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    Taking Off with Evin Gibson on JOTU & GEMS Christmas Extravaganza

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    Get ready for the pre party of his new reality TV show, other upcoming projects and call in for your chance to receive a free giveaway from Evin himself! 646.378.1552. It all stars  @6pm EST.

    Taking Off with Eving Gibson

    Ground Zero

    Broken Road to Stardom ~ Soulful Sutlry Versatyl Productions


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    Epiphany's House welcomes Karen Gibson Roc!

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    Y aknow how ya FEEL poetry?????  Uh huh  She does that..

    Karen Gibson Roc is an astonishment. This poet and musician is fierce and fearless. A musical chameleon (she calls herself a “poetist” or poetic vocalist).

    A reviewer of one of her live performances once came to the conclusion that Gibson Roc must have something to do with the preservation of the universe. She has been compared to Gil Scott-Heron, although she is not political, as Scott-Heron was. She is a sloganeer as he was, but in a more personal mode. Neither depressing nor conflict-oriented, her lyrics are impassioned love songs to Spirituality, femininity and art. Being creative is intensely important to her, and by extension to the rest of the world.

    Karen Gibson Roc manages to ask profound questions without making them sound too hard to bear. Instead, her songs are so sweet and consoling that you start to wonder how you can ever do without her music. She seems connected to universal love.

    Karen Gibson Roc says her main theme “is the evolution of spirit and the truth about following what is your calling here in the physical.” Her objective is “to inspire dream chasing, to uplift hearts, and to open minds.” And that she does. She grabs your soul and never lets go, both through her music, her words, and her spirit.

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    Liberia West Africa with Nyanford Gibson on "The Power of Persuasion"

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    Join host Natalie Young brodacasting from Liberia West Africa discussing Ebola with Pastor Nyanford Gibson  on RHL Ministry Radio's weekly broadcast "THE POWER OF PERSUASION " The apostle and his brethren used every argument and persuasion, to lead men to believe in the Lord Jesus, and to act as his disciples. Their zeal and diligence were for the glory of God and the good of the church. ~2 Corinthians 5:12~ 
    RHL Ministry Radio 

    The Remnant House Living Jeremiah 23:3-4


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    Verbal Submission 185: Cody Gibson

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    Join us for our 185th episode of The Verbal Submission, presented by Kountermove, on Sunday, September 21st, 2014, as hosts Brian Hemminger and Gerry Rodriguez discuss the latest happenings in the world of mixed martial arts. We'll be talking this past weekend's Bellator 125 and UFC Fight Night 52 events and much, much more. 

    Our special guest will be Cody Gibson, who's competing this Saturday at UFC 178 against Manvel Gamburyan in the opening bout of the preliminary card. Hope you see you there!

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    Politics Done Right on KPFT - S UnCut’s Carl Gibson schools Democrats on youth

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    This week’s show 
    US UnCut’s Carl Gibson schools Democrats on youth apathy
    November 10th, 2014

    This is the first show since Democrats were resoundingly beaten after a pathetic campaign. Republicans were like rabid dogs on a hunt for their prey, President Obama via Democratic candidates. Most Democratic voters were clueless to what they were being asked to vote for. After-all, Democrats running were running away from a President that gave the country somewhat affordable healthcare for the first time in history, saved the country from a depression, increased the minimum wage for federal contractors, and much more. Where was the full throated support for a progressive agenda. Even in Red States while Democrats were being kicked out left and right, progressive ballot initiatives were passed by overwhelming margins.

    Todays special guest will be Carl Gibson. Sunday as I perused DailyKOS I came across Leslie Salzillo‘s piece ‘26-Year Old Founder of U.S. UnCut Sends Open Letter To Democrats On Young Voter Disillusion‘

    You can also find previous episodes on YouTube here.

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    Guest: Tony Abad about Lester Gibson Interview

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    We talked to Tony Abad, Republican Candidate for McLennan County Commissioner pct 2, about Democrat Lester Gibson's interview in the Waco Tribune.  Lester Gibson made some wild statements and Tony Abad responded.  

    Gibson feels the people of the precinct are "satisfied" with his service, and has only positive feedback from his constituents.  Listen to this interview with Tony Abad, as we disect the Waco Trib interview and get to the core of Gibson's statements.



    This is local politics....Please share!



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    Talking With Michael Gibson

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    The Alameda County Public Health Department’s EMS Corps program, supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is helping local health care providers expand and diversify their workforce by training young men and women from the community to be emergency medical professionals.  

    “The main thing is to develop strong men...the responsibility for themselves, the responsibility to their families, and their responsibility to their community.” – Michael Gibson, program director of the EMS Corps. 

    MICHAEL GIBSON, Director, EMS Corps: We have worked with about 90 young men so far. And out of the 90 young men, about — I want to say almost 60 or so are certified EMTs and working in the field. He says his own experience spending time in and out of juvenile hall helps him understand the challenges these young men face.

    They can’t get a job because of their juvenile record or they do not have enough work experience. Then they’re right back into the revolving door of incarceration. So, in our program, we wanted to be able to address those needs, to eliminate the excuses.




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    Kathleen "Bunny" Gibson: From American Bandstand’s Sweetheart to Film Actress

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    Kathleen "Bunny" Gibson was introduced to American Bandstand as a 13-year-old and made her first appearance on the show … at the age of 13 … so that she could met her idol, Philadelphia singer Bobby Rydell.

    Gibson soon became a regular dancer on the show and remained until 1961. She had many fan clubs across the country and was listed in teen magazines' "popularity contests" alongside stars such as Elvis Presley, Frankie Avalon, Chubby Checker and Connie Francis. Gibson was regularly featured in articles in the most popular teen magazines of the day, such as 16, Dig and Teen Screen.

     “Bunny” Gibson will be sharing with Debbie, what it was like to be propelled into life as one of the most famous teenage dancers in the US and dancing on a regular basis on the most popular “dance floor” in history.  Imagine meeting teen-age idols like Bobby Rydell, Frankie Avalon, and Connie Francis … and so many others!  Imagine what it was like to be part of a very closely knit family of dancers, brought together by the very beloved icon, Dick Clark!  And … imagine being able to main a life of popularity, movies, TV series, commercials … and to even become an award-winning sculptor … after American Bandstand.  

    Debbie will be talking with “Bunny Gibson” about all of that … and so much more!

    And YOU can join the conversation by calling in at 323-792-3071!  Just press 1 to speak to the host.  And we will also be saving you a seat in the chat room!


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    Host GARY HOLT welcomes multi-award winning singer/songwriter BELINDA GAIL to the Campfire Cafe' to share her music.  This talented young lady has just been nominated for 4 Western Music Association awards including Entertainer of the Year and Album of the Year for Granite Mountain!  www.belindagailsings.com 

    We visit with SUSANA GIBSON publisher of the widely read Trail Blazer Magazine.  In a rare interview we'll talk with Susana about her life with horses, the magazine and learn more about this very interesting horsewoman.  www.trailblazermagazine.us 

    Join us Thursday for this encore presentation.

    EQUESTRIAN LEGACY RADIO is Heard Worldwide Online Live and On Demand 24/7

    Visit and support our great sponsors at our website www.equestrianlegacy.net 

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    Go Ahead! Tear the Wrapping Paper A Holiday Reminder of Possibilities

    in Spirituality

    What do wrapping paper and possibilities have in common?  Well, it is something to consider.  With so much talk of enlightenment, self discovery, and dream building, some are asking, “How?”   Difficulties seem to be running rampant, and yet the spiritual adage says the universe is supportive in all ways.  How is that possible when people are losing their jobs and their homes?  How is it possible to follow one’s passion and make a living at the same time, and how are people overcoming illnesses and healing their own bodies?  Follow a holiday tradition - opening gifts by tearing the wrapping paper - and be inspired by the radical messages of spiritual teachers from the past and in this modern day.
    Tina Gibson is an international speaker, author, and teacher in the area of self-discovery.  She is also a life-coach and Spiritual Practitioner assisting others to better understand their personal power.  Having traveled extensively around the globe, Tina inspires many to live in and come from a place of love.  After spending years learning the true power of self-love, she shares her journey and the challenges she has experienced by her own limiting beliefs.  The mother of three successful sons, Tina continues to share her message of the gifts of self-love.  Tina resides in Albuquerque, NM.

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    The Power of Change with Kim Gibson, DTM

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    D44 present's "The Power of Change" Guest Kim Gibson joined Toastmasters in October 2006.  She is an active member of Chapter of Hartford Alpharetta Toastmasters.  To gain additional speaking opportunities Kim also joined Toast of Cobb Toastmasters and North Gwinnett Advanced Toastmasters Club.  Kim currently serves as the 2014-2015 District 44 Secretary and is also District 44’s Fall Conference Chair “The POWER of CHANGE”.    Professionally, Kim is a Registered Nurse and Certified Case Manager specializing in Disability Claims.  She credits Toastmasters with opening the door and securing her current role as a Virtual Training Facilitator at The Hartford.  

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