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    A light and humorous look at dreams and dream interpretation by The Comedy Prophet John Peters.

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    How to Discern if a Dream is from God or from Satan.

    in Christianity

    Learn how to discern whether a dream you have is from God or from satan. 

    Also examples of different types of dreams God gives, and the types of dreams from satan.

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    Power of a Dream

    in Christianity

    Power of a Dream

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    Choosing to Live Your Dream: Self-Empowerment

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    Welcome to the Gift of Choice...

    We should all live our dream! Life is too short not to. Self-empowerment is where it all starts, Find out more on today’s show. Learn simple strategies to feel empowered, knowing you can live the life you want!

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    Dream Talk

    in Comedy

    A light and humorous look at dreams and dream interpretation by The Comedy Prophet John Peters.

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    LIVE! with Cathi---DREAM ON!

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    'The future belongs to those who believe in the BEAUTY OF THEIR DREAMS'  Eleanor Roosevelt.

    Life responds to your outlook, "Anything you can dream of is not too great for you to undertake if it hurts no man and brings happiness and good in your life.  Science of Mind.

    March, the third month in 2015.  Let's be honest, have you written down your dreams, your goals.  Are you afraid to leave your comfort zone and traverse the ABYSS, the deep expanse of the unkown.

    Do you believe in the beauty of your dreams?  More importantly, do you believe you're worthy of having your dreams come true?

    Sadly we learn at an early age that we shouldn't dream TOO BIG.  Many times, the well-meaning authority figures in our lives try to save us from.



    Caution, let it go...etc.

    Downgrade out desires...etc.

    Settle for less...etc.

    We don't deserve...etc.


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    Calling all Dreamers!

    in Spirituality

    WELCOME...and nice to finally meet you DREAMER!

    Some might tell you this not the right time to dream. They say things like "be more realistic" or "get your head out of the clouds".

    Well that is a load of crap! Don't you buy into that belief for one second. (I won't let you!)

    Consider this-without your dreams all you have is your current reality.

    Now, reality is not a bad thing - well, sometimes it may feel like it is - but either way, we can always add more JOY, more PASSION, more HAPPINESS - YES or YES??

    Go grab your box labeled "SOMEDAY" from the shelf...dust it off and get ready...It's time to awaken your BIG dream.

    You can take small steps hoping to bring it to life, filling in gaps along the way or you can take GIANT, INTUITIVE leaps and move with turbo speed to manifest your desires.

    Which do you prefer?

    I’m an Intuitive Dream Releaser. I help dreamers unlock their “someday” box to transform, heal and manifest all the JOY they are destined for. When I work with dreamers, I pump FAITH in their dreams to build their belief muscle. I help them turn up their DESIRE to move them forward in your dream work like a rocket ship!

    If you’re ready to ACTIVATE your power to manifest your dream-be sure and TUNE IN. Sit back, relax and take a listen to a fellow dreamer's philosophy on the magic of dream work and easy-breezy tips to help bring your BIG dream to real life-YOUR LIFE! (to hell with being realistic!-dreaming big feels like heaven on earth!)

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    Dream Talk

    in Comedy

    A light and humorous look at dreams and dream interpretation by The Comedy Prophet John Peters.

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    He Cheats; His Fault! She Cheats; His Fault Also?

    in Lifestyle

    Let's discuss on the up coming Pluto-Nalagy Show with Jahwie & Nalagy.


    Be There!

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    Thinking Outside of the Box: The Importance of Protecting Your Dream

    in Christianity

    In today's society, if we are not careful, we can become subject to other's thoughts and opinions about us. When we become subject to them we become limited to them, only to find ourselves in a place of doubting our capabilities and even the God that we serve. In this, it creates fear, depression, oppression, and even imprisionment. On this morning, Pastor Douglas is going to give you the principles of thinking outside of the box: The Power of Relationships . Stay tuned for this series, I feel God is going to break some chains and allow you to rebuild with the stones that have been thrown your way. YES, it can be done and even better it's working for your good. Listen in.

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    Hope and Healing for the Wounded Woman

    in Self Help

    Wounds. We all have them. Some of our wounds, because they're still open, aren't just running but ruining our lives. 

    You know what they say, what you don’t face you can't fix. Well, two dynamic women I know, both coaches, have set out to help us face these wounds, so we can heal ourselves. Coaches Tracey Oliver Keyser, certified holistic health practitioner, transformational life coach, and founder of Embracing the Journey, LLC and Erica Goodridge, M.ED. in Education, Minister, Professional Certified Christian Life Coach, have launched an Internet TV show, Open Wounds: Healing Through Powerful Conversations. Open Wounds is putting a voice to the issues that impact women, their children, relationships, and our communities, issues that keep women from stepping fully and confidently into their power and greatness. 

    To join me, your host, DeBora M. Ricks, and my guests, on She Struts Radio Thursday, March 19, 6:30pm ET call 718.766.4468 or listen online. You don’t want to miss this show!


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