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    Sherrod Sits on a Throne of Baby Skulls

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    The gang is joined by comedians Ted Alexandro and BD Friedman to talk about activism, abortion, and the dumb labels people put on themselves.

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    20 Questions Answered On Leadership by Dave Shirley

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    20 Questions Answered On Leadership by Dave Shirley

    What do you ask now business associates about leadership?
    What do you ask new employee's About leadership?

    I found twenty questions on leadership and I am giving you My 20 Answeres! 

    Can you name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you as a leader? Maybe some one who has been a mentor to you? Why and how did this person impact your life?
    What are the most important decisions you make as a leader of your organization?
    As an organization gets larger there can be a tendency for the “institution” to dampen the “inspiration.” How do you keep this from happening?
    How do you encourage creative thinking within your organization?
    Where do the great ideas come from in your organization?
    Which is most important to your organization—mission, core values or vision?
    How do you or other leaders in your organization communicate the “core values”?
    How do you encourage others in your organization to communicate the “core values”?
    Do you set aside specific times to cast vision to your employees and other leaders?
    How do you ensure your organization and its activities are aligned with your “core values”?
    How do you help a new employee understand the culture of your organization?
    When faced with two equally-qualified candidates, how do you determine whom to hire?
    What is one characteristic that you believe every leader should possess?
    What is the biggest challenge facing leaders today?
    What is one mistake you witness leaders making more frequently than others?

    For Leadership or Businesss Assistance Email DaveShirleyConsulting@gmail.com or go to http://Successathomebusiness.com

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    Prerecorded July 2004.

    This is Will Blueotter's interview with Shirley Maclaine, who as you know is keenly interested in spiritual subjects.

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    I'm in Love!!!! Tis the Season!!!

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    Love, love, love…. I’m madly in love with the one that gave up something special just for me….. How beautiful is that? This is the kind of love that is rare.  Have you ever wondered if true love really exist?  Or where you can find it?  This is the perfect season and time to ask that question.”  Tonight’s show is dedicated to just that….is true love possible?  

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    NAVAJO TALK RADIO - NN Election Postponed, Shirley/Begaye, McLaughlinvsBegaye

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    NAVAJO TALK RADIO - NN Election Postponed, Shirley/Begaye, McLaughlinvsBegaye:

    We have so much to talk about.

    The 2014 Navajo Nation Presidential Election has been postponed.  The 24 Council Delegates will have their inauguration in January.

    Ben Shelly will be in office for a bit longer.

    In the meantime Joe Shirley, Jr./Dinah Benally vs Russell Begaye/Jonathan Nez campaign is awaiting a RULING which might come tomorrow.  Mr. Richie Nez has a lot on his plate.  There are so many information out, what do you think should happen?

    Peterson Zah was a consultant to the NNOGC.  What is your opinion?

    We are at a crossroads of our NN government.  Let's talk about it!

    But what are our options?

    Join us.

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    MY FRIEND.......



    30 minutes of nothing but the truth.....the whole truth.......share it....speak it....hear it......

    Please call in @347-237-5247 for comments and condolences.

    Until then

    Stay True and Be Blessed

    Yours Truly,

    Teri Littlejohn


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    Economically Speaking w/Sister Shirley Muhammad ** It's in the Blueprint ** !!!!

    in Culture

    Our Beautiful MGT Sister will be speaking to us about an Agripreneur Program that she has formulated for our youth. It is the missing link to many Black Farms in particular that need to teach and train out youth in Agri-business.. Sister Shirley Muhammad is very wise and extremely gifted .. She has a Master Degree in Accountancy and has used her skills to assist many in gaining financially ! She is the Executive Director of Your Sister’s Project, Inc. was founded in September 1996 as a grassroots community based organization. September , 2001 YSP received its 501© 3, letter of determination as a tax exempt, non-profit human and social services organization.

    Ms. Shirley Muhammad founded and developed the Sankofa Female Rites of Passage program upon her visit to Accra, Ghanain September, 1996. It was implemented at the Unity Lutheran Community Church, located in Homewood, the East End section of the city of Pittsburgh. The program was a result of young girls living in single-parent household, with substance abusing parents. As a result, each of the girls was at risk for substance abusing/dealing behavior, teen pregnancy and school drop-out. Join and invite friends :-) !!!! CALL IN #347.857.4514

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    PWE Empowerment Radio Welcomes Toneika Sherrod

    in Entrepreneur

    Toneika Sherrod is an Author, Personal & Spiritual Coach, Mentor, Dream to Reality Life Coach, Empowerment Speaker and more. She is respected for her love and the serving of others. She is followed by others because of her ability to lead by example and contagious positive spirit.

    Toneika is the CEO/Founder of the well known speaking and coaching company Anointed Dream Building LLC. Her vision for her life is to empower, train and coach nations to build their dream life by positive speaking, taking action, and breaking barriers. She firmly stands on her ability to build others through transformation through the Word of God, positive affirmations, and her trainings. Toneika is the author of the upcoming personal and spiritual development book in December, 2014, “You Have Lost the Right to Fail.” Through this book she is teaching and training people to defeat the devil and self by understanding the enemy’s tactics, ending self sabotage and believing that you have lost the right to fail in anything that God has preordained you for. Toneika served in the Army National Guard in 2010. She is a faithful servant at Faith Assembly Christian Center Word of Truth of Raleigh NC.

    Toneika is the founder and host of Success Talk every Saturday at 5pm eastern where she uses her passions to empower and train others on different topics and abilities to reach a level of success that is only created in our minds. She invites other professionals to share her platform and speak to her audience to add to her knowledge on varies of subjects. She helps bring dreams to reality for those willing to take immediate action and take accountability for their work.

    Our goal is to empower the renaissance woman who has a purpose, vision and plan.Our vision is to help women around the world build businesses and grow their net worth. Professional Women Entrepreneurs is a collaboration of liked minded women, breaking barriers and setting new heights.

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    Making a Positive Change and Finding Peace in this Season

    in Self Help

    The end of the year is approaching, have you accomplished the goals you set from last year or the beginning of the year?  Have you made the changes needed to be where you want to be?  Are you improving spiritually, financially, emotionally, physically?  It is not too late to turn things around and make the positive change.  December can be a very stressful time for many for different reasons.  However, peace can be found in this season!  Join me on Thursday, December 4th at 9pm EST to talk about how to make those last minute positive change and finding peace in this season.  Thursday night, December 4th at 9pm EST.


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    I am Mad, and Ready to Talk Madness... Marketing Madness!

    Late night edition of TheDaveShirleyShow

    Callers and Chat Welcome!  I will be Silent untill I get someone talking!


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    Episode #206 Guest Shirley B Providing an Attunement in 6 and 8

    in Spirituality

    Please join Dave the Mystic with guest Shirley B on Monday, December 1st at 8PM Mountain as they discuss number codes, frequencies and attunements in the 6 and 8 energies.  The new six and eight energies are the new energies of the Aquarian age and deal with the infinity loops of our personal soul mapping  as well as the evolution of the soul of the earth. We will discuss the energies of the six and eight . 

    This process was suggested in a channeled reading and further downloads to Shirley have provided the detailed approach.  Attunements will be provided for the listeners as a group time permitting..  If time permits, Dave and Shirley will provide healing work for callers.

    Shirley is an intuitive reader, a medium and an energy worker.  It is always a pleasure to have her on the show.  She reads and works with each individual as a part of the collective consciousness. She has been doing readings for 15 years and is clairvoyant and clairaudient. Shirley works with intuitive information, past lives, generational miasmas, crossovers, energy clearances, subconscious programming and the understanding of spiritual roots. She is able to facilitate enhancements. Her goal is to give each individual the tools to work with their own ascension. She has been a Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner for two years. Her approach is one of transformation to create mapping within the Spiritual, Physical and Emotional Bodies that lead to increased consciousness, abundance and awakening to our true selves.

    Shirley lives in the Denver area and can be reached by email at poet444@gmail.com

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