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    The Importance of Self-Love, Self-Care & Consciousness

    in Self Help

    Learn to Love yourself more, Care for yourself more & connect with your inner being to lead you to wellness!

    Our special guest is, Akhenaten S'L'M-Bey!

    As a young child, Mr. Bey heard the message of Love & answered the call to minister hope & healing to the people! For nearly 42 years his message has been broadcasted globally through the airwaves and in lectures. AKA "The Witch Doctor", Mr. Bey currently serves his community in a 30 year tenure at WRFG 89.3 FM/Atlanta. He also serves through Truth & Transformation Ministries, Preamble More Trust & Moorish & Science Temple of America.

    Mr. Bey's desire is to make all of humanity aware of the shift in consciousness, which is taking place on our planet today & how you can get to a place of wellness through Self-Love!




  • Choosing Self-Care and Taking Care of You

    in Motivation

    October is the month we are talking about the "self-care" wedge of our sefl-empowerment wheel. We started this self-empowerment wheel in February of this year. Next month we will be talking about the ability to create and then in December we will do a summary of the 2015 empowerment wheel.

    Join me today as we review how important it is to take good care of ourselves..and how easy it really is. We often feel like we don’t have any time or energy left to take good care of ourselves. We need to keep our tank full and take care of ourselves if we want to be of service to others. Learn quick and simple strategies that you can easily incorporate into your life to enjoy better health, happiness and well-being.


    Connect with Bonnie at www.coachbonniegroessl.com  

    Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CoachBonnieGroessl

    Amazon link for Bonnie Groessl  (books and audios) http://tinyurl.com/kkfy4m8




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    Embracing SELF-CARE

    in Psychology


    Most people think of self-care in terms of personal hygiene and maintenance; however, at essence self-care is a life-time exercise that requires a great amount of understanding and attention.

    In this interview you will find self-care as the learned, purposeful and continuous cultivation of self in a comprehensive sense, in all areas of life. By learning, identifying, confronting, and moving beyond self-limiting thought patterns that restrict us from being our own best advocates, we are able to focus on the essential personal responsibilities of life in terms of self-care.

    Join Dr. Sadigh and his special guest, Kathryn Ford, the Founder and President of Excellence Institute and realize how you can address the special needs of YOUR self-care. Kathryn is a master life coach, consultant, speaker, and author specializing in health, well-being, and maintaining youthfulness. Tune in to learn about her "TOP 3 Self-Care Secrets”.

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    Self Care, Self Love, and Building Community in The Dreaming Tree.

    in Spirituality

    I'm joined today but one of my favorite cool business friends here in New York. She owns and operates one of the best hoistic spas and conscious communities around. We will chat about some of our favorite subjects: Self Care and Self Love. For more info: dreamtoheal.com




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    Rejuvenation Station: Achieving Balance and Self-Care

    in Health

    The Rejuvenation Station is all about self-care for nurses. Feeling tired after work? Not sure how to fit in movement and healthy eating? Want to re-charge your passion for your career? Join us Fridays at 11 am Eastern with host, Elizabeth "Coach" Scala as she interviews holistic healers, nurses and health care professionals, and experts from around the globe! You do so much for others; Isn't it about time you took care of yourself? 

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    Increase Your Productivity with Self-Care

    in Women

    You're a busy woman with a lot to do. Heck, you probably have too much to do. And, what are the first things you sacrifice in the name of 'productivity' and 'getting things done'? Well, anything that you do for you usually gets tossed aside. You sacrifice your sleep. You grab whatever is convenient to eat (and it usually isn't healthy!). Exe rcise is a thing of the past. And sex?? Forget about that!

    Yet, best-selling author and guest Holli Rovenger wants to challenge that conventional wisdom. She says the best way to get things done is to take care of you. Making yourself a priority will actually boost your productivity. Stop saying NO to your own needs. Say Yes and you and your productivity will be better for it!

    Website: www.hollirovenger.com


    The LIttle Black Book of Sassy and Blissful Suggestions 
    The Simple and Sassy Guide to Financial Empowerment 


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    Save Your Sanity: Making Self Care Work for You!

    in Self Help

    For many of us, self-care is something that ends up on the back burner, if we leave room for it at all.  In our busyness and the demands of daily life, we may think self-care is a luxury that we just don't have time for.  The truth is, we're all under epidemic levels of stress, and self-care is one of the most effective, empowering, and sane ways you can reduce stress and live a better, healthier life.  And another truth is, if you don't take care of your self now, others will do it FOR you sooner rather than later - in the form of doctors, hospitals, family members, and the list goes on and on....  

    Sharissa Sebastian is a certified life and leadership coach for women. Her passion is helping women break free from being stuck, overwhelmed, and stressed to live a life of passion, purpose, joy and fulfillment. She has a desire to help women succeed and live their best life. Sharissa is also a speaker, writer and co-owner of Stop.Smile.Breathe. Women's Retreats. To learn more, visit www.sharissasebastian.com.

    Charles Gosset is a Certified Professional Coach and founder of Full Integration Coaching, an organization that works with individuals and organizations to create long-lasting, sustainable change from the inside out. His passion is helping people to overcome the limitations that are holding them back, giving them the clarity they need to reimagine the possibilities for their life, and empowering them to take charge of their future.  To learn more, visit www.fullintegrationcoaching.com. 

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    Holiday Prep: Self Care

    in Food

    It's November, the time of year for many of us to look multiple Holidays in the face. Planning, cleaning, cooking, shopping, all kinds of events and "must-do" items on the list - how to navigate the next month or so with grace and serenity? Self-care can usually be found at the bottom of the "to do" list, but what happens if we actually put it nearer its rightful place, at the top? Click in to hear a few ways (herbal and otherwise!) to do just that. Perhaps we can consciously have a better season - any season - if we pay a little more attention to what our bodies and spirits truly need.  

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    Rejuvenation Station: Achieving Balance and Self-Care

    in Health

    Are you tired of being stressed, run down, or distracted?  Want to enhance your focus and concentration?  Looking to listen to your SELF a bit more?  Check out this week's show as we interview Mary Elaine Kiener of ASK ME House.  Mary Elaine brings a wealth of knowledge – plus extensive experience within both allopathic and complementary health traditions – to her practice of Courageous Self-Care™. 

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    Self-Care, Stress, Time Management and Adult ADD / ADHD

    in Self Help

    Tara McGillicuddy welcomes back Lynne Edris to ADHD Support Talk Radio. Tara and Lynne will be discussing important issues related to Self-Care, Stress, Time Mangement and Adult ADD / ADHD.

    ADHD Support Talk Radio host Tara McGillicuddy is an internationally recognized ADD / ADHD expert. She is also a top ADHD Coach the founder of ADDClasses.com.

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    Self-Care in Central Park With Alby Tello

    in Culture

    How do we care for our loved ones and support the communities we serve without experiencing burnout? On Thursday, August 27, 2015, Alby Tello, MSW, joined Priscilla Dyer for a timely chat about self-care.

    To learn more about Gather4Good, visit www.gather-4-good.org.