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    Slavery as we know it vs. Slavery in the Quran and Sunnah

    in Islam

    Has Slavery been practice the same way throughout time.

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    Reverse Mortgage Slavery 2015...........

    in Real Estate

    Today on "It's My House" we shall discuss Mortgage Slavery.  We shall take a look at the history of mortgages globally and the history of mortgages in the United States Of America.  After we lay our foundation down we shall then bring our teachings into 2015 and make the connection to what is going on mortgage wise in the world today and more specificially, how this information effects ANYONE who has a mortgage today.

    Make sure that you have pen and paper available to take notes during this very important podcast.

    Be sure to tune into our Mobile Phone Radio Station: reversemortgagenewsradio.com


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    Is corporate america a form of slavery?

    in Lifestyle

    The Elements will discuss modern slavery from the fields to the office.

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    The 13th amendment allegedly abolished slavery. But that created a new problem. The newly freed slaves were not citizens of any state or country, because they were just property, and property did not have citizenship. To solve the problem, the 14th amendment allegedly passed. This amendment created a new class of citizenship. This new class was legally called: 'United States citizen', (with a small "c"). NOT 'United States of America Citizen', but just 'United States citizen'. Notice that the U.S. citizen is spelled with a lower case 'c'. This is to show a lower class of citizenship. This class of citizen (U.S. citizen) is a privilege granted by the federal government, and not a sovereign inalienable right. 

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    Make a Stand: Ending Child Slavery with Vivienne Harr

    in Self Help

    Ilene is working with a family medical emergency, and is unable to do a live show this week. Instead, she is offering you our most charming (while also serious) show from this year. Ilene will be live again in the New Year. In the meantime, check this out!  

    You’re 8 years old and you learn that some children in the world don’t get to run and play, hug their parents, or eat well. That’s because they’ve been sold into slavery! What do you do about it if you’re a kid? If you’re Vivienne Harr, you create a plan for making $100,000 selling lemonade, and start working every day! 38 third grade students from Merryhill School in Sacramento are learning Financial Literacy. They’re asking the questions in this remarkable show in which kids put their heads together to make their world a better place. Click here to visit Vivienne Harr's website.

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    The Deception of Slavery

    in Christianity

    Who is deceived? How does it affect your life and who did it to you? Well you don't want to miss this episode on Just Keeping it 100. I know there are many ways to be deceived as believers and it can set us back, but what is God saying about it and how does he want us to deal with it? Today's show will be a blessing to your life with our guest speaker who will remain nameless until air time. Some things are better left a surprise. So folks grab a chair, notepad what ever you need, because you are surely going to learn.

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    Capitalism and Slavery In 2015

    in Politics Progressive

    In this episode, we discuss the history of capitalism and and slavery and relavance today's economic system. Though slavery in the US was legally abolished over 200 years ago, forms of economic enslavement and capitalist control over people's lives still exist. Listen in to find out what we mean.

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    THE NEW MOORS- Freedom v. Slavery

    in Education

    Prophecy #107 

    "There are going to be ""New Moors"" that are going to come in with their eyes wide open, seeing and knowing, that are going to take you old Moors, seat you in the back, and carry out my Law"- Nobel Drew ALI 

    Host Sharif ALI & Mami Chi will cover what Slavery & Freedom mean in the modern context!

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    Celebrating Freedom December 18: How The 13th Amendment Preserves U.S. Slavery

    in Women

    This present generation may not remember, but nearly 150 years ago, the United States added a 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which appeared to abolish slavery. How could a nation whose economy was built on a system of free labor suddenly abolish it? Well, the truth is, slavery in America was never abolished, it was merely redirected to the prison system. Today activist EvAngel Mama Dee Love explains the upcoming commemoration of December 18, 2014, as the day the 13th amendment was passed. What does it's passage really mean? How is it connected to America's growing prison population? Who are the private investors in the prison industry? What companies use prison labor but won't employ ex-felons? How many innocent people are serving time in prison because of a plea bargain deal?How can we put an end to this modern day slavery?

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    Slavery in Africa & The Carrib Islands Longer Than in The USA

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    Tonight we want to delve into the Trans Atlsantic Slave Trade story that although we never herd about it while in public school it has been taught by many of our accredidated conscious BA Scholars. Why do we learn of this horrific history by only B/Academia and not W/Academia if actually happened on the scale that we have been led to believe? Why do we not learn about all these atrocities of world and American history as children in school were it was supposedly taught to us in History class? How many of we have memory of the MAAFA? However we watch some movies on slavery played by White and Black actors and now it is seared in our minds that these awful things happened because now a (movie) told us it did. They did the same thing with the movie the TEN Commandments. Which I actually own by the way. But the world knows the Biblical Hebrews were never a white people. And yet because of this movie Polish Germans (?) have been allowed to pass themselves off as Biblical Black Jews. Wow, that is majic. Ayiti/Haiti occupies small satellite islands known for tourists, including; lle-a-Vache", which includes Port Morgan and Abaka Bay. In French, the country's nickname is La Perle des Antilles (The Pearl of the Antilles), because of its natural beauty. It is the most mountainous nation in the Caribbean and the country's highest point is Pic la Selle, at 2,680 metres 8,793 ft. By area, Haiti is the third largest Caribbean nation after Cuba and the Dominican Republic with 27,750 square kilometres 10,714 sq mi (roughly the size of the U.S. state of Hawaii or the country of Belgium by population, Haiti is the second largest Caribbean nation, with an estimated 10.7 million people, just under a million of whom live in the capital city, Port-au-Prince. How long have BA's been enslaved?

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