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    You Reap What You SOW Good Or Bad!!

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    make sure what you give out is what you want to reap, many people sow things then wonder why the things they have sown comes back around!! Lyrikaall

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    Your Reap What You Sow - A Study Of Genesis 34-36.

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    Genesis 34:1-2, 5, 25, 27, 31 Now Dinah the daughter of Leah, whom she had borne to Jacob, went out to see the daughters of the land. And when Shechem the son of Hamor the Hivite, prince of the country, saw her, he took her and lay with her, and violated her. And Jacob heard that he had defiled Dinah his daughter. Now his sons were with his livestock in the field; so Jacob held his peace until they came. Now it came to pass on the third day, when they were in pain, that two of the sons of Jacob, Simeon and Levi, Dinah’s brothers, each took his sword and came boldly upon the city and killed all the males. The sons of Jacob came upon the slain, and plundered the city, because their sister had been defiled. B

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    Dr. Renee Galloway - Sow a Character Reap a Destiny

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    Date: March 1 @ 7:00 PM
    Guest:Dr. Renée Galloway Prof.
    Coach Sweet Inspirations LLC
    Subject: Sow a Character Reap a Destiny

    Dr. Renée Galloway is a professor and Certified Professional Coach Sweet Inspirations LLC

    Renee is the author of Done! Prioritize, Plan and Perform to Accomplish Your Goals. Having used the tools described in Done! to complete personal and professional goals, Dr. Galloway has firsthand insight and experience with the path to personal success

    Dr. Galloway earned her Doctoral Degree in Higher Education Administration from the University of Pittsburgh, her MBA from Point Park University, and her BS in Business Administration from Robert Morris University.

    Dr. Renée Galloway  can be reached at 610-517-0242 & info@sweetinspirationsllc.com look

    Join Ronald and his guest Dr. Renée Galloway of Sweet Inspirations, LLC as they discuss creating, developing and producing a destiny.

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    The Lord is in the Whirlwind Pt1 plus Prophecy news Hour on Battle lines

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    The Lord is in the Whirlwind Pt1 | WIBR/WARN | www.warn-usa.com


    The Lord moves in the Whirlwind, as a miracle, as revelation, a sign, and as Judgment!

    The children of Israel quaked greatly when the Mount quaked, was on fire; and smoke rose like a chimney from a furnace. Was it a volcano? Was the mount about to fall from the shaking thereof. Follow us as we move through scripture to find the supernatural in the natural. It is here we find the Prophets of Israel, the Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ; and a direct message to the church today.  In the midst of the whirlwind, the hurricane, and the tempest; God is in direct control. Understand and know what this means. Have ears to hear what the Spirit sayeth to the churches today.

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    The Killing of Our Indigenous Royalty by the Entertainment Industry

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       The RICH Report

    A select few sought financial control over their work in both music and Television have either died young or have had their reputations soiled as in the case of Bill Cosby. From Sam Cooke and Otis Redding to Bob Marley and Curtis Mayfield to Michael Jackson and Don Cornelius and now Prince, there seems to be a real issue when American Negros make power moves of ownership over their own body of work, a record label, or TV network, the result is usually the same. As we see right in the media how entertainers are discredited by character assassination i.e., MJ, Dave Chappelle, and Cosby or suspiciously killed so they could not succeed moving up the business ladder of the American dream. In some cases, Indigenous American entertainers like famous visual artists becomes worth more dead than alive. If you refuse to play ball or if you are not bringing in the profits they hope for, you will find yourself expendable like Jimi Hendrix and Whitney Houston.  Chaka Khan once said, “The music industry is demonic” and it is best we know this and protest this evil. When music and TV/film stars claim a measure of financial control independently they never reap the benefits because they die mysteriously.  Prince’s death is the latest of Indigenous Americans that have died suspiciously who was close to profit to the tune of billions of dollars from his own works.  Join Gabriel Rich Thursday, as we tackle this topic head on shedding light on the Industry that seeks to control them, mind, body and soul.

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    Rising Waters-Life On Kampong Phluk Stilt Village, Cambodia

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    The Tonle Sap is the largest fresh water lake in all of South East Asia and provides more than half of the fish consumed in Cambodia.  Many floating villages, and communities made up of  houses raised on giant stilts depend on the resources of the lake as a way of life. Intertwined with the rising and falling of water levels.

    From Siem Reap it’s approximately 15km to the lake, about 20 minutes or more by tuk tuk. It all depends on the time of year. If it’s the wet season, it’s long and sometimes the routes are restricted or just unbearable to drive. I’m here in the dry season so it’s not so bad, until you hit the dirts roads, then it’s bumpy. My driver Davin has a tough go with dodging the dips in the road and constantly checks to make sure his bike is OK.

    Chong Kneas is one of the most famous floating villages of the area and is close to the boat ride that takes you to Battambang. I’ve decided to travel to another village Kampong Phluk instead. It’s a little more out of the way at about 40km from Siem Reap but less touristy, although there still is an air of commercialism with floating restaurants and dugout boat rides through forests of sunken trees. I  also left Siem Reap early in the morning so as to avoid bumping into the large groups that still manage to make it out this way.

    Tonle Sap Lake is quite small during the dry season from November to May with a 1 meter depth throughout  the lake and an area covering 2700 square kilometers. When water is pushed up the Mekong River where it  converges with  the Tonle sap  at Phnom Phen the lake increases in size to 16,000 square kilometers with a depth of nine meters. The expansion results in a perfect breeding ground for fish. It’s at this time of year that fishing is banned so as to allow for an abundant season. Excerpts from "Rising Waters-Life On Kampong Phluk Stilt Village, Cambodia".

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    Giving to Get: Investing in Nonprofit Success

    in Non-Profit

    Today's guest is Shelby Parchman, Director of Programs for Sunshine Enterprises. We will follow up on what has happened over the past several months since he was last on the show. Not only will we look at some of Sunshine Enterprises' success stories, but Shelby will share more lessons learned from his work in the entrepreneurial trenches. He will also discuss ways nonprofits can think outside of the box and how nonprofits can invest their time and resources to reap maximum rewards. Finally, he will discuss ways nonprofits can add value to existing models. 

    Call in live at (347) 884-8121. You don't need an account to listen, but, if you want to participate in an online chat, open a listener-only account at https://secure.blogtalkradio.com/register.aspx?type=listener to participate in a live chat. Visit Valeriefleonard.com. Archived episodes may be found at http://Valeriefleonard.com/NonprofitU, iTunes, Podcast Chart, Blubrry and Stitcher.

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    Thanksgiving and Prayer

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    Hello Everyone!  Join me today as I teach you on living a life of Transformation. When we live a transformed life, we will begin to step into the lifestyle as a Transformational Leader. We are called as a Minister of Gospel of Peace. But are you a Minister with Leadership quality that is transforming others. God is raising up a new breed of leadership that is not into performance, but who are into His Presence. A leadership who is not about religious doctrine, but those who into the doctrine of God's Word! You have a harvest of character to reap. Did you know that? Did you know that Holy Spirit wants to prepare you? Did you know that the Word produces the life of Jesus Christ in you which enables you to manifest the "Supernatural Life?" It's time for you and to go into ALL the world and preach the Gospel. That doesn't mean you have to get on a plane and fly overseas to another country. That means that you can go right outside into your neighborhood or to the grocery store or to a park and manifest Christ to another person.

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    CUTV News Radio spotlights Julie Dubuc, MBA of JBN Global Solutions

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    Wichita, KS – With the rise of the internet and the nature of our current economy, it’s become quite simple to start your own business. According to recent studies, there are as many as 23 million sole proprietorships in the US today.

    For every 100 businesses, 80 will fail. Many of these businesses might have been successful with the help of a coach.

    Julie Dubuc, MBA is business and life coach and the founder of JBN Global Solutions, which offers business coaching and consulting for business owners, from the solo entrepreneur to a company with as many as 500 employees.

    “Most business owners go into business because they’re passionate about not working for someone else or they love doing something technical,” says Julie. “As I start to ask questions, we discover they’re a little in over their heads. The dream they had of being an entrepreneur, free, has vanished and now their business feels like just another job. I help them manage their business instead of their business managing them.”

    Julie started her first business when she was only 16 years old offering classical violin lessons. This powerful experience helped her to understand from a very young age all aspects of how to run a business.

    “When you start your own business you are the CEO, the CFO, the CMO and the frontline staff!” says Julie. “I teach people how to do business and not be the business."

    Today, Julie helps men and women who have chosen the fearless path to be an entrepreneur to navigate the personal change necessary to succeed.

    “I provide guidance, but they’re the ones who are willing to make the changes," says Julie, "and they reap great rewards from their fearlessness.”

    For more information on JBN Global Solutions, visit http://www.jbnglobalsolutions.com

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    Keeping Your Eyes On Israel

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    Psalms 83:1-10   King James Version.

    Today more than ever before we need to focus upon Israel, God's Chosen people, We see more and more prophecy being full filled in this  nation today than ever before. Look at Israel and you can plainly see we are in the end times,and the time of Jacobs (Israel's) trouble will begin,The Seven Year Tribulation.

    Galatians 6:9 At the proper time we wil reap a harvest, if we do not give up.




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    United Voices with host Sherrie Saunders & Deanna Look

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    In this episode of United Voices hosted by Sherrie Saunders and Deanna Look they address Cannabis and it's impact, potential and the the difficutly of African-Americans to reap the benefits of the Cannabis and Hemp Industry in California and other places.Sherrie will touch on the AUMA vote and Sean Parkers Plan. The legal marijuana industry is booming, and businesses are cashing in. Dispensaries alone raked in billions of dollars last year. But one group is being shut out of this industry, and it is African-Americans. Big names in Cannabis legalization are scheduled to be with us like Kevin P. Saunders, Kitty Merchant and Roger Southfield.