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    Segregation or Integration?

    in Culture

    Let’s CHop up some #Currents: Stacey Dash and her opinion on Jada Pinkett Smith’s call to boycott the Oscars, “Black Viv’s” comments toward Will and Jada about their Boycott, Should Chris Rock Not Host the Oscars? Should Blacks care if they aren’t accepted by white culture? Ayize and Aiyanna MAat – Connections in relationships being a MUST, Last but FAR from least, the Flint MIchagan poisend water supply, and the Governor, should he be fired?

    Tune in tonight from Midnight till 2AM (347)637-3528…

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    Lyric's Lounge: Write Wednesday - Is Segregation Necessary?

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    This week's show will be about if it is necessary to bring back segregation in order to rebuild our villages. Miriam Amore wants to know when did the world change to where everyone speaks slang more than they use appropriate grammar.

    We will talk to the cast of Murder at the Bank, which is a murder mystery theatre that will be held in Hoover, AL at the Comedy Club Stardome this Friday, May 22nd. Doors will open at 7, showtime  @ 8pm

    1818 Data Drive Hoover, AL 35216 Contact phone: 205-444-0008


    We will also speak to Calera, AL author, Byron De'Vinner and talk about his autobiography, The Byron De'Vinner Story "From Miracle Child to Miracle Worker"

    Call in!!! 267-521-0176

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    KJR 05-29-15 - Was Segregation Good For Blacks?

    in Politics Conservative

    Topics - 5-29-15 

    Plus sized model

    Was segregation good for blacks? 

    Spelling bee

    I've decided to sell my carbon footprint 

    Clinton's income vs the rest of America 

    Rich and poor gap

    In the history of sudden wealth loss. Li Hejun may have set a new record 

    Economy sucks 

    Ethnic studies removed from UNC system 

    The class of 2015 is glad the unemployment rate is lower 

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    Boycotts, segregation, Hollywood

    in Women

    There is trouble in paradise of Hollywood. The Oscar's have started too much talk and African Americans are mad that they are not getting acknowledged the same way as others have been. So much tea to spill and so little time. Join us tonight as we kick off the new year with our first show of the year on As I Sip My Tea Honey!

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    O Ye Drybones : government sponsored segregation THE KERNER COMMISSION

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    In Baltimore in 1910, a black Yale law school graduate purchased a home in a previously all-white neighborhood,The Baltimore city government reacted by restricting African Americans to designated blocks. Explaining the policy, Baltimore’s mayor proclaimed, “Blacks should be quarantined in isolated slums in order to reduce the incidence of civil disturbance, to prevent the spread of communicable disease into the nearby White neighborhoods, and to protect property values among the White majority.”Thus began a century of federal, state, and local policies to quarantine Baltimore’s black population in isolated slums—policies that continue to the present day.In 1968, following hundreds of similar riots nationwide, a commission appointed by President Lyndon Johnson concluded that “[o]ur nation is moving toward two societies, one black, one white—separate and unequal” and that “[s]egregation and poverty have created in the racial ghetto a destructive environment totally unknown to most white Americans.” The Kerner Commission (headed by Illinois Governor Otto Kerner) added that “[w]hat white Americans have never fully understood—but what the Negro can never forget—is that white society is deeply implicated in the ghetto. White institutions created it, white institutions maintain it, and white society condones it.”When the Kerner Commission blamed “white society” and “white institutions,” it employed euphemisms to avoid naming the culprits everyone knew at the time. It was not a vague white society that created ghettos but government—federal, state, and local.In 1917, the U.S. Supreme Court found ordinances like Baltimore’s 1910 segregation rule unconstitutional, not because they abridged African Americans’ rights to live where they could afford, but because they restricted the property rights of (white) homeowners to sell to whomever.

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    in The Bible

    Is segregation in the body of Christ

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    SILENT WORDS UNLEASHED - integration vs segregation

    in Education

       SILENT WORDS UNLEASHED silentwordsunleashed.co


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    Apartheid/segregation is Zionism!

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    Zionism is racism, is segregation,  is apartheid, is all over the world.

    But, more so in Israel.  Israel is a  brutal society that has no interest other than subjugation of its "lesser than" people. Palestinians, Arabs in general and especially black folks.  Everyday instances of murders, beatings, and arrests of the "lesser thans" don't get broadcast by any media outside the Occupied Territories unless there is a "war" going on like back in 2012-13 when CNN, MSNBC, and ABC were looking at it from the Israeli point of view.  I believe FOX phoned their reports from London, safe place that.  

    The news from OT are from local citizen journalists and photographers that are in the middle of fight for their rights.  The only outlets are you and me and blogs that have the balls to carry the messages against Israel's atrocities.



    Call me  -  702-444-8422  -  Let's talk

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    King Hamm is finally back on the air with "The King's Hour" it's been 2 years since I been on the air and  I'm happy to be back to inform people with stimulating conversation especally for Black History Month! ... This episode I will have a discussion about SEGREGATION/DESEGREGATION "DID IT MAKE OR BREAK US ESPECIALLY IN THESE DAYS?" I will discuss the history of  SEGREGATION/DESEGREGATION and lead us up to these days and times ... I will be joined by some guest host that will give their opinions about this topic so sit back and get ready for the return of me King Hamm and "The King's Hour" 

    As always. Call in to listen to th show live or click the link to come into the chatrooms and listen live ...
    Call in number (323) 870-4619 Press 1 to join in the conversation or just sit and listen to the show .... and as always 

    #LetsGOLetsGETIT !! #TKH15 


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    In the Footsteps of Birmingham's Civil Rights History

    in Travel

    Birmingham, Alabama is considered ground zero in the civil rights movement.  In the 1950s, African-Americans of all ages in Birmingham drew a proverbial line in the sand against racial segregation.  Their stories, struggles and ultimate success over Jim Crow laws is on display at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute in an effort to keep the stories of this dark chapter in American history alive.

    Across the street from the Civil Rights Institute is the 16th Street Baptist Church where a 1963 bombing that killed four young girls changed the course of history in Birmingham and America.  We will walk through this church that has, today, become a place to unify a community and people from all over the world.

    Downtown Birmingham is the home to the Civil Rights Heritage Trail.  Kelly Ingrham Park, also known as Freedom Park, was the staging area for many of the demonstrations that took place in Birmingham led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth and others.  Today, Freedom Parkt is a sculpture garden that honors those who peacefully demonstrated. 

    We will revisit our conversation with jazz legend, the late Frank "Doc" Adams.  He shared his music and life with us when we met him at the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame just weeks before his passing at the age of 86.

    Photos:  Tonya Fitzpatrick.  All rights reserved.

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    Reflecting On Dr. Martin Luther King: When The Cause Is Greater Than YOU

    in Business

    Tomorrow would have marked Dr. Martin Luther King’s 87th birthday, had an assassin’s bullet not cut short his life to a mere 39 years.  But when you think about what he accomplished in such a short life, you can’t help but marvel at the symbolic victory he continues to win each and every year since his death.  

    Within a little more than 40 years this country would elect its FIRST Black President.

    The walls of segregation would come tumbling down in may places around the United States.

    An African American woman would transform her TV talk show to become one of the richest and most respected personalities in the world.

    And oppressed people from Australia to South Africa would use the teachings of Dr. King to dismantle the discriminatory practices used to keep them for achieving their dreams.

    That’s just the short list of countless developments around the world that stemmed from the ashes of a dreamer who died on the job.

    Dr. King realized that the “Cause” was greater than he could ever imagine.  And his life reminds us that we must pursue just causes and solve tough challenges that are waiting for our time and talent to tackle.  

    We’ll wrestle with this challenge as we celebrate the life and legacy of a man of action for ALL times.