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    The Power of Poetics Blogtalk Show Welcomes Poet and Author Valeri Beers!

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    Valeri Beers is a published poet whose book ...details... was published by Thomas Hill Publishing in 2014. ...details... is available on Amazon as an e-book or a physical book you can hold in your hands, show to people and write in the margins.  

    Purchase ...details... here:


    Valeri has been published in a number of print and online literary magazines including Zest literary magazine, Far Away literary magazine, The Writer's Drawer, Kumquat Poetry, Visceral Uterus, The Song Is, Blotterature, The Poetry Superhighway, PoetryPasta, Pyrokinection and even a“nudiezine”. She was honored to be included in two anthologies from Literature Today. She has links to her poems on her own poetry site, wordsoftheval2000.wordpress.com. You can also connect with her on Facebook (Valeri Beers) and Twitter (@theval2000)

    Valeri Beers is the editor of PoetryPasta, which helps to promote and show off new poets and their words online.


    Valeri is also the current editor for the Writer's Group she is a member of at her local library.

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    in Politics

    Quit early.

    And what's so great about this TGIF celebration?  You can listen to their latest show as it streams live the very next morning beginning at 9am.!

    Start your Friday exit from wage-slavery with a good dose of chicanery and chutzpah.  I'll provide the audio intoxicants and smart-ass podcast talk from the best - Chuck Mertz and crew at Chicago's WNUR 89.3FM at  THIS IS HELL radio.

    From what they're all "about" page:

    " ... Each broadcast features long-form interviews with writers, thinkers and workers from around the world and across the spectrum of experience. Our interviews are built on research and critical analysis, not preconceived opinions or political agendas. This is Hell! is not a soap box, or a pulpit, or an audition for a corporate job somewhere. It’s a bar stool, three beers into a conversation with a fascinating stranger. It’s the news-stand of your dreams that would go broke in the real world. ..."


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    Episode 113: Live at Foley's and #weirdbaseball

    in Baseball

    In the "Live at Foley's 2: Podcast Harder" edition, Jeffrey, Chris, and Greg are Live at Foley's. And podcasting (harder). After a brief soujorn into terrible 90's music, it's time to preview the Mets minor league affiliates, or at least drool over the St. Lucie roster. Next, Ted Berg from USA Today (?!) joins the show to discuss the magic of small sample sizes, Jeff Francoeur, and Taco Bell breakfast. Then, Jeffrey butchers the Shortstop Avenue Audio theme after three beers, but we discuss Wilmer Flores' woes and reconsider some recent e-mails. That should be it, but the Mets played an incredibly weird baseball game last night, so look for the hidden track where Greg and Jeff discuss weird defense, weird pitch selection, and weird baseball.

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    BWB State Of The Union Address

    in Entertainment

    Can you believe that we are already a quarter of the way into 2015? We are now seeing that everyone is starting to get election fever as candidates start throwing their hats into the 2016 presidential race. What does this mean? This means that it is time for the first ever LIVE Bum Wine Bob State Of The Union Address on this weeks episode of the BWB Podcast.

    As all of you know, the Bumming With Bobcat Podcast has been a big hit since it's debut two months ago and keeps on picking up steam as we move along. We have been covering a variety of different topics and nothing is off limits! Bum wine, beers, 40's, malt liquor, and MORE!

    So far we have had some great guests on the show and I would like to thank everyone that have helped us out along the way so far. We are always looking to get more guests on the show to talk the hot topics of the week. Throw in some guest bloggers as well and we are off to the races! At the moment we are in talks with a number of different people to work on some guest blog posts as well.

    Looking to do some shameless self promotion while telling some of your most famous or infamous drinking stories? Come on down!

    Interested in joining us in Atlantic City, New Jersey next April for the BWB WrestleMania 32 Party? Details will be coming soon!

    Want to be part of the show? The phone lines will be open and you are welcome to call in at 347-826-9598 to join in the discussion. Cheers!

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    The Regular Moviegoer

    in Movies

    A movie review show for movie lovers, lovers of baseball movies and not for grumpy critics.

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    Translated By with Shaindel Beers

    in Poetry

    Shaindel will interview Mary Berg, translator of, and Carlota Caulfield, author of, A Mapmaker's Diary.

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    Translated By with Shaindel Beers

    in Writing

    Shaindel will interview Mary Crow, translator of Olga Orozco's Engravings Torn from Insomnia.

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    Translated By with Shaindel Beers

    in Poetry

    Shaindel will interview A. M. Juster, translator of The Satires of Horace.

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    From Emily to Maya to YOU! A Celebration of Women Poets!

    in Poetry

    March is National Women's History Month and the Power of Poetics Blogtalk Radio Show proudly celebrates the many women who shaped our world and changed the course of history through writing poetry. These women lifted their voices through their work to fight for rights, to be free of discrimination and stereotypes, to break free from the rules set forth by men, family, and society and to be themselves.  

    Please call-in and share poems written by your favorite women poets. Other options include sharing your own poetry or writing a companion piece to How To Be A RealWoman written by noted poet and author Valeri Beers (see, http://www.meetup.com/DC-Poetry-Project/events/221324965). The goal is to join us for an evening of great poetry!  

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    I Need to Expose Myself More Often

    in Comedy

    Fat Guy in Spandex is a middle-aged, over-educated, under-employed, over-weight, white guy who loves hockey, NASCAR and dumb-ass, quirky comedy. On his podcast, he pontificates about all things associated with the Art of a Lazy Life including: sex, sports, low-octane beers, chicken wings and much, much more. This is a cathartic satire radio show that leverages psychology and self-help through the eyes and ideas of a guy who has been there and done that!

    Today’s episode looks at: why ew need connections to people, places and things in our life to make life as full as possible. Expose yourself to new connections to improve the uverall quality of your life.

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    Back From Rock Bottom: Meet Amy Baumgardner

    in Women

    It was on a cold January day, after downing three beers, two shots of Southern Comfort and a glass of White Zinfandel that Amy Baumgardner got behind the wheel with two of her children in the back seat and crashed her car nearly killing her five year old daughter, Madison. 

    Today Amy is here with us to share her amazing story of addiction and recovery. 

    In addition to being a wife, a mother of three, author and inspirational speaker, Amy has also appeared as a guest on Oprah's Life Class with Iyanla Vanzant. 

    For more on Amy, Click Here.






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