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    Sex & Relationships: Sex Therapy

    in Entertainment

    People have heard the term sex therapist and tonight we bring one on to give you an idea of why you might want to consult one.

    Tonight we welcome Dr. Victoria Lee whose website can be found here

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    Love, Sex, and Relationships

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    Hey listeners!  Thanks for tuning in to Love, Sex, and Relationships!  This is our first show and we will touch on different topics and entertaing questions and answers taking a raw but real approach!  I am also open to open topics but will only entertain those regarding Love, Sex, and Relationships.  Again, thanks for tuning in and I hope you enjoy the show!  Please feel free to call, comment, love, hate, but most importantly please be you!  Peace and love dolls and gents!

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    Let's Talk about SEX . . . and Relationships!

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    Let’s Talk About SEX . . . and Relationships!

    If you’re going to experience a New Year, a New You, then relationships must be at the top of your priority list. Sunday, January 17th, we will address relationships of the “romantic kind”. We are going to have a no holds bar, let it RIP look at Sex and Relationships. Join us for the discussion w/our expert panel:

    Debra Rogers: Award-Winning Author, Screenwriter, Speaker, Coach--this Queen of Breakovers is your best girl expert in the school of love. With years of dating and break up experience, including one crushing break up at eight months pregnant (which evolved into a supportive divorce and loving friendship) – Debra’s earned her relationship MBA.

    Debra offers her relationship expertise as a regular blogger on the Huffington Post and Digital Romance. She’s also contributed to Gal Time and Relationship Headquarters. She’s appeared at the LA Festival of Books, the Women’s Journey Conference, and The Ultimate Women’s Expo. She’s also guested on numerous radio shows and has helped hundreds of women get over their ex and get past self-doubt. Debra’s heartfelt, humorous, tough-love advice has guided women into stepping into their power, passion, and purpose.

    Joining her will be Eboni Harris, a relationship therapist in Houston, Texas and host of Room for Relations: Sex and Relationship Podcast. She specializes in helping couples and individuals improve their communication and intimacy. Get this, she is currently focusing on how being selfish can save your relationship.

    Of course, no show would be right with our Hot Topics and discussion points. We would love to hear your opinion; dial 1-713-955-0793 and press 1 to be live on the air.

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    Boring Sex In Relationships: Let's Discuss

    in Entertainment

    This episode will go over boring relationship sex. Why do we tolerate it? Why do we cheat? 


    Listen in

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    Sex & Relationships: Dick Pix

    in Entertainment

    There is a disturbing trend in which some men think it's OK so send a photo of their member to members of the oppsitte sex. 

    Tonight we discuss this issue and see if we can figure out why some guys do this. As always Maxy The Porch Mouse will chime in with his thoughts on the subject. 

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    Love, Sex & Relationships

    in Relationships

    Are there any good men or women left? Can you trust your mate in today's sex craved environment, or is "friends with benefits" the new in thing? How important is romance when it comes to love, sex and relationships. Find out tonight as we deal with real issues, real people, having a real conversation!

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    Interracial Relationships in 2016

    in Culture

    In today's society we see so much going on. There is the climate of black vs white, with that do people still believe in "Interracial Relationships"? Does your upbrining have a imapact on your decision to date another perosn of a different nationality? Who does it benefit? Why do we see more "Black" men dating/marrying "white" women? Is there a pychological issue behind it all? Listen as we address these issues. #I94Podcast

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    Sex dating and relationships.

    in Entertainment

    Hi angels, Today myself and Vic are going to talk about your first time you had your first kiss and sex.  Was it what you thought?  Would you have waited longer?  Do you have any regrets and do you see it as one amazing experience.

    The show starts at 3.

    The call in number is 760 890 7143.

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    Transgenders,Gender Bending,Societal Role Choices & their Relationships to Sex.

    in Lifestyle

    Tonight's discourse will involve ideas of biological sex and how this relates to gender; is gender more of a mind-life existence than a bodily or 'born this way' dictation? Can issues of gender involve the ultimate social choices and rebellions?

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    Dating, sex and relationships.

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    Hi Angels, Today we are talking about sweetness in your relationships.

    How do you create it? 

    How do you keep it going for yourself and others in your life?

    The show starts at 2 pm east coast.

    The call in number is 760 890 7143.


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    Succulent Wild Love, a new philosophy of love and relationships for everyone

    in Relationships

    This week on Relationships 2.0 my guests are SARK and Dr. John Waddell authors of Succulent Wild Love: Six Poweful Habits For Feeling More Love More Often

    This is a new philosophy of love and relationships for everyone

    Relationships do not require compromise or sacrifice
    You can create joyful solutions instead

    SARK has made a career out of sharing her personal, journal-like writings and art, and inspiring others with her vulnerable and honest journeys toward self-acceptance. She has helped her legions of fans craft lives filled with joy, creativity, and self-love — and she even married herself in a “statement of self-liberation” described in Succulent Wild Woman. And yet SARK had one big secret wish: overcoming her fears to commit to an intimate life partnership. So she embarked on a “Covert Love Operation,” and, after much soul-shaping, it culminated in her meeting psychologist and spiritual teacher Dr. John Waddell — and discovering Succulent Wild Love. They now teach and mentor together using the principles in this book — six powerful habits that can transform any relationship or open you to create the partnership you want.

    About the authors:

    SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) is a bestselling author, artist, and teacher. She comes from a background of creative expression and inspires others through her teachings in her 16 bestselling books, products, and programs to support empowered living. SARK’s purpose is to be an uplifter, a transformer, and a laser beam of love. She does that through her art, words, and spirit.

    For over 30 years, Dr. John Waddell’s work has focused on helping individuals and couples lead happier lives. Whether in his clinical psychology practice or in his teaching of metaphysics, his approach has been to provide concrete tools and practices that help people create the lives they want.