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    DAR 229 Deep Adventure Radio: Simon Sage

    in Spirituality

    EWTN's host Bear Woznick of Deep Adventure Radio talks about faith, life's ups and downs, and our breaking points with (pen name) Simon Sage, a U.S. Navy Seal whose been deployed four times. Join millions of listeners now!

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    Numbers Are Simple, People Are Complicated W/ Guest King Simon

    in Politics

    Our Special Guest Will Be King Simon. He Will Giving An In Depth Breakdown On The Signifigance Of Numbers In Your Life And What Does Your Birthday Means For You.

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    Simon Fox

    in Caregiving

    Simon Fox, Executive Director of the Adventures in Caring Foundation (AiC), is pioneering the education of the heart. For 30 years AiC has taught the art and practice of compassion—as a skill that restores well-being and promotes healing. Their work is now recognized globally.

    Adventures in Caring is based in Santa Barbara and despite its small size it is having a big impact. Founded by Simon’s wife, Karen Fox, in 1984, the nonprofit is most famous for its Raggedy Ann and Andy volunteers who visit local nursing homes and hospitals to lift the spirits of patients who are lonely. What is less well known is who is under those wigs, what they discovered, and how far their influence has spread.

    Many people still think that compassion cannot be taught—considering it a personality trait that’s either there or not. Others think of compassion as a philosophy or a feeling. Under Karen and Simon’s tutelage, Adventures in Caring has taken it a step further: compassion as a verb—the practical skill of getting it across to a person who is sick or injured so that they realize that you care and they no longer feel alone. Fox says “That’s when the magic happens—when the other person gets it. That’s when you see their body language change, their vital signs improve, and their outlook become more hopeful.” He says this is the secret of all great nurses, physicians, and health care practitioners—they know the language of healing that lifts the spirits, dispels loneliness, and inspires the will to heal.

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    Literary Viewpoints with Fran Lewis and interviewing: Simon Gervais

    in Books

    Simon Gervais will discuss with host Fran Lewis is background in law enforcement in Canada and how he relates his personal experiences in THIN BLACK LINE. What happens when you child and entire family are whipped out in just a few seconds? What happens when two terrorist attacks happen at the same time? How do Mike and Lisa's lives change as both are in danger, both put themselves on the line in order to stop another deadly attack.

    Join us in the chat room with your questions. Fran Lewis: Host

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    Interview With Dr. Simon Casey : Live :Founder of Emotional Mastery Intl:

    in Self Help


    How failure to understand and deal with feelings effectively leading people to seek emotional numbness through drugs, emotional eating ect.

    Talking Points :

    *Learn how to understand and deal with your feelings

    *When people feel emotionally numb, they can feel emotionally disconnected from a situation—for example, a person in a sad situation who does not feel like crying. Emotional numbness can also cause a person to feel hopeless about her future. Different psychological conditions or reactions to certain events can cause emotional numbness.

    *What you can do to help a friend, relative,family member or co worker

    *Solutions that Dr. Simon Casey offers

    To talk about above topic would be Dr. Simon Casey

    Dr Simon Casey, Founder of Emotional Mastery Intl, offers tools and techniques to master your emotions, create healthy relationships, achieve goals and much more

    To Know More About Dr.Simon Casey visit


    Email: askdremo@aol.com

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    Simon Toyne Starts The Week Off!

    in Books

    Simon Toyne, author of "The Key", starts a  busy week of for us on The G-ZONE! 

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    Cosmic Awakening Show- Energy Update With Dr. Simon Atkins

    in Spirituality

    Have you missed host Michelle Walling chatting with Dr. Simon Atkins? He's back! Join us for an energy update! We will also talk about the hottest topics of the now, including:

    -Waves of energies and how they are affecting us, including quantum and multidimensionality aspects.

    -After effects of Wave X

    -How the energies have brought up Individual healing and clearing to an extreme, and how ascension has become very individual.

    -Have the Anunnaki returned?

    -An Indigo's role in ascension.

    -How peaceful protest will create changes in our reality.

    -Steps to Freedom- has the reincarnation trap been dissolved? Is the frequency fence down? Is Earth still a prison planet?

    -Callers from our listeners and much, much more!

    Check over 75 episodes of Dr. Atkins' Skyaia Show here: http://skyaia.com/show/

    Check out more information about Michelle Walling on the following alternative media sites:

    Cosmic Awakening Show intro by Plaito https://www.facebook.com/plaitomusic/?fref=ts


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    TRUNEWS 03/24/16 Simon Black | Descending Into Chaos

    in News

    Once again it turns out intelligence agencies had forewarning of an impending terrorist attack and failed to intervene. Europe serves as a mirror of the horrors in store for Western society if political correctness continues to drive an utterly suicidal immigration agenda. But don’t worry, while the United States succumbs to a revolution of satanism, communism and the madness of Babylon, President Obama is in Argentina doing his victory tango! With that said, there are still many options for God fearing Americans attempting to escape Satan’s system of control. Simon Black, an international entrepreneur and the publisher of Sovereign Man, will join Rick Wiles to discuss asset diversification, free from the growing risks of illiquid and insolvent western central banks. The world’s growing darker, protect yourself today with prayer and sound investment.

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    The News In Review - Barrett and Guests

    in Current Events

    Trump continues on his quest, is it time for the GOP to admit defeat and get behind him?

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    Simon Daniels - Autograph

    in Music

    The son of a renowned Israeli classical Pianist winner of the international Arthur Rubinstein Prize and a Swiss Chemist pioneer mother who's family migrated to Brazil to escape the holocaust, Simon enjoyed success in Brazil with records for Warner bros. and Columbia before moving to LA in 1985. Jailhouse was reunited for selected shows in 2012 including The Monsters of Rock Cruise where Simon was referred as a Singer/Guitarist to Randy Rand and Steve Lynch who were planing a come back with a new line up for AUTOGRAPH.  Successfully touring again since the beginning of 2014 Autograph has had great performances at theaters, casinos, various venues and major Festivals as M3, Monsters of Rock Cruise, The Moondance Jam, Firefest, The Halfway Jam among others reaching the 4 corners of the USA along with Canada and the UK as well as releasing 3 new anthem singles one of them "I lost my mind in America" making the TOP 10 ITUNES Charts, a crowd favorite " You are us, We are you" receiving great reviews and airplay and "Every Generation" recently released and featured in Classic Rock Magazine.  The new CD "Louder" was released on Jan. 7th of 2016 with 4 original songs written by the new line up and a live version of the top 40 classic hit single "Turn up the radio". The new CD is available at www.AutographBand.com. as dates and Tours are being booked solid for 2016.

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    Super Bowl Review with Stuart Elliott and Simon Applebaum

    in Television

    In another appearance on the Sportsology channel, The FDH Lounge reviews Super Bowl 50 with media experts Stuart Elliott and Simon Applebaum.