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    Loud & Clear Radio Show-Pilot Episode

    in Religion

    We will be talking about various news items and topics. This is a test show to make sure the audio, chat room, twitter and Facbook and toll free phone line are all up and operational. We'll also be talking to Ex Muslim turned Christian CL Edwards! Feel free to join the conversation. 

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    Loud and Clear Radio-Faith & Politics: Do They Mix?

    in Religion

    Tonight we take on the the question of faith and politics. In the age of the 24 hour news cycle its important to know where we fit in as Christians. Do we engage or disengage? Do we vote or not? Are we Conservative or Liberal? Where exactly do we come in at on political issues? There is in fact a biblical way to think about all of this and we will endeaver to find out exactly what that is. Also I will be sharing my special letter to the Ferguson Missouri looters and leaders who support the cause "Black Lives Matter" in my PMR segment. You don't want to miss this one!

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    Loud and Clear Radio-Special Guest Jim Jones Cult Survivor Laura Johnston Kohl

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    We will be blessed to have Jonestown Survivor Laura Johnston Kohl with us. She will be sharing her experience in the most dangerous cults in history. She is one of 87 survivors who escaped the Jim Jones Jonestown compound alive. Understanding is invaluable to help us understand modern day cults. Join in the conversation as we take a journey back in time to experience the horror of cult mind control. 

  • Friday Shout-Out

    in Spirituality

    Magazine style program looking at various aspects of the spiritual and paranormal community. Highlighting upcoming events, shows, workshops, investigations, and whatever else we can throw in the mix!  If you know of an event in the paranormal or spiritual field coming up in the near future, give us a call and we'll put you on air to publicise it for you.  You can either e-mail us at realmsrevealedradio@gmail.com or call toll free on (914) 219-0865

    Joining me in this broadcast will be author and psychic Darren Storer an my Co-Host and jolly good all round chappie, Mr Aaron Joyce.  Join us 7pm till 9pm GMT

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    Talking Out Loud with A. L. Cooper: How to Overcome Holiday Depression

    in Current Events

    A. L. Cooper is the face behind the voice of 'Talking Out Loud"She is a native of Columbia, SC; however, has traveled the world and lived in different major cities in the U.S. and abroad. A. L. Cooper is currently living in the prosperous city of Atlanta, GA and is proud to call the southern diamond her home. The show is a success because of her outgoing, charming, quick-witted personality. Fans love the intelligent comedic banter between her and fellow co-host Alfonso Todd. Visit www.TalkingOutLoud.biz to learn more about the show!!

    Tonight's  "Indie Artist Music Out Loud" Spotlight is Hip Hop Artist "Crevy" and the name is his album is "Corporate Balance"

    "So Wus Up" Creyv (Produced by Knex Lev)

    "Highway" Creyv feat. Amadi"(Produced by Knex Lev

    Click on the link below to hear more music form our Spotlight Artist!!!




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    Loud and Clear Radio-A Biblical Look at today's Church: Does God Approve?

    in Religion

    Join me as I talk about the state of the modern church. Is God pleased? Does God have a standard? What about Holiness? What should our message be? Are we to emulate Christ or imitate the world? The bible gives the children of God a clear message in regard to conduct and operation of his church. But how faithfully are we following his instruction?  Please call in or join the chat room to be heard! I look forward to your presence! 

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    Current Events

    in Politics Conservative

    Current Events ,Conservative Politics,Constitution,Second Amendment ,Military,REMEMBER BENGAZHI

  • A Christmas Sunday Evening Shout! Gospel In The Basement With JaVonne

    in Music

    This segment is a special 120 minutes of Gospel, uplifting, inspirational and affirming MUSIC. We will be celebrating the birth of Jesus all while delivering A message of love, acceptance and empowerment! God is Love and Love is for Everyone! If you made it to church and want a little bit more shout or didn't make it outside of bedside baptist, it doesn't make a difference. God is where you need God to be! Open your heart, feel God's love and let the music minister to you. Just keep in mind that JaVonne is no angel, just another servant! God Bless

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    LonJack Exquisite Events

    in Entertainment

    Lonnie and Jackie of LonJack Exquisite Events will enlighten us on their upcoming events. I have a feeling that 2015 is going to be FANTASTIC for LonJack...listen in

    Visit LonJack's site at http://www.lonjackevents.com

    To schedule your interview visit http://www.melonisworks.com or call 443-790-6303

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    Current Events

    in Politics Conservative

    Current Events ,Conservative Politics,Constitution,Second Amendment ,Military,REMEMBER BENGAZHI

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    Live Out Loud With Dr Frieda Birnbaum

    in Women

    Live Out Loud With Dr Frieda Birnbaum

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