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    Shy Rosalind Does Broadway!

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    Come join the fun as Shy dishes on the hit revival of "Streetcar Named Desire" starring Blair Underwood and  Nicole Ari Parker. Of course Blair Underwood is on the Hotties 2012 list, so we will find out who joins him in the final  group. 

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    Prayer and Prophecy and Dream Evening With Yahweh and Rosalind

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    Call in 646-478-4770 Time 9m to 11pm EST This Friday Dec 12th, New website. Someone did a nice ministry site for me .I had only the blogs. They took it back did not like my Godly Teaching .So God gave me another one a  few days later and it is  so much nicer and better and it is  Minitry professional. I build the web site my self still working on it .Yahweh can teach us to do any thing. all things are attainable through yahweh here is link and be bless www.proheticvoiceofyahwehministry Also new book called                                                 Witchcraft In The Church Becoming The Church Structure Will be Release on Wed Dec 18th Pic is on profile be bless

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    Ladies' Night with Shy Rosalind

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    Shy announces the winner of the "Hotties 2011" competition, and tells all about herself-well almost all. If you voted, tune in and find out if your favorite hunk won! 

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    Friday Prayer Line Prophecy Dream Interpertation Evening With Yahweh &Rosalind

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    Show Begins ! 9pm Sharp till 11Pm This Fridy Dec 5th 2014 call in nuber 646-478-4770 Hit 1 to speak to host Check out my new site that was donated to me by Prophet Star rosalinddsolomon.com .You can also donate there as well blessing in Yahweh name.

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    Pro. Rosalind & Leonard Jeffries 50th Anniversary Celebration - KEYS TO WIN!!

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    Professor  Rosalind & Dr.  Leonard Jeffries are celebrating 50 years of their holy union - one with the other.  They are also re- dedicating themselves to the Pan African struggle & the traditions of Africa among black people in America.

    They will share life lessons with us on how to maintain a healthy relationship, what to do during the tough times, how important is an African centered marriage.

    Why is the divorce rate so high among black people in America? What steps were taken to dismantle the black family? What steps should we take to put ourselves back together again.

    We'll talk to two living legends tonight @ 8:00pmest 646-478-4447

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    ECLECTIC OFFERINGS with Shy Rosalind!

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    Fill in the blank: If I hit the lottery I would...  ShyRosalind is filling it in for you. Join her as she reveals some of her friends' hopes and dreams if money were no object.

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    The Cherry Spot with Host Rosalind Cherry and Our Girl Slyce!!!

    in Books

    Rosalind Cherry aka The Cherry Bomb gets it in with Marilyn Brown aka Slyce about her Re-release of "Dream Killers" coming December 1, 2014. These two ladies will give you a glimpse into the writer and author Slyce and her books. They will also discuss what Slyce is working on in the lab and with her now famous FB group "Slyce The Book Club". In her Interrogation Room, she interviews authors and helps them promote their work. She has been one of the strongest supports of Author and Urban Lit to come on the scene. She is also responsible for The Kings and Queens of Lit!!!

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    Have you ever sat in a doctor's waiting room and wondered what else is there besides pills? Read about "alternative" health in a magazine, and didn't get it? Well Shy Rosalind is back, and will explain it all to you! Acupuncture, reiki, yoga, meditation, pilates, massage and nutrition - defined so you're aware, and can ask the right questions.
    Fun, Funky, aFfordable! http://pondsedgedesigns.net

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    Pt. 19: Close-Up TalkRadio welcomes back Rosalind Cazares of Mama's Temple Choir

    in Music

    Murray, UT – In June 2008, dual legislation passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate designated September as Gospel Music Heritage Month. In recognition of Gospel Music Heritage Month, Close-Up Talk Radio will spotlight Mama’s Temple Church Choir of Utah.

    Mama's Temple Church Choir is a Pentecostal gospel choir led by Minister of Music Rosalind E. Cazares. Named for Rosalind’s mother Dr. Rosemary Redmon Cosby, affectionately known as “Mama,” the choir has since become one of the most renowned in the country, bringing its unique traditional gospel music to countless venues throughout the state of Utah for over 30 years. 

    “I learned how to find God to get the spirit into the song from my mother,” says Rosalind. “When you sing, you have to sanctify yourself. They’re not Gospel songs until you can feel the spirit of God when you’re singing.”

    Rosalind says the choir is dedicated to keeping Mama’s legacy alive by using the communal spirit of gospel music to reinforce a belief in God and sing His praise. Each show is unique, with the choir offering an extensive repertoire of songs including everything from “Amazing Grace” to “Two Wings” to “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. The choir can even perform songs by audience request.

    Rosalind says that at its very best, gospel music can be our salvation.

    “When I sing these songs it fills my spirit. I feel God, so of course you’ve got to get that shout in,” laughs Cazares. “It’s a really, really good feeling to hear the sound of all these voices singing His praise together. God can hear us.”

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    Deepertruth: The Eucharistic Miracle of Teresa Neumann 1898-1962

    in Religion

    In the late 1950’s Therese began having heart troubles. As time when on, she began having mild attacks of the heart. On the day of her death, she received an rare grace, that of as a miraculous Communion, an event which usually happened only on high feastdays; the Host appeared on Therese's tongue, having been given her by Our Lord Himself. The time was 10:30 a.m. After the vision and the reception of Our Lord, Therese was fully conscious, and during an attack she was still able to ring for her sister Marie. Therese appeared to be very uncomfortable, and it was apparent that the death struggle was in progress. Marie was greatly alarmed and immediately called Father Naber. As he stepped into the room, Therese Neumann had already presented her holy soul to her dear Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Thus on September 18, 1962, one of the greatest mystics and stigmatists of our time passed to her eternal reward. The pastor of Konnersreuth at the time, Father Schumann, performed the Rite of Extreme Unction. No one in the room really believed that Therese was dead. She had died more than a hundred deaths in her lifetime, and many times everyone thought of her permanent passing from this earth. Candles were often lit on such occa­sions, because there was no pulse, no breathing or heartbeat; and she had often been pronounced dead by doctors. How­ever, this time, after a period of hours had passed, they finally called in three doctors, who eventually pronounced her dead. - See more at: http://www.mysticsofthechurch.com/2009/12/therese-neumann-mystic-victim-soul.html#sthash.3udZwbwv.dpuf

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