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    Rejuvenation Station: Achieving Balance and Self-Care

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    The Rejuvenation Station is all about self-care for nurses. Feeling tired after work? Not sure how to fit in movement and healthy eating? Want to re-charge your passion for your career? Join us Fridays at 11 am Eastern with host, Elizabeth "Coach" Scala as she interviews holistic healers, nurses and health care professionals, and experts from around the globe! You do so much for others; Isn't it about time you took care of yourself? 

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    Rejuvenation Station: Achieving Balance and Self-Care

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    Are you tired of being stressed, run down, or distracted?  Want to enhance your focus and concentration?  Looking to listen to your SELF a bit more?  Check out this week's show as we interview Mary Elaine Kiener of ASK ME House.  Mary Elaine brings a wealth of knowledge – plus extensive experience within both allopathic and complementary health traditions – to her practice of Courageous Self-Care™. 

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    Harmony West, MA Soulfull Self-Care

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    Are you galloping through this year of the Horse?
    Learn quick and easy ways to care for your body, mind and spirit!
    Begin your day Centered and Grateful
    Calm your Body’s Stress Response
    Ground Yourself in the Present Moment
    Love Yourself Exactly Where You Are!


    Parenting Coach, Family Health and Wellness Educator, Energy Medicine Practitioner and Circle Facilitator. Harmony will show us ways to calm the stress response and invite radiance into our busy, over-filled lives. She will show us how to use everyday moments in our lives as intentional acts of simple, yet very deep, self-care. Discover how you can weave breath, thought and intent into a beautiful tapestry of self-care and healing for your body, mind, heart and spirit.




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    Season 2: Empowerment: Harmony Rose West, MA Self-Care Revolution

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    Soul-Full Self-Care: Intentionally Tending to Your Spirit

    Harmony is a born teacher and healer with a passion for growth, and a mission to support her fellow humans in their health, well-being and spiritual development.

    Her four plus decades of personal growth and learning have created a massive "toolbox" of powerful tools and modalities to support others in becoming the magnificent, powerful, loving beings that they truly are.

    Someone who truly "walks her talk", Harmony is a wise woman of deep wisdom and knowledge who has dedicated her life to education, healing, and the flowering of a new paradigm – one that starts inside each one of us.

    To learn more about Harmony Rose West, click here.

    Call Topic: Soul-Full Self-Care: Intentionally Tending to Your Spirit

    Learn Simple Ways to Calm Down the Stress Response and Feel Better Within Minutes
    Get Grounded and Feel More Connected to Both Your Body AND the Earth
    Nurture Yourself in Little Ways that Deeply Impact on Your Health and Well-Being
    Celebrate Now and Gratefully Anchor in the Powerful Present

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    Rejuvenation Station: Achieving Balance and Self-Care

    in Health

    Want to really figure out how to juggle it all? Interested in creating healthy balance in your life? Do you want health, fun, family, and friends all to take the same stage as work? I am so excited to share this week's show with you. We will interview Christine Myles Hasbrouck, the owner of the Grey Swan Inn. I can say with confidence we really will learn some tips for doing it all as Christine shares: "Of the many positions that I have had thru-out my adulthood, inn-keeping has to be the best! I am hostessing, planning, scheduling, bookkeeping, juggling tasks, cooking, serving, entertaining, cleaning, marketing, greeting....." Join us as we discuss healthy balance and self-care for busy professionals!

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    Self - Love and Being Self - Full

    in Spirituality

    Join Nicole as she discusses Self - Love.  Please feel free to join in on the discussion.  Nicole will be having a Self - Full Living workshop on Saturday, May 2, 2015.  Nicole has a practice in Olympia, Washington.  To contact her  please call or text 541-450-1250, email che@chenergy.us or check her website www.chenergy.us . Thank you for listening!

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    What Should I be Looking for in Excellent Home Care for my Loved One?

    in Health

    Welcome to our NEW Time and Format

    Giving us more time for conversation I have extended Conversations In Care to an hour and will be introducing you to Tony Fischer and The Fischer Report.  Join us in conversation!  

    This Week on Conversations In Care

    Let's welcome Aishling Dalton - Kelly.  Aishling is going to help us understand how to find the best Home Care Team for your family and loved ones.  She will help us to understand what to look for and the best questions to ask, to know that you have found a great fit.

    Leran more about Aishling

    Aishling Dalton-Kelly was born and raised in Ireland and is the youngest of ten daughters.  She committed to helping those who are aging after her father was diagnosed with a terminal illness and she watched her mother develop dementia.

    Aishling worked closely with her nine sisters to make decisions to care for her mother and father; keeping them home, healthy and happy for as long as they possibly could.  It was through this hands-on and very personal experience that the idea of AishlingCompanion Home Care was born.  The goal in this work is to provide the same level of care for your family's loved ones asAishling was able to provide for her own aging parents.

    Aishling is a dedicated mother of four and business woman.  All of her work building Aishling Companion Home Care is dedicated to her mother and father for the wonderful childhood and life of beautiful traditions and memories that were created for her and her sisters.   


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    Psychic self care

    in Paranormal


    Welcome to the Psychic coffee shop, hosted by Aeson Knight and Raine Love

    Aeson Knight is a master psychic of more than 20 years.  He is a certified clairvoyant who host an international clientele from average house wives to government officials.


    Raine Love is a trained medium with skills to contact crossed over loved ones and also a wonderful empathic clairvoyant with specialization in love and relationships.  These two energies combined this promises to be an inspirational, as well as empowering hour of you week.


    we will be co-hosting the psychic coffee shop where we en courage you to relax with a cup of coffee and tune into a comfortable environment that will provide you with answers and solutions to the issues you are dealing with in life.

    This week our main topic is Law of Attraction and how to use it, Plus our Hot coffee chat topics


    It is our goal to not only provide you will pertinent subject matters that pertain to your life, including current event discussion, but offer you tools and information to assist you on your life path journey.


    We will be covering subject areas such as, psychic phenomenon, current hot topic issues, how to build a relationship.  We will also include various points of view on what we are all doing here in this life.


    You are welcome to participate in our chat room and have the opportunity to receive a free reading at the end of each show.

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    Delivering One Less Worry with Culinary Care

    in Health

    In 2006 Courtney White, lost her father due to cancer.  During this turbulent time she remembers, family, friends and neighbors providing meals for her family.  The meals gave her family one less thing to worry about, but also gave them nourishment and hope.

    Through this experience Courtney founded Culinary Care.  

    Join me as I sit down in conversation with Courtney White to learn more about Culinary Care and how they help families in the Chicagoland area.

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    Dr. Norm Shealy On Join The Self Care Revolution

    in Health

    We are excited to have Dr. Norm Shealy join us on Join The Self Care Revolution.  Here is a bit about Norm for you to review...  C.  NORMAN SHEALY, MD, PhD is a neurosurgeon, psychologist, and founding president of the American Holistic Medical Association. For over three decades, he has been at the forefront of alternative medicine and alternative health care. He holds ten patents for innovative discoveries in medicine, has published more than 300 articles, and authored more than 24 books. He is the co-founder of the American Board of Scientific Medical Intuition, and perhaps the world’s foremost medical expert on medical intuition.   

    Join on this wonderful call and remember... you can join Dr. Norm Shealy at our live event in June at Sante Fe Soul!   We would love to meet you there

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    Self-Care in a Bottle

    in Religion

    This week, Beth Weatherford will be our guest.  She is a wife, mother, nurse, molecular hydration specialist, and a wellness educator for Enagic's Kangen Water.  Beth was a critical care nurse for 15 years before she joined the Enagic's Kagen Water team 3 years ago.  Since then, she has traveled throughout the United States to learn, train, and educate others about this amazing water.  What in the world is so special about THIS water,? Join Dr. Pauline and Catherine for the show and find out.  As always, we welcome your comments and questions through Facebook (Dunamas Center Ministries), and Twitter (@YourDunamasLife).

    ***WE MOVED INTO OUR OWN BUILDING!  Watch our website, Facebook, and Twitter pages for more information about how God is growing Dunamas Center Ministries***

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