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    The Single Parent Dilemma

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    Is there a difference in being a single parent and being a parent that is single?

    Is there a way to set aside our differences for te sake of raising healthy children?

    Should we do more talking before deciding to have sex?

    At the end of the tug of war, called marriage...who is the real loser?

    Let us know what you think!!!

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    Parent 2 Parent Talk

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    Parent Action Community (PAC) was established in 2005 by parents concerned with the behavior and condition of today's youth. We are a fully-accredited 501(c)3 charity equipping young adults for the responsibility of leadership.

    OUR MISSION: To Equip, Empower, and Educate "At-Risk" Youth And Young Adults between the ages of 13 and 24. We develop their Knowledge, Personal Skills, and Motivation to Reduce Adolescent Pregnancies, High School Dropout Rates, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, including HIV/AIDS, Substance Abuse, Juvenile Delinquencies, and Reduction In Crimes through a Comprehensive, Community-Wide Collaborative Effort to Improve Academic Achievement in order to be Career and College-prepared.

    Parent 2 Parent Talk is part of our parent focus program that brings information to our parents about issues that affect our your today. You have the questions we will bring you some answers.

    Email your questions to: info@pac4success.org


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    Parent Unafraid: Judgement Day a Pre-Court Pep Rally Special Report

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    It's JUDGEMENT DAY! Jay Davis and Jaycob Curran take to the studio bunker with renewed energy after a victory for a Parent Unafraid "Friend of the Show" proved that good people CAN win and that there is JUSTICE in the twisted underworld of family courts. 

    SO, GET PUMPED UP! Get a friend to listen in to the show. Have a PARENT UNAFRAID Listening Party. SHARE tonight's show with everyone you know. This message is meant for the ears of many....


    Plus, be prepared for some fun, excitement and some yelling. After all, it's a Pep Rally!!!

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    Ep 8: A Day in the Life of an Indie Parent.

    in Entrepreneur

    Indie Parents are moms and dads who are self-employed, entrepreneurs, followers of passions and require a flexible lifestyle.

    In "A Day in the Life of an Indie Parent", Amy and Des walk through their daily schedules (morning, afternoon and night), offering a peek into what life is like a self-employment parent.

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    Ep 1: What is an Indie Parent?

    in Entrepreneur

    What is an Indie Parent?

    Indie Parents are moms and dads who are self-employed, entrepreneurs, followers of passions and require a flexible lifestyle.

    In this episode, Amy Bellgardt and Desiree Fawn discuss the definition of an Indie Parent as well as share their personal stories and journeys that lead them to this unique lifestyle.

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    So what is EMDR & how does it help Single Parent Families?

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    Come join us with our guest Phoebe Kessler, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a mental health clinician in learning how to use EMDR to help Single Parent families to alleviate the deep seated challenges from the past! Yes, you can eliminate those triggers that keep coming up and messing with your life.

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    Parent Unafraid - Time to Regroup

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    Parent Unafraid - Uniting the Masses

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    Broadcasting from behind enemy lines, Parent Unafraid is bringing the message to the masses, arming the people with Truth and Knowledge. Giving a voice to the Revolution.... In this premier episode, Jay Davis and Co-Host, Jaycob Curran talk about the mission of Parent Unafraid, how you can join the discussion and what plans are in the works for Parent Unafraid, riding on the success of their recent efforts in the June 5 #OpExposeCPS Protest. Whether you are listening from Omaha or Queens, Los Angeles or Leningrad, Parent Unafraid is the show you can't miss. Arm yourself. Prepare yourself. The revolution begins now....

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    Being A Single Parent

    in Radio

    Happy Inspirational Monday to you! The Erica Q. Cooper Show will discuss Being A Single Parent. Our guest today is Shirelle Brown. Shirelle Brown is a part-time freelance writer and a full-time mother, and is currently employed as a full-time government employee, who was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. She spends most of her down time reading and people watching, which is what led her to pursue her dreams of becoming a psychologist in which so far she has earned a BS in Psychology from the University of Phoenix. However, since discovering so many other passions, such as Philanthropy, she plans to start a non-profit organization that caters to hard working single mothers like herself who are striving for greatness but just needs a little help when times get hard, or nudge of encouragement in order to keep moving forward, or education on how to go against all odds and properly raise a child in today’s society. Shirelle has always had an embedded passion for writing ever since the 5th grade where she won an oratory contest and has a plethora of poems and short stories that she’s written over the years.  Thanks to her daughter’s passion of writing, who also went on to win an oratory contest at her school, Shirelle decided to resurrect those old passions by finishing her book and publishing it to make another deferred dream a new reality and just so her children will witness first hand that anything is possible when you believe and it is never too late to achieve your dreams. This eBook, The Single Mother (Stress Less and Thrive) is scheduled to be bound and printed by the Fall of 2014 in which a book signing event will be announced. Be sure to befriend Shirelle on Facebook, LinkedIn or follow her on Twitter to stay updated on her latest book releases and events. Also stay tuned for the release of her new eBook that will be complete by Winter 2014.

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    Parent Unafraid - Special Episode #1

    in Current Events

    Tonight we present a very special episode of Parent Unafraid. Things are getting crazy (crazier) for Jay Davis. He'll tell us all about it .Also, a special guest takes the airwaves with Jay Davis and Jaycob Curran. Don't miss this shit!!

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    Parent Unafraid - Father's Day Episode

    in News

    Jay Davis an co-host Jaycob Curran bring you a special Father's Day episode of Parent Unafraid. On tonight's broadcast, you'll hear commentary on Nebraska's statutory position on fathers as well as information on federal regulations as they pertain to fathers. Also, Ernie the Intern wishes his father a happy Father's Day in a special segment called Ernie has Feelings, Too. And you won't want to miss a very special moment as The Biggest SOB in the Eastern Service Area takes a call from his dad, live on tonight's broadcast.