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    PEE-SHY author Frank Spinelli LIVE!

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    Rated G Radio is LIVE Tuesday 10pE/7pW when author Frank Spinelli talk his latest book PEE-SHY!

    In his stunningly honest and poignant memoir, Frank Spinelli recounts a childhood marked by trauma and of finding the courage that ultimately transformed his life…

    Frank Spinelli grew up on Staten Island in the 1970s to Italian-born parents who viewed cops and priests as second only to the Pope in infallibility. His mother, concerned that her son was being bullied at school for being “different,” signed Frank up for Boy Scouts when he turned eleven. For the next two years, Frank’s life had two realities—one lived in full view of his family, and the other a secret he shared with his Scoutmaster that he couldn’t confess to anybody.

    Eventually Frank went to college, established a thriving medical practice, and found a home in Manhattan. But the emotional and physical effects of his past continued to shadow every aspect of his life. Then a shocking discovery gave Frank the opportunity to overturn thirty years of confusion and self-blame—for himself, and for other boys like him.

    Pee-Shy is a remarkable story of overcoming the unimaginable to choose resilience over darkness, and love over loss.

    “This is a memoir about a grown-up boy’s generous—and healing—heart.”—Kevin Sessums

    “This is one of those horrific, true stories that Dr. Spinelli so courageously reveals. With raw honesty he makes us understand that monsters do exist and a child's innocence is precious. His story is one of too many, but maybe, this one will help open our eyes a little more and shine a light on a taboo subject that many chose not to see or believe.” —Whoopi Goldberg

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask Dr. Spinelli a question!

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    HELP!- I Am Shy but People Think I am ‘Stuck-Up’ and a ‘Snob!’ What should I do?

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    In our HELP! SITUATION SPOTLIGHT™ series, we shine the light on challenges that community members have shared with me. This episode is, “I Am Shy but People Think I Am ‘Stuck-Up’ and a ‘Snob!’ What should I do?”

    Some people feel very comfortable sharing a lot of personal information about themselves, with large amounts of people very soon after meeting them. That is great! Other people may calculate what what personal information they share, how much they share, how many people they share it with and how long it will take for them to share. That is also great!

    The challenge is that some cultures and settings have expectations that are not met by individuals. What that occurs, there may be a resulting negative outcome to the non-conforming individuals. If someone exceeds the expected quantity and quality of expected personal information, they may accused of “TMI” (too much information) or being “crude” or “having a big mouth.” If someone does not meet the minimum expected quantity and quality of expected personal information, they may be accused of being “stuck-up”, a “snob” or “thinking they are better than other people.” For shy individuals it is more often the latter situation that takes place.

    The shy person is warm, friendly and engaging! They just calculate how much personal information to share, when to share and whom to share it with differently than others. They are more conservative with their feelings and expressing private information and beliefs (full disclosure, I am very shy).

    My suggested tips are: 1) Active listening (eye contact, body language turned toward the speaker, supportive vocalizations, etc.), 2) Ask multiple follow-up questions of the speaker and 3) In some instances it may be helpful to explicitly state to people, “I am shy.”

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    shy &underground artist varies artists

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    this episode I will be talking about what I'm trying to get do..

    Basically I will be looking for anyone with talent that want to promote and get heard. That simple wheter it's rapping.singing,poets,comedians who ever from where ever lets support one another . once again my name is SHY and i will be looking forward to talking with you all.


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    Die4 Radio Live With Special Guests Kurtis Blow, MC Shy D & Charlie Brown

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    Die4 Productions & The Hype Magazine Present Die4 Radio. Join Diar Lansky, Madd Phour & The Die4 Crew as they interview the Best that has ever have done it past and present. Die4 Radio always playing the Best Hip Hop from East To West. For great conversation and a glimpse of True School Hip Hop at it's best, Tune In. Call in at 646-200-4945 Press 1 to speak with host. Tonights Special Guests Include The Legendary Kurtis Blow, ATL's Own MC Shy D & Charlie Brown From Leaders Of The New School.

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    Shy People Can Soar with AVON- Linda Montavon

    in Business

    Linda Montavon is married to a wonderful husband has three awesome children, and three beautiful grandchildren. She started Avon almost 16 years ago on November 10, 1997.
    Linda who was very, very shy when she started with Avon believes everyone can be successful. She loves every single aspect of this company, how Avon transforms lives and loves being called “The Avon Lady”.
    Tune in to hear more and for tips on how ANYONE can sell AVON shy or not.

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    Mystery & Music w/ Jean Shy & Lane Buckman

    in Entertainment

    Amy Beth welcomes fellow mystery author Lane Buckman who discusses  her influences, inspiration and writing process. She'll also clue us in on her debut cozy, Tiara Trouble.
    And legendary Blues singer Jean Shy shares stories from her creative journey and a sample of songs showcasing the talent that has made her an enduring mainstay on the music scene.
    Amy Beth delves into the mailbag with encouraging words for the Inspiration to Action Challenge and opens up the lines for the free-flow pop culture convo.
    Call in 347-857-4505 Tweet before/during show @abwrites
    Join us LIVE 9 AM (PT)) 11 AM (CT) Noon (ET) or anytime on demand.

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    Shy Town Girls, a Romance

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    Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes in the creative writing process when writing a novel? Join us as I work with three young authors to create a romance novel series about four young, shy but brave women who living and working in Chicago. 

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    The Tufts Get Going! "The Ol' Switcheroo!"

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    9 am Wednesdays, "The Tufts Get Going!" host Rosanna Tufts

    "The Ol' Switcheroo!" No, not a bait-and-switch -- On today's show, I have a guest host who is going to interview ME, instead of the other way around! Kristen Edens, better known as "Kris the Scribbler," is interviewing business owners for her upcoming book, "The Shy Girl's Guide to Business Ownership," and some of my answers to her questions will probably make it into her final edit!

    Kristen Edens, from St. Louis, is a freelance writer and owner of Kris the Scribbler, a copywriting and editing service for businesses. She helps business owners create success with words and relationships so they can better help their clients. She is currently researching and writing a book to help business owners and entrepreneurs discover the solutions to building a stronger, more successful business. You can find her at www.kristhescribbler.com

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    LIVE TONIGHT ON #K100RADIO check out our Project Premier Cast with SHY for his latest project "Cat Freeman's Grandson" tune in as we run down all the tracks and have a personal Q&A with the artist about them. Yes..its a live listening session..on the radio! Call in to let the artist know what you think and get exclusive first listens to the music (347) 934-0966

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    yaum al ithnayn,the 3rd day/yad/ Rise to the occassion,helpers of good

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    The earth is filled with good souls and with those that have been persuaded to think that there is no G-D.  When comes the help of your LORD, celebrate with praises to the Almighty. Don't shy away behind the events of others.  Stand out front, firmly in favor of all of humanity being able to share in the bounties of thius earth. 

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    Tina's Retreat With Poetry In The Mix

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    Interviews and Open Mic Sessions !!!!! Bring Your Ink & Paper So We Can Bleed Together !!!!!!! 

    Tonight is Part 2 of the discussion, concerning all of the NOT GUILTY VERDICTS, latley as we watch, listen and see our men young and old being taken down by the Police !!!!! Yes, they are suppose to protect and serve us but as of today they are killing us off one by one and we must come together as a people and stop this Ginicide before we loose an entire generation of black males. 

    We also talk about Samuel Jacksons Challenge !!!! Now thats a challenge that we all should do and I promise it will send a message !!!

    Don't be shy... just remember we all had our first time somewhere with that perfect someone, so why not let your first time on the Mic be with me ??? We are one big family, reach one, teach one....... see ya soon.... much love..


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