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    Norfolk Public Schools and sexual harassment of students

    in News

    Education reporter Cherise M. Newsome joins Pilot Radio to discuss a federal investigation that found Norfolk Public Schools negligent in handling complaints in middle and high schools about sexual harassment and treatment of students with disabilities. Newsome was first to break the story about the investigation, which concluded earlier this year. School leaders heard about the results in May, but not the general public. The Pilot published her story Sept. 27 after Newsome obtained a copy of the report from the U.S. Education Department's Office for Civil Rights. On Sunday, The Pilot is scheduled to publish Newsome’s exclusive interview with the family that spurred the investigation. 

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    Delta County HHS Wrongfull Termination & Sexual Harassment

    in News

    Delta County HHS Wrongfull Termination & Sexual Harassment

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    The G-Spot w. Meka Rae-Do Women Get a Pass in Sexual Harassment?

    in Women

    Hi Bedroom Playmates!

    On this episode of The G-Spot w. Meka Rae we are discussing Sexual Harassment by Women! 

    Sexual Harassment: Is it still considered sexual harassment when a woman (hetero or lesbian) slaps us on the ass, grabs our breast, catcalls us, etc? Why or why not? Is it less offensive when a woman is talking vulgar compared to a man? What about when a female harasses a male? Is it considered sexual harassment when a female gives unwanted attention to a man? 

    In addition...

    Some women tend to take compliments from a woman quicker than they will accept them from a man. Why is this? Is it more believable to hear that you are beautiful from another woman than it is from a man? Is so, why? Is it because of the standards of beauty that are acceptable in society?

    Join us for this lively discussion...


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    The Voice of Europe: Sexual harassment

    in Politics

    On August 30, Lucian Vâlsan, James Huff, Huffnágel Pista and whoever shall call in will be talking about the issue of sexual harassment, whether it’s just another tool of feminist establishment or a well-intended policy that went severely wrong and how individual men can protect their property and liberty from the very harsh, vague and misandric sexual harassment policies.
    Sexual harassment is usually defined as “bullying or coercion of a sexual nature, or the unwelcome or inappropriate promise of rewards in exchange for sexual favors.” Now you can already see that by this definition, almost any innocent behavior can be deemed as sexual harassment.
    And since we live in a culture modeled by feminist-oriented line of thinking, the actual application of the sexual harassment policies ends up screwing men’s lives because they are men.
    The subject is tricky so please join us and call in at (001) 310 388 9709, or Skype in, after the news.
    The show will commence at 7 PM GMT (London, Reykjavik and Lisbon time).
    That is 8 PM CET (Madrid, Paris, Brussels, Rome, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Budapest, Berlin, Vienna, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Bern, Bratislava, Prague, Belgrade, Tirana, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Sarajevo and Skopje time)
    That is 9 PM EET (Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Kiev, Chisinau, Bucharest, Sofia, Athens, Ankara and Nicosia time)
    That is 10 PM FEET (Minsk time)
    And, finally, 11 PM Moscow time.
    For the listeners in America this means 2 PM EST, 1 PM CST, 12 PM MST and 11 AM PST.
    For the listeners in Australia, this means August 31, 2 AM (AWST) in West Australia and 4 AM AEST. (times adjusted in accordance with DST both for Europe and America)

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    in Entertainment

    This week on The Weekly Pulse with Ambro, she talks about the controversial issue of sexual harassment. Host Ambrosha Angel breaks it down and discusses what is sexual harassment, how and why does it happen, and what can be done to prevent it. This is one show that will surely have you talking the next day. 

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    Can You Help Me with My Husband's Sexual Addiction with Carol the Coach

    in Self Help

    Carol the Coach will be answering emails and taking your calls to answer questions about sexual addiction or loving someone who has a sexual addiction. This disorder can wreak havoc in  families with sexual addiction so ask the expert what you can do if you suspect sexual addiction in your life!

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    Sexual Assault

    in Family

    Join hosts Alice Lynch and Sumayya Coleman, and Research commentator Shasme Jackson and they talk to Tracy Wright about the impact of sexual assault on survivors and their families.  We will also discuss innovative ways to engage youth of color around sexual assault and look for better approaches to the lack of response of the criminal justice system to the crime of sexual assault. 

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    This week in Review and what constitutes sexual harassment

    in Lifestyle

    One of the hottest conversations this week has been the video of the young lady walking through NY being "harassed" by quit a few men in the city. While there was one guy who seemed to follow her for 5 minutes (per the onscreen graphic), many seemed to only be speaking, offering compliments and acknowledging her beauty. Well according to the producers fo this video, she was constantly being harassed and she is bringing a stop to it. Join us on this episode as we discuss this in detail. 

    Join us every week for provocative talk radio about everything from God to Hip Hop. From the stock market to the Android market, your mind is to big to be thinking about so little. Join us every week for the conversation! 

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    What is sexual assault?

    in Parents

    Today, our guest will be Ivonne Zucco, Executive Director at The Center for Sexual Assault Crisis Counseling and Education in Stamford, CT. We will discuss sexual violence, and what we as a community can do to prevent it, where the victim can turn for help and what kind of help is available at The Center for Sexual Assault Crisis Counseling and Education.

    Ivonne Zucco has served in a number of roles at The Center for Sexual Assault Crisis Counseling and Education since 2009. In 2011 she became the Executive Director of the agency.

    Ms. Zucco has a particular interest in prevention and believes education is of the utmost importance. The agency spreads awareness through community involvement starting as early as the pre-school years. Ms. Zucco has also played an active role in legislation re: sexual assault.

    The Center for Sexual Assault Crisis Counseling and Education provides free, 24-hour confidential help to men, women and children who have experienced sexual assault, serving the eight towns of lower Fairfield County, CT since 1979. They can be there from the time the victim enters the emergency room, throughout their making a police statement, and remain involved in preliminary court proceedings to the date of trial. They can also be with the victims as the healing takes place, delivering goal-oriented counseling. All of their services are available in English and Spanish.

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    The High Cost Of Sexual Sin

    in Christianity

    1 Cor 6:18-20   says Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a person commits are outside the body, but whoever sins sexually, sins against their own body. Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.  We were bought with a price, and a costly one it was for all the sin of mankind. But its something about sexual sin that has a dangerous and disasterous effect to it. Simply put, its short term pleasure with long term consequences . This perhaps gives real meaning to the phrase "you reap what you sow".....this includes shame, guilt, pain and heart ache as well as a life time of regret. Truly a price we can't pay. The good news however is that Christ understands our struggle with the desires of the flesh and He loves us so much He seeks to save us from the bondage of sin. We must ask ourselves these and many other questions regarding sexual sin. Am I willing to lose my marriage with sexual sin? Am I ready to lose my family, friends to my own lustful cravings? How much am I willing to pay? And the master manipulator, Satan will never tell you the cost of this sin up front but he will be expecting you to pay in the end. Thanks be to God that we already have a way of escape through the cross, becuase Jesus already paid it all.

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