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    The Red Sky At Night Show

    in Film

    Join the crew of the upcoming horror film "Red Sky At Night"!  Now on Indiegogo https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/red-sky-at-night-horror-film#/

  • Why is the Sky Blue?

    in Dads and Family

    Pat and Eric Dive into why the sky is blue, and why you can see the moon during the day some times.

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    An Amazing Testimony with A New Journey for David Ewen and Forest Academy

    in Education

    We are announcing the new changes at Forest Academy as we embark on a new chapter in global education. In 2004, our focus was teaching book publishing at a community college following 10 years in the business. After expanding to the seven states of New York and New England with lectures spreading across 18 different subjects, it came time to close that chapter on a high note with accolades and distinctions of success. We embark on a new journey.  

  • The Doc and the Dogman Wake Forest Preview

    in College & High School

    After a long bye week, the Doc and the Dogman are back to preview Florida State's game against the Wake Forest Deamon Decons. Shananigans are sure to ensue, but the duo has some serious business to attend! They talk the Noles QB situation, what we can expect from the Noles, and of course, lay out their high stake bet. Tune in!

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    Milwaukee Paranormal Investigator Allison Jornlin

    in Paranormal

    Please join Sanjay on Tuesday, November 24, 2015 at 8pm CT/9pm ET, as he welcomes ghost hunter and investigator Allison Jornlin to Beyond The Forest Radio on BlogtalkRadio.com!
    Allison has been interested in the paranormal since an early age, and has been actively involved in ghost-hunting since the late 1990s. She began by attending American Ghost Society conferences, and then became involved with local groups in Milwaukee. Presently, Allison conducts "haunted history" tours in Milwaukee, and arranges private investigations as well.
    Allison works with Paranormal Investigations of Milwaukee, providing investigation work for both residential and business customers; recently, the team conducted an exclusive investigation for the Milwaukee Public Museum.

    We hope you will be able to join us for this amazing programme; the chatroom will, once again, be hosted by AJ Milhorn and the Haunted Forest team!


    In a new browser window, enter http://swiftirc.net/?page=chat&client=qwebirc

    Where it says #SwiftIrc in Channel box, erase that and type #hauntedspots

    Where it says Nickname SwiftIRC, erase that and type in a nickname of your choice, ie JohnDoe, JaneDoe, et al

    Hit the Enter Chat button

    After that it will ask you to connect again and hit "yes"

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    Rowlett Eagles vs Naaman Forest Rangers Play-by-Play

    in Football

    Rowlett Eagles vs Naaman Forest Rangers Play-by-Play

    Texas High School Football

    Sonny Clark and Bill Serna On The Call!

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    Country Music Artist Kris Allen!

    in Paranormal

    Please join Sanjay as he welcomes country music star Kris Allen to Beyond The Forest Radio on BlogTalkRadio.com!  Kris Allen is a truly world-class country music artist and avid researcher, who balances his work, his life and his passion with his faith in God and his desire to share his life story with his fans.

    Outside of Kris Allen's musical career, legendary in the history of country music not only in the United States but around the world, he has focussed much of his personal time on the search for our favourite forest friends, with many possible, real sightings.  Not only has Kris encountered this shy, elusive cryptid, but his children have also shared these experiences with him!

    In 2012, Kris Allen launched Kris Allen's Monster Theatre, an enormously successful Internet radio programme with thousands of followers; I myself was one of his guests on this broadcast, and was thrilled to be there!

    In tonight's broadcast, Kris Allen will be making a truly special announcement; please join us, and hear more about Kris Allen's background and adventures in the realm of the paranormal!

    Please note that the chatroom will be hosted, once again, by AJ Milhorn and the Haunted Forest team!

    In a new browser window, enter http://swiftirc.net/?page=chat&client=qwebirc

    Where it says #SwiftIrc in Channel box, erase that and type #hauntedspots

    Where it says Nickname SwiftIRC, erase that and type in a nickname of your choice, ie JohnDoe, JaneDoe, et al

    Hit the Enter Chat button

    After that it will ask you to connect again and hit "yes"

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    The INDIE ARTIST SPOTLIGHT hosted by Sky

    in Entertainment

    We have the pleasure of talking to Tone Ross, he brought by his new single Never Thought plus you know we have a bunch of questions for him. We will also be covering all that is going on around the Wolrd. Whether it was Paris, Nigeria or Baltimore Maryland we will cover it. 

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    How To Stay Focused at Work Through the Holidays/Amy Sky "The Power of Prayer"

    in Entrepreneur

    This Friday 11/13 on # TheNetworkingDivaHour: Staying Focused During the Holiday Season.

    We are in the midst of the Holiday season and we are trying to juggle from parties to family travels and you can lose momentum with your work or business! Also you are losing focus on what the Holiday Season really is about! With so many competing demands and expectations it is very easy to get overwhelmed on how to stay focused and you can burn out, lose your faith, and literally get run down!! A chaotic holiday season is a choice, not a given! Tune in this week to hear some tips on how to stay focused, healthy, and spiritually happy!  

    My co-host this week broadcasting from Birmingham, AL is #AmySky, a facilitator, strategic planner, sales training and team development, that's integrated in her work. Amy is now a licensed minister of Andrew Wommack's Ministry and is working for King's Way Church in Birmingham, AL.  Amy loves to share about the power of prayer and how prayer can change all things in your life from business, to healing your mind and body. Check out her Facebook page @ Amy Sky.

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    Sybilla Irwin

    in Paranormal

    Please join Sanjay as he welcomes noted artist Sybilla Irwin to Beyond The Forest Radio! 

    Sybilla Irwin, a South-Texas native, is a talented wildlife artist with a fresh approach to this well-known genre.

    Sybilla works in multiple media: watercolour, oils, pastels, and pyrography. Sybilla excels in the mastery of colour and attention to detail, drawing inspiration from her love of nature and its creatures. Her approach is fresh and modern, unlike many artists in this field; her paintings are larger than life with photo-realistic effects, seeming to explode off the page while still maintaining the aura of mystery which surrounds us all.

    Sybilla has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and a minor in Art from Texas A&M. Since 1995, she has taught art in various media in the community and in public schools, where she imparts her love and understanding of the visual world to hundreds of students.

    Sybilla has self-published several prints of her paintings and is currently illustrating numerous books with several different authors.

    Sybilla, born in Hondo, Texas, has three extraordinary children and one grandchild. As an investigator for the Bigfoot Field Researchers' Organisation, Sybilla interviews witnesses and attends expeditions across the country.  She works one-on-one with witnesses to create life-like depictions of their encounters. Her other interests include writing, music and poetry, photography, backpacking, camping, and reading.