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    EQUALITY UPDATES 49: Siobhan Neilland, OneMama.org, Empowerment of Women +

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    On today's show:  Race, A decade of Marriage Equality, and 21st century school discrimination.  

    JOIN US, for the story of a remarkable young woman that is spreading love and care to those in need via ONE MAMA.org!  One Mama's Caretaker, Siobhan “ShaBoom” Neilland, joins us LIVE!

    OneMama's Mission
    To bring prosperity and health to people all over the world by empowering women as caregivers, mothers, businesswomen and agents of change for their rural communities.

    OneMama's History
     Founded in 2007 by Siobhan Neilland, OneMama puts direct focus on women because it is the woman, traditional midwife, mother and the men who love them who bring these communities to life. This organization is committed to helping families in poor communities improve their lives through family planning, education, and sustainable economics.

    That's Sunday, May 18th, 2014 at 11:30AM (ET)/8:30 (PT)! on Equality Updates with Marcinho Savant!  I find it baffling that human beings are unable, and unwilling, to remember to love one another, and to "do unto others, as we would have them do unto us" in today's world.

    And, as usual, we welcome your calls, thoughts, and opinions!  Be sure to call in at : (760) 283-5125!!!

    Join us!  That's Sunday, 5/18/14 at 11:30AM (ET)/8:30 (PT)!  Exclusively on #blogtalkradio!

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    "Officer, I'm not "Driving" I'm "Traveling" w Siobhan aka. Humanity Transcending

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    Join us for a fun, lighthearted sesh with author of Operation: Humanity Transcending, Siobhan aka "Humanity Transcending" , who will recount her journey from Babe in Babylon to Free and Sovereign Queen in America~! Siobhan will tell us her own story of how she fought a traffic ticket and arrest warrant using unorthodox but effective Common Law techniques- learn how to do the same~! She will also be discussing the heritage of Contract Law, Human Rights and Sovereignty~!

    We will also be discussing the spiritual side to this exciting new awakening to Law and Sovereign Rights, how humanity wins and how YOU can jump on the glory train with us and take the ride into the Ineffable Destiny that awaits all those who choose their own emancipation from the crumbling Kingdom of Babylon~!

    Call in with your questions~!

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    A Storybook Journey with Siobhan Owen

    in Music

    "This album promises to take you on a reflective musical journey across the Celtic lands of Wales, Scotland and Ireland – and far beyond! You will be enchanted by sublime vocals, heavenly harp and stunning instrumental arrangements," is what has been written about Siobhan Owen’s new album, Storybook Journey.
    Siobhan and I sit down this evening for an evening of pure bliss – beautiful music, folkloric conversation, and quiet times getting to know this remarkable young lady. 18 year old Siobhan was born in Wales with Welsh and Irish heritage.  Classically trained, she turns her haunting soprano voice and delicate harp playing to a repertoire of traditional Celtic songs. At a young age she has already recorded three albums, won classical and folk awards and has played at many major festivals. She is a truly enchanting performer.

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    Talking Hell on Wheels #17 Siobhan Williams aka Naomi Hatch

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    Hosts: Kinte @indyshowcase11 https://twitter.com/Indyshowcase11 & Yardley @militant_marker https://twitter.com/militant_marker  Show: Siobhan Williams aka Naomi Hatch Voice Mail Number: (323) 596-7469 Live Call in Number: (347) 326-9541 press 1 to enter the host queue Show Twitter https://twitter.com/TalkingHell Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TalkingHellOnWheels email Talkinghellonwheels@gmail.com itunes download https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/talking-hell-on-wheels/id689687310?mt=2   Synopsis We sit down with Siobhan Williams aka Naomi Hatch on Hell on Wheels.    Siobhan Williams Born in Cambridge, England, Siobhan moved to Canada with her family at a young age. Currently residing in Vancouver BC, Siobhan left her hometown of Calgary in 2011 to devote her life to a career in film and television. With a solid performing arts background, Siobhan trained intensively for 13 years at the School of Alberta Ballet in Ballet, Jazz, and Modern dance. She has had studied voice, guitar, and theatre, as well as played the violin for 7 years. Since becoming involved in film and television, she has trained for several years in different methods including Meisner and other various theatrical and on-camera techniques.

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    The Secret To Inner Bliss with Siobhan Coulter

    in Self Help

    Feeling stuck and confused as to why life is so hard?
      ?  Do you want to feel your inner bliss, your soul’s joy?
      ?  Do you want a life that is complete, joyous and free?
      ?  Do you want to embrace your personal empowerment?
      ?  Do you want to reconnect with your soul at a deeper level?
    Naturally when someone reconnects with their soul at this level, they begin to stand in their power again. In other words, they begin to embrace their empowerment. The good news is that being empowered means connecting to your soul and feeling your inner bliss – your soul’s joy.
    Best of all, the journey is gentle, enjoyable and involves three easy steps.


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    No Mistakes with Siobhan Coulter

    in Family

    No Mistakes - How to Change Adversity into Abundance is an inspirational anthology of 30 inspiring stories -- stories of tragedy or crisis that turned out to be lessons or stepping stones to a vibrant life.
    This week - meet Siobhan Coulter, author of The Gifts of Angels as she shares her story about birthing twins naturally and the frustrations of breastfeeding resulting in the gifts of angels.
    Interviewing is Ann White, founder of the Creating Calm Network and contributing author in No Mistakes too.

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    It's Indie Up Saturday with Siobhan

    in Entertainment

    Check your watch, no doubt its time! Its Indie Up Saturday on the D-Hour Show  and on this show we will be talking to up and coming R&B starlet Siobhan about her music and potential rise to stardom! And as always we will be bringing you all the hits from new, amateur, unknown, and up and coming (R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, and Neo-Soul) artists! We'll be bringing you interviews from new, amateur, and independent artists. Don't forget to listen to the R&B 4Play and the Hip Hop 4onthafloor. We will be giving you all of this at the top of D-Hour!!! Its Saturday so just sit back and relax and kick it with your boy D-Slate and Company! So stay tuned and keep your ears locked!!

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    Being Medicated is an Attitude | The Attitude Shift Show

    in Self Help

    Taking a pill for minor depression is the new norm. We look at this growing attitude. Join us weekly as we share an audio segment of our new G+ show. Hosts Donna M. Butler and Siobhan Shaw bring you great guests and attitude shifting topics each and every week. Join us on http://www.theattitudeshift.com. Find the entire episode on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3IIofbI4_g&feature=share

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    Donald Sterling Racist Attitude | The Attitude Shift Show

    in Self Help

    Join us weekly as we replay a portion of our new Google Plus Hangout right here. Watch the remainder of the show via this link, http://youtu.be/0TaXyEXZ5Ew

    Hosts Donna M. Butler and Siobhan Shaw bring you great guests and attitude shifting topics each and every week. Find us live every Wednesday evening at 7:30pm PT/ 10:30pm ET on Google Plus, +theattitudeshift. Link to live show on http://www.theattitudeshift.com

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    Attitude Toward Life | The Attitude Shift Show

    in Self Help

    What is your attitude toward life - take it or leave it? Want to see the entire episode on Google Plus follow or copy and paste this link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WOnCl_O0gM&feature=share

    Join us weekly as we rev our engines in this warm up show before heading over to our new half hour show on Google Plus. Hosts Donna M. Butler and Siobhan Shaw bring you great guests and attitude shfiting topics each and every week. Join us on www.theattitudeshift.com

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    Funny Business w/Chris Young, Siobhan Beasley & Rachel Reedy

    in Comedy

    Guest Co-Host is Comedian Chris Young.
    Rachel was born and raised in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. She was born to entertain anyone in her path. After years of entertaining friends, family members, and random strangers, she decided to give improv comedy a spin. Her first real comedy job was working part-time as a guest star on a Virginia Public Access Channel for the show, "Bannister Banter", starring Craig Bannister.The show is an one hour live to tape show with no editing. Ten questions are prepared, but there was plenty of room for fun improv comedy. She appeared once as a British rockstar and once as a Japanese Geisha.   After moving to the Phoenix area in 2009, she met a few well known local comics. She officially started her stand-up career in September of 2011. In the first three months she performed at over 12 venues including Stand Up Scottsdale, Crabby Don's, The Dubliner, Cup of Karma, Copper Blues, Pranksters Too, Aunt Chilada's, and many more. Her specialty is improv, funny songs, and audience interaction.   Her next show date is: September 28th at 7pm at Stand Up Scottsdale in Old Town Scottsdale, AZ   Siobhan Beasley is a stand up comedian and improviser. She performs regularly all over NYC and hosts a weekly mic at Gotham Comedy Club. Prior to comedy, Siobhan prosecuted war crimes at the UN as an international human rights lawyer, where she earned the tough nickname "Bubbles." Follow her on Twitter and she'll be your new best friend: @SiobhanComedy

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