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  • 01:33

    Revelation Concerning Sowing and Reaping

    in Christianity

    Do we as Christian believers understand the truth behind sowing and reaping? This is a very controversial subject within the church today and many church leaders either avoid the topic or teach erroneously the truth concerning the principle of sowing and reaping. The lack of true understanding has locked up the ability of most within the church to come into a state of true prosperity and is directly responsible for the spirit of selfishness that now dominates the church and the lives of Christians around the world. Join us as we uncover biblical understanding connected to this sensative topic. To for more information concerning this ministry or to become a monthly covenant supporter vistit our website at kogwoc.org for more details.

  • 02:09

    vampires myth or reality

    in Culture

    Vampires...alot can be said to their existance or not. Truth is that there is actually reality behind all the movies that we see. Valhensing and dracula do exsist. People do drink blood on a regular, are extremely sensative to sun light, are born with fangs, can sniff out anothers blood. All myths are backed up by some truths.

  • 02:57

    What truth makes a man angry

    in Lifestyle

    We all know men have very sensative egos. But what really would get a man mad the most if a statement were made public by a woman and the statement were true? Everyone is different so the answer may very from man to man. Women usually have a tendacy to know what statement works best for what man they are dealing with though, call it woman's intuition.

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    #TRUTALK Charleston.... Social Media vs. The Media w/#BLKGOP and Ms. Shell

    in Current Events

    During this sensative time following the Charleston shootings we have to ask about the that impact social media has on the actual media. On this episode #BLKGOP, Ms. Shell and other members of TRU RADIO Network cover the Charleston shootings and the racial tension that followed on social media. Trust us when we say we are about to go ALL THE WAY IN on this one. We will be covering the possibility of a race war and why some out there support the idea. Did Dylann act alone? He said so but is he just an ant thats part of a bigger movement? Check us out to get the hard hitting opinions from the people. 


    TRU RADIO Network



  • 02:00

    #BLKGOP and #TRUTALK takes on the Baltimore riots and more!

    in History

    Tonight on #TRUTALK hosts #BLKGOP and Ms.Shell tackle the single issue that's grabbed the attention of the nation. The Baltimore "riots". We will cover what possibly happened to Freddie Gray and the other issues that make a strong difference in this sensative situation. As usual the hosts of #TRU RADIO NETWORK will make an apperance to give a completely fair opinion. This is not another one of those "F" the cops shows. This is NOT one of those shows calling everyone THUGS shows. What you can count on is a balance of opinions. WELCOME TO #TRUTALK! TURN ON, TUNE IN, AND TURN UP!!!!

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    "Democratic views "vs" Republican views. Which side are you REALLY on?"

    in Entertainment

    Are you socialbly conservative, or are you socialbly liberal? Are you physically conservative, or are you physically liberal? Do you believe marriage should be between a man and woman?..By the way,"(This is a conservative view, NOT liberal)".  Do you feel that welfare is hurting this country, or do you think certain stipulations should be in place for certain people? And lastly, Do you belive the United States Boarder should be sercured in order to stop illegal immigrants from coming into this country?... Well, you will have the opportunity to get in on these issues concerning both parties-- right here in the fast life playhouse this evening. You will also be able to call in and share your views, as well. this is by far a sensative and controversy topic. Also in this same segment, we will have the pleasure of welcoming to the building, Actress, Singer, and Model, the beautiful and very talented--Rahkua Ishakara, to talk about her endevors--- This should be good!...So, Please Please Please stay locked in with the queens of blog talk radio, as we are prepared to bring yall another fire show!!!. 

    Authoress Carolyn B.


  • 01:57

    Sound off with Sinn

    in Entertainment

    I see so many artists wanting nothing more than someone to "listen to their music" and give an honest critique. Well you found the show to do exactly that. Sound off is exactly as it sounds, your music is played and the hosts, special guests as well as the listeners will SOUND OFF on whether they like your song or they don't! Sensative artists need not apply. 

  • 00:28

    What Can We Do to Prevent Child Abuse?

    in Health

    Join host Tami Neumann as she sits down in conversation with Ginger Kadlec as they discuss child abuse prevention. Ginger is a trained child forensic interviewer, blogger (writer) and child advocate  She will discuss what we can do as parents to prevent abuse and empower our children to do the same.  Through her work she hopes to facilitate more communication between children and their parents about sensative issues. 

    For more information about Ginger Kadlec and her work in preventing child abuse through edcucation, visit her website http://www.gingerkadlec.com/  


  • 00:13

    Andy Leaves the Show-Post Show

    in Radio

    Post Show with Myk and Erik. 

    Andy's warm heart finally gets the best of him as he makes the deciscion to leave the show for good just as the show reaches nearly halk a million  listeners. His fuse was fully ignited in the aftermath of the show, leading to the ultimate " quitting " of his position. The battle went on between andy and basically just andy. This is a promo of tomorrow nights show. 9/20/2014 at 11PM MST 9PM PSDT

    He even went so far as to "Unlike" the shows facebook page

  • 01:29

    Gay For Pay / Do It for the Vine

    in Radio

    Headliner, Janelle Ambrosia of Buffalo, NY.   Yes lets talk about this young lady who just abused the word more than I have ever heard in a movie.  She thought nothing of it and she did all this in front of her children.  Talk about parental guidance or lack there.  I would love to hear from feed back on this from you all.

    Today show we touch on a sensative subject, Gay for pay.  How serious can one take someone take another when they tell them that they only do gay for the money,  but they are not gay.  I know, there is a strange bewildered look on your face wondering,  are you kidding me.   Now most people would think that ok he is not gay because he is doing it for the money. But you are still having sex or some type of sexual interaction with another man.  Join me as we take a look into this questionable postion of one that decides to get into "Gay ". 


    Also we will talk about one of the hottest video apps out, VINE.  Everyone is on Vine and if you are not, then I'm sure there is a reason.  What is Vine all about? Has it turned into another sex app or is it still an app that everyone can use and not worry about running to a vid of someone jacking off.  Well of course that wont happen unless you are following that person,  as of now.  But lets see who all will be down with doing it for the Vine, cause I aint gonna do it. 

  • 02:00

    Real Talk with Twin Radio

    in Entertainment

    Twin brothers Carnell & Darnell Alexander brings their REAL TALK FB GROUP to the airwaves. NOT for the weak and sensative though. SO BEWARE!