crowds with your unique marketing messages created from the heart with passion and purpose and the right images for your business. This is a live show you won't want to miss. Call us at 347.237.5638. To reach our guest, Jo Ann Goldsmith call (561)494-4326. Folllw Lori on Twitter@Successipes

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    Hump Day After Dusk - Social Media Branding 101

    in Radio

    Guess what day it is? Guess what day it is? Hump Day After Dusk Wednesday! Ceddy J and JoJo talk social media branding and how it help at times, all while sometimes abuse. We welcome listeners to share their feedback through social media and calling-in at 347-202-0389.

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    Image Branding Your Way To A Buzz!

    in Business

    Join us today for Women Leading the Way Radio as Deanna Potter, your host of Sassy Sales and Business Development, interviews Stefanie Blue, Founder and Photographer of TRUE BLUE Portrait Design. 

    Stefanie will share her passion for her work and her expertise in personal image branding.  She will tell us why YOU are your brand, and why it is critical to have polished, poised, professional images that both reflect your brand, and resonate with your audience.  As an instructor and specialist in Pinterest she will also share the strategies for boosting engagement and improving exposure in this social media platform.  Join us as Stefanie shares with us her experience, techniques, and philosophy on how to implement and maximize these business based strategies that will give new life to your business. 

    We all know that we are visual beings and that a picture says a “thousand words.”  The question is:  What are your images saying about you? Image branding encompasses all aspects of your business and communicates who you are, what you do, and how you do it. The effect it has on your potential client base is lightening fast as they assess their interest in doing business with you.  From headshots to product pictures to what you post on social media streams it becomes imperative that you are clear as to the message you are sending and the results you are attempting to obtain. This is a strategic approach to increasing profits and improving bottom line results.

    Deanna Potter is your host of Sassy Sales and Business Development, a show focused on down and dirty conversations from real women on real challenges in how to sell. As a woman business owner for the last 15 years, Deanna has delivered stellar sales results over the course of three downward markets.

  • The Nicheprof & Social Media

    in Business

    Dr. Ron Capps is a communications professor at a midwest university. He is an avid social media marketer and works with a variety of clients for online marketing an promotion.

    The show is hosted by Ken English, an online marketing consultant with a video focus.

    Dr. Capps will talk about his 68th Birthday Bundle of Social Media and other projects, including a special Facebook bundle of information products.

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    What is Social Media Content Really? Listen and Find Out!

    in Business

    Not sure what social media content is?  What am I supposed to put on my social media channels?  Listen and find out!

    Are you engaged with your targets on social media? Your competitors are. But, are they doing it well? Piecing together a social media strategy of tips from websites and peers are not going to cut it. Those that jump into it without a plan…are planning to fail.

    This is where The Social Marketing Academy comes in.

    The Social Marketing Academy, presented by The Go! Agency, is your ongoing classroom for all of the social media topics that you want to learn more about. Claim your social media real estate the right way, and you’ll see increased traffic to your site, access to more qualified leads, and an enhanced reputation.

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    XPollination (Ep. 16) - Millennials and Branding

    in Management

    Special guest Jacques Bastien: Millennial Marketer, Hustlepreneur, Professor, Speaker, Writer, Designer, Founder of boogie, Breadcrumbs, and Authenpic is joining us today on another edition of XPollination.  The founder of boogie (boogie.nyc), a disruptive social media and viral marketing agency helping brands engage with Millennials through photos, videos, music and conversations, Jacques has offices in Albany NY, Brooklyn NY and Los Angeles, CA .  He is also a partner/investor/founder at a few others startups, including Cased Up (casedup.co), Breadcrumbs (trybreadcrumbs.com), Authenpic (authenpicapp.com), and What The Fee (whatthefee.co).

    Jacques’s passion is in technology, startups, entrepreneurship, fashion, and social media. He runs a blog called hustlepreneur.co to help inspire, motivate and educate other young entrepreneurs. He is currently writing a book with my wife about young relationships. This book will feature stories from their relationship.

    Jacques was the featured speaker this week at Startup Grind, which is powered by Google for entrepreneurs, as an up and coming young entrepreneur to watch. 

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    Social Media Update with the Nicheprof

    in Business

    Dr. Ron Capps is known online as the Nicheprof. He's a communications professor with an interest in social media.

    During the past few years, he has conducted a Birthday Bonanza promotion, offer hundreds of social media products to people who want to learn more, and hopefully, earn more.

    The show is hosted by Ken English, aka the MediaMojoGuy.

    For more information, check out: Lenq.me/68thbdb