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    Great Salon Debates with DryerBuzz.com

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    We're turning up the heat in salons.  Don't miss the next buzzing debate.  Bookmark this pages.  Jump in the conversation.  This debate is stirring up a lot of controversy.  It's all the buzz. Spread the Buzz. 
    Listen LIVE Saturdays 1PM
    PS: Happy Birthday DryerBuzz.com

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    Great Debates: Think Like a Man? But what is he thinking?

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    Join us @DryerBuzz.com for a Great Debate Tuesday night as take a look back at the book by Steve Harvey and movie by Rainforest Films “Think Like a Man.”  We’re asking the question, what are they thinking?  Some have read the book.  Others have seen the movie.  Some even think they have better advice.  We’ll see.  It all makes for a great debate.
    Joining Yalanda Lattimore are Special Guests:
    Psychotherapist Dr. Dwayne L. Buckingham, LCSW, BCD gives a professional perspective on Steve Harvey’s movie, Think Like a Man. On May 10, Dr. Buckingham will release his new book, Qualified, Yet Single: Why Good Men Remain Single to reveal the abnormal thought patterns behind men’s emotions and actions, which women should not try to emulate.
    Licensed therapist and certified life coach Robin May, through her latest book, The 30 Day Intentional Intimacy Project – For Married Women, challenges women to do their part to change the stats that says that 50% of all marriages end in divorce.
    Follow the buzz at www.DryerBuzz.com for show updates

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    Great Debates: Stand Your Ground | Profiling | TrayvonMartin

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    Join DryerBuzz.com for another Great Debate as we take you inside the headlines to get the buzz behind the buzz.  Enjoy a great debate as we get The Cut with that Brother! on racial profiling, Stand Your Ground laws, Trayvon Martin and other national cases. All male panel joins host Yalanda Lattimore representing top blog, national organizations and more. You don’t want to miss this podcast.
    Invited Guest:
    Vizion Jones National Action Network Atlanta Chapter RippDemUp Blogger of rippdemup.com Shane Thayer of Art of Shane And You – Call in with comments (646) 652-2642

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    Great Debates - Why Mr Right is Wrong For You Right Now

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    Join us for a great debate with special guest Janks Morton.  Sure to be a lively discussion. We'll talk relationships and new projects Janks has forth coming such as Dear Daddy and his book Teach Me To Love.  Other guest panelists will join the conversation and we hope you will join in too.  Listen live or catch it on demand.
    The Great Deabes have returned to DryerBuzz.com. To be a guest on th show submit information to Pitch.DryerBuzz.com

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    Great Debates: Cain Train Derailed - Eddie Long Gone

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    Join us for a Great Debate after dinner with special guest April Gabrielle author of No Broken Home and we hash out what just happened to Herman Cain and his campaign, the continuing buzz about Bishop Eddie Long.  Both Cain and Long are falling back to deal with issues of infelity however allegedly. 
    How much does ish have to hit the fan before we say ok there is a problem?  What's your breaking point? How do we make sure we don't end up with a broken home?

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    Urban Headlines, News, and Information in 15 minutes. Live15news - Sistributions Internet Media Launch Www.Live15news.Com Daily Podcast. America's First Black Social Registry To Pick 800 Of Richest African Americans. New Urban Apparel Co. Designs A Solution To Sagging Pants Controversy. Celebrities, Elected Officials, Corporate Leaders Join Forces In Philadelphia To Support Building Of The Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial. New Website Aims To Help Survivors Of Suicide Heal. 3rd Eye Fil

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    DryerBuzz & Co with Andrea Riggs and Hank Stewart | Atlanta

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    Fitness: What’s My Size? How to Get Healthy and Active | DryerBuzz & Co with Andrea Riggs and Hank Stewart July 9th | Listen  
    DryerBuzz & Company hosted by Yalanda Lattimore returns Saturday, July 9, 2011 bringing the buzz back to the salon Live at 11AM ET and available via podcast thereafter. When under the dryer, get the buzz behind the buzz.
    Joining us is national fitness expert Andrea Riggs, founder of Get Body Beautiful.  Riggs helps men and women jumpstart their fitness journey with personal workout sessions, fitness tips and nutritional resources to achieve a Get Body Beautiful lifestyle.
    Into the podcast we will also get the buzz behind the buzz with Hank Stewart and find our more about this year’s White Linen Affair. Thousands will convene in Atlanta for July 29-31st to enjoy the ultimate live music and arts experience.
    Don’t miss a minute of the Buzz.  Listen live 11AM ET online via web, mobile, ipad, android and more via http://BlogTalkRadio.com/DryerBuzz or 646-652-2642. Also catch the replay on demand.

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    For Colored Girls . . . Revisiting The Trauma Zone with Dr. Dan Collins | DryerBuzz & Co LIVE

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    We'll revisit the Trauma Zone with Bestselling book by author Dr. Dan Collins. Survivors of traumatic events often feel trapped —unable to carry on with normal life because their emotional pain keeps them locked in the past. In the Trauma Zone, minister psychologist R. Dandridge Collins writes as one survivor to another and provides scriptural wisdom to help us get "unstuck" and move towards healing.

    Don't fall off your game this fall. Listen in for tips to keep it sane. Visit http://www.DryerBuzz.com for the buzz behind the buzz

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    Do men need more birth control options? 72% of African American babies born to single . . .

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    . . . fathers. How come men won’t practice birth control? 72% of African American babies born to unmarried fathers or fathers married to other women. We're flipping the script for a great debate reconnecting men with women and children. Before the podcast, some men tell us they have too much going on to remember to take a pill and that women should be more responsible because the consequences are theirs. Follow the buzz at http://www.DryerBuzz.com

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    Sistributions Presents: Bloggers Panel - Bloggers Access the BlackOut

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    First we'll get an update on urban issues: Black Tourist Awaiting Trial in Canada. Then its the Bloggers' Panel; we'll take a look at the BlackOut. Special guests: Minister James from I20Justice.com, NEETTA BLACK, Information Officer The Black Panther Party Black Community Organizing
    Committee. Plus your calls and live comments from the chat rooms. Spread the Buzz

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    Is My Man in "the Trauma Zone?" What's Up with that Brother? | DryerBuzz.com

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    Survivors of traumatic events often feel trapped —unable to carry on with normal life because their emotional pain keeps them loocked in the past. In the Trauma Zone, minister psychologist R. Dandridge Collins writes as one survivor to another and provides scriptural wisdom to help us get "unstuck" and move towards healing.