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    The DG Show - Selfishness... Who is holding us up?

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    Join The DG Show as we take a look at how selfishness affetcs everyone around us. How just worrying about you will ultimately hurt you. 

    And of course the post of the week wil be up first, Visual Thoughts Facebook group.

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    Let's face it fam. No one is being fully HONEST with themselves & their mate(s) when it comes to Sex in the Bedroom. Women are faking ORGASMS & men are lying about their sexual prowess. This equals to a lot of people going a lifetime suffering from either mediocre or horrible sex.

    There can be many pluses & minuses to the Swingers Lifestyle. The pluses are being Open with your partner, Threesomes, Sexual freedom, etc. However the minuses are Cheating, Dishonesty, & Selfishness. A lot of women are not able to truly fulfill their SEXUAL DESIRES because it may upset the man. Bringing another woman into the fold is welcomed, however when his lady wants to bring another man in to the fold, the answer is mostly always NO!!! STOP BEING SELFISH MEN!!! This EPIDEMIC has to stop.

    Join Me & my co-hosts Mia Miata , Lesley Tavernier, & Jasmine P. Rain for another EPIC discussion with some of our favorite Lifestyle Swingers friends.

    Sexpert Blogger Glamazon Tyomi of www.GlamErotica101.com will be doing her 'Sex Position of the Week' segment.

    Real talk for Real adults. Cum put some CHAMPAGNE in your CAMPAIGN!!!

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    American Selfishness: Another Step on the Road to Decline

    in Current Events

    The Torch Leadership Foundation’s Cross in Culture Podcast #6

    This week, many Americans were shocked by the comments of some people who are seen as conservative leaders regarding two American medical workers who contracted the deadly Ebola virus and were brought back to the United States for treatment. Dr. Kent Brantly, who was working with Samaritan’s Purse at a hospital in Liberia, was brought back to the U.S. on August 2 after he tested positive for Ebola. He is being treated in isolation at the Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. Another medical missionary, Nancy Writebol, who was working with Service in Mission in Liberia, is also being treated there.

    It seems quite obvious that, at the very least, taking care of our own, no matter how dangerous the disease is, is the Christian, American, and humane thing to do. However, based on their comments in media interviews this past week, Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Ann Coulter don’t think so. 

    In their comments, Coulter and Trump seemed to suggest that those who sacrifice their own personal comfort to bring help to those who are less fortunate do not deserve our compassion when they face affliction because of it. Coulter wrote, "If Dr. Brantly had practiced at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles and turned one single Hollywood power-broker to Christ, he would have done more good for the entire world than anything he could accomplish in a century spent in Liberia." Donald Trump said, "The U.S. cannot allow Ebola infected people back. People that go to far away places to help out are great -- but must suffer the consequences." 



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    Women Warriors - Healthy Selfishness

    in Women

    Join us on Apr 16th at Noon ET, as we discuss the topic of Healthy Selfishness with Giorgina Liguori.   Learn the importance and criticality of healthy selfishness to thrive in your life.

    Giorgina Liguori is certified as a teacher and guidance counselor. She works with Cambridge University in England teaching American high school kids writing and literature - college level courses. For most of her life, she was a professional writer: television and newspapers.  She has a novel out on Amazon called Samsara and you can check out the trailer for it on YOUTUBE. Giorgina Liguori, Samsara. Giorgina has two graduate degrees in psychology and has taught psychology and women studies on the college level. For the last eighteen years, she has run women's groups, parenting groups and groups for teens and tweens. Her message for women and all parents is healthy selfishness. If you are not taking care of yourself, you can't take care of anyone else. An angry woman does not have a happy relationship with her husband, boyfriend or partner. A resentful woman does not raise happy children.

    Giorgina is a born and bred New Yorker, downtown girl: The Village, SoHo and the last 20 years in Tribeca. BUT, I she lived in Morocco for two years and the furthest place for this New Yorker, a mountain top in North Carolina. Now, she spends most of her time in Florida, but goes "home" to NY as often as she can.

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    The Father Matters Show - Selfishness in Marriage with Chris & Carmen Garner

    in Dads and Family

    On our show today we discuss Selfishness in Marriage with Chris and Carmen Garner.  We all marry thinking that the “honeymoon” will never end; that the euphoric feelings of love will always be there, but the Apostle Paul wrote to the Corinthians that those who marry will have trouble (1Cor. 7:28). Yes, there will be trouble from the outside; illness, financial problems, problems with children, but often the problems couples experience come from one or both spouses’ selfishness. James 4:1 points this out; “What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don’t they come from your desires that battle within you?” Each spouse’s own selfishness tends to be the biggest problem in marriage.

    Guest Speaker Information:
    Fortified Marriages Ministry
    Phone: 480-699-2515
    E-mail: info@fortifiedmarriages.com
    Website: www.fortifiedmarriages.com


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    The level of selfishness

    in Religion

    There is a level of selfishness in the Body of Christ. We must face it and conquer it to reach our destined place in the Kingdom of God.

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    Ignorance, Selfishness and Greed...

    in News

    Why is it that blacks believe that a luxury car, a big house and a nice wardrobe  equates to success? Who should take ownership for blacks being the largest consumers when statistics reflect that 70% of them live in poverty? Join Ms Cyndi Tuesday December 12, 2013 at 8pm est. Call in and listen 858-956-2114 or log in www.blogtalkradio.com/mscyndi to join us in the chat room.

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    A Look At Selfishness - The Enemy Of Charity!

    in Christianity

    Friday is a BIG day on Following The Truth.  In the first half of the show, Catholic Evangelist Gary Zimak will discuss "The Hidden Power of Kindness".  Based on a book by Fr. Lawrence Lovasik, Gary will illustrate the importance of kindness in our dealings with others.  Jesus commands us to "love one another", but many Christians violate this command on a daily basis.  In this episode, you'll learn all about selfishness and how it is the enemy of charity.  In addition, Gary will read and discuss the Sunday Mass Readings.  What better way to end the week, but by tuning into a Following The Truth double header?!!!

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    Selfishness! What an evil?

    in Spirituality

    Let's talk about selfishness and all the evils it includes. Hence we cannot be decived as it hides, fooling us to go after some "milder " evil. It's so clear that the way we think directly impacts our lives. Join us as we share insights that help us understand God, change our conciousness and our concepts about who we really are.

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    Discussing about people's selfish action and attitudes toward life.

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    Selfish Divorce Radio with Greg W Anderson Episode #6

    in Relationships

    In this episode Greg will be covering how to deal with ANGER, FEAR, RESENTMENT and learning to TRUST again?

    As always the second half of the show Greg will be covering one of the Core 4 areas of your life that not only help you recover from your divorce or break up but will help you become better and stronger than EVER.

    Our physical body will be the topic of the day. He will be covering why if you are not doing something to cause you to sweat every morning you are leaving a huge part or your energy, love, wellbeing and even money on the table. 

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