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    Shannon on BlogTalkRadio 3

    in Current Events

    The effect Uber has had on the taxi industry, both here and abroad,and what cab companies are doing to fight back.

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    Shannon on BlogTalkRadio 2

    in Current Events

    I appears that Dr Ben Carson is blaming President Obama for the deterioration of race relations in this country. Does he represent all Americans who have amassed a great deal of wealth? Did he truly forget where he came from? I also want to talk about the rise in gun violence, especially here in Minneapolis.

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    Shannon on Blog Talk Radio 1

    in Current Events

    John Shannon, co-host of the mildly successful BlogTalkRadio show, The Shannon Files, is back after 3 years getting his personal life in order. He's got a lot on his mind, so buckle up.

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    Strategies for Connecting With DNA Matches with Shannon Christmas

    in History

    Have you had your DNA tested and don't know what to do or say to your newly discovered relatives?

    Corresponding and conversing with unknown relatives found via DNA testing can present family members and genealogists with as many challenges as opportunities. Learn how to initiate a fruitful dialogue, double response rates, and clear a path to genealogical discovery with these tried-and-true communication techniques.

    Join Shannon  Christmas to discuss what you may need to say and do to take your DNA results to the next level.  Communications is key to getting the answers to many of your DNA questions.





  • Matt Lampert -Marijuana, Lane Kennedy, Ross Givens - Alibaba Stock, Austin Bauer

    in Business

    Matt Lampert director of the Socionomics Institute discussing the legalization of recreational marijuana.

    Lane Kennedy, Personal Growth Hacker for go-getting, kick ass women who are ready to think bigger and get noticed! She’s been a serial entrepreneur, turning a start-up into a legit business that brought in over a million dollars in sales in less than 18 months.

    Ross Givens Chief Market Analyst and writer for, "Wealth Empire." He advises subscribers on traditional and alternative wealth-building strategies.

    Austin Bauer coach, speaker and workshop facilitator on topics like peak performance, challenging conversations and communicating with authenticity and influence.

  • Shannon Avana, Stephen Shapiro, Armand Morin, Darrin Landau

    in Business

    Shannon Avana CEO of company Weight Loss Solutions, as well an entrepreneur of her own practice, Anxiety to Productivity.   She provides business coaching, specializing in anxiety and depression. As a writer, Shannon delivers the leading edge in weight loss in an understandable, enjoyable and relaxing way

    Stephen Shapiro has presented his provocative strategies on innovation culture and collaboration to audiences in 50 countries. During his 15-year tenure with the consulting firm Accenture, he created and led a 20,000-person innovation practice. He is the author of five books, including “Best Practices Are Stupid,” which was named the best innovation and creativity book of  2011. 

    Armand Morin Internet Strategist and Marketing Authority. He is an Internet marketing industry expert who has built a multimillion dollar international business. In 1996, he started with $1.83 in his pocket and no experience and has grown it into a multi-million dollar international business which has done business in over 100 countries around the world. Armand is also an international speaker and trainer and has shared the stage with people such as Donald Trump,  Richard Branson, Jay Conrad Levinson and many more 

    Darrin Landau life time entrepreneur who has built and run several small to medium sized businesses on both sides of the Canadian and US border. He started Merchant Cash USA, a Nevada corporation, with his business partner who resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.They provide funding capital to small businesses to be used for a multitude of purposes. He personally experienced first-hand the difficult task of raising capital to help grow his business

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    Episode 2833 - Speak My Word with Shannon Ray Davis

    in Spirituality

    Episode 2833 - Speak My Word 
    Minister Shannon Ray Davis
    Recorded 9-21-2015 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio.com

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    Episode 2862 - Mel Novak and Shannon Ray Davis

    in Spirituality

    Episode 2862 - Mel Novak and Shannon Ray Davis
    Pastor Mel Novak www.melnovak.com
    Recorded 10-5-2015 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio.com


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    Backbone Power: Dr. Anne Brown on The Authentic Woman with Shannon Fisher

    in Women

    This week, Shannon welcomes Dr. Anne Brown, PhD, RN. Brown worked as an Alcohol Clinical Specialist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and also served as the Program Director of the Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Program at Greater Cape Ann Human Services. She is a graduate of the University of Virginia, BS in Nursing; Boston University, MS in Psychiatric-Mental Health in Nursing; and International University, PhD in Addiction Studies.

    Most of us know at least one individual suffering from an addiction, victimhood, or martyrdom. Dr. Brown explains how and why we must stand up to these masters of sabotage. Addiction touches the life of everyone who knows the addict, and people-pleasing behavior only enables the addiction. The message in her book, Backbone Power, is that we must act to address addiction by finding our blind spots and learning to speak eith authenticity and power.  Brown has been described by one client as “having a very caring way of going for the jugular.”

    The Authentic Woman is a weekly radio show hosted by women's rights leader, Shannon Fisher, offering perspectives on the female experience in America. The show delves deeply into the worlds of writers, artists, celebrities, and community leaders. Shannon Fisher: Facebook - Twitter -  Links to Previous Episodes of The Authentic Woman. Copyrighted podcast by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.

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    DuB WyZe TaLk with MISS T. LANE

    in Culture


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    Shannon Davis

    in Spirituality

    Shannon Davis

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