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    MERS & Securitization

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    Hello folks and thank you for joining me for another episode of the ADR-NOW! Internet Radio Webinar.  I am your host, Anthony Johnson.
    In this episode, we will talk about MERS and the Securitization process.  MERS, the Mortgage Electronic Registration System has been named the nomiee for the original lender, its successors and assigns for many home mortgages, and we need to talk about how MERS may have impacted your mortgage.
    MERS was created to eliminate the need for the executing and recording of assignment of mortgages, with the idea that MERS would be the mortgagee of record.  This would allow MERS to foreclose on the property, and at the same time, assist the lenders in avoiding the recording of Assignments of Beneficiary on loans sold. 
    Since neither MERS nor the servicer have a beneficial interest in the note, nor do they receive the income from the payments, and since it is actually an employee of the servicer signing the Assignment in the name of MERS , the Assignment executed by the MERs employee is illegal.  The actual owner of the note has not executed the Assignment to the new party.  An assignment of mortgage in the absences of the assignment and physical delivery of the note will result in a nullity of the assignment.
    For more information on MERS and Securitization please contact A. Johnson & Associates, LLC at 888-502-0586 or www.adr-now.com.
    DISCLAIMER: We are not attorneys.  We are not engaged in rendering legal advice.  We are Alternative Dispute Resolution Practitioners.  If legal advice is required, the assistance of a competent and qualified legal professional should be obtained.

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    Donna Huffman, Kansas Lawyer with the inside Scoop on Securitization Fail

    in Finance

    Donna Huffman was in business originating mortgages and brokering mortgages. She really knows what went on and she is available as an expert witness who can describe the meaning of many actions that leave most people scratching their heads.

    Now Huffman is fighting the banks in the very red state of Kansas and she is taking no prisoners --- going after the law firms for the banks, the banks and the servicers. We are all going to be hearing a lot about her as time progresses. In my opinion she is pressing all the right buttons.

    Tonight we are going to explore her experiences and shed some light on the mysterious world of non-securitization.

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    Episode # 151 - 3RD EYE vs M-ONE-EY

    in Lifestyle

    NO MONEY = OPTIMAL LIFE  (summary) 

    Money was maliciously introduced as a tool of enslavement. Money did NOT evolve out of barter and trade. Banking families think that they own the world and control all of the governments. The majority of people are their slaves. The global banking industry is nothing more than the largest legalized organized crime syndicate. There is no legal documentation of this fraud in the records because the banks and/or the courts withdraw or abandon their claims against the defendant before a judgement is made against them or a precedent is set to insure that there is no record of the victory. This also has to do with the educational system which has nothing really to do with learning because people are indoctrinated into this way of thinking since childhood conditioning humanity into slavery to just follow the orders of people who APPEAR to be in authority (fraudulently). Laws protect the corporations (corPIRATions or corporate pirates) and do NOT serve the people. Corporations have more rights than living breathing human beings. We need a whole new legal system written by the people that serves the actual people. Banks have zero money and ONLY deal with Securitizations, Bills of Exchange, Promissory Notes, Negotiable Instruments, and Special Purpose Vehicles./ by: Michael Tellinger ../

    https://youtu.be/YW4fX77ycgA /


    QUOTE -

    "KNOWLEDGE HAS NO COLOR"  Ngon'e-Ada  :Aw

    CALL @ (347) 308 - 8131  Press #1 to speak.. 

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    Remedies That Work

    in Culture

    Today's show is a continuation of the show one weeks ago when we were talking about bill of indictment, warrant, cusip number (Committee on Uniform SecuritiesIdentification Procedures), securitization of mortgages and more. Also Brothers AJ and Artex will be sharing their experience with paying bills with a cashier's check and birth certificate to take care of legal issues. The discussion of security instruments and what they can do for you. Make sure you are on the call by dialing 1.646.929.0691 times EST 8pm, CST 7pm, PST 5pm and Alaskan residents your time 4pm

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    Strategy No. 3 - Securitization - The Truth About Your Loan!

    in News

    Knowing the life of your loan from inception is not an option, it's a requirement to any proper litigation defense or offensive. Attorney's throughout the country are failing and continue to be the cause bad case law because they don't have all the facts of a mortgage loan at their disposal. It’s no coincidence BLOOMBERG has not only disabled its loan level searching function, it has also begun to cancel its contracts with Securitization Audit Providers. Why has BLOOMBERG done this? It has become clear having access to loan level information opens the doors to facts about YOUR loan that can help YOU and hurt THE BANKS!Join Litigation Discovery Expert and Strategist Anthony Martinez this Thursday February 21, 2013 at 8:00pm as he discusses how knowing the life of a mortgage loan is a critical component to fighting the good fight. Learn why attorneys are waiving YOUR rights in litigation right from the start and what’s next for loan level data searching. In this episode we will touch on:- How to find out if your loan was securitized;- The right audit company vs. the wrong audit company;- Do it yourself tools available to you;- Making sure YOUR attorney doesn’t waive YOUR rights that can cost you YOUR case;- Why some attorneys do think much about securitization audits;- Avoiding scams;- Lateral thinking – The Moral War is not the Art of War – The beginning discussions of not leaving the answer to the people’s problems in the hands of lobbied government; and- Much more!!!

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    Remedies That Work

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    Today's show is a continuation of the show two weeks ago when we were talking about bill of indictment, warrant, cusip number (Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures),  securitization of mortgages and more.  Make sure you are on the call by dialing 1.646.929.06911.646.929.0691 for EST 8pm, CST 7pm, PST 5pm and Alaskan residents your time 4pm. 

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    When The Students Are Ready

    in Culture

    We are at it again. The Ringing Stone Network is fortunate to present Joe Esquivel, Foreclosure master, Private Investigator License # A1830, Mortgage Securitization Analyst and Origination Compliance Analyst. He shall teach us about " chain of title" and more. If you have never heard Joe, you must stop by. This class is a 101 on foreclosure and promises to be fact driven. He took Usiku to another level and I stopped a friend's foreclosure the next day . Please stop by, receive this powerful lesson than go help someone.  

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    Consciousness Caffeine: How to Defeat Any Debt Collector with Marshall Schroeder

    in Spirituality

    Show is live Tues. & Thurs. 10 pm -12 am EST...6/18/15:  Sit back, relax, and join Rainbow Warrior GodDess Lisa for a Rocksome dose of Consciousness Caffeine and Conscious Community with topics regarding Re-Education, Healing, Empowerment, Inspiration, Dominion, & Conscious Co-Creation.  On today's show Lisa hosts special guest Marshall Schroeder, Author of "How to Defeat Any Debt Collector & Prepare Your Own Credit Report.  Marshall will discuss how ANYONE can deal effectively with debt collectors and why most consumers DO NOT owe the money being demanded by them.  Come join the Big Picture Party to listen, learn, be Inspired, facilitate Remembrance, and share your soul where all are honored in our Rainbow Warrior Circle. Please call in and join our Rainbow Warrior Circle to ask questions and share if you are so Inspired.  This show was created with the intention to gather other Rainbow Warriors together to Co-Create from Unity Consciousness so...Let's Get This Party Started!!!

    For more from Marshall visit his websites: debtcollectoreradicator.com

    To purchase Marshall's book go to:  http://www.thebookpatch.com/BookStore/how-to-defeat-any-debt-collector-and-repair-your-own-credit-report/eb36a7a6-3ccf-4ea2-ac9a-0ea9c5e20666

    For more from Rainbow Warrior GodDess Lisa visit her website:  http://www.transcendance.us/

    To donate to support the show and Random Acts of Love & Kindness go to:   https://wesharecrowdfunding.com/RainbowGodDess

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    Neil Garfield Show on Foreclosure Defense

    in Finance

    Free information, interviews, with national experts and attorneys relating to foreclosure defense, forensic reviews, securitization of debt and related consumer topics hosted by Neil F Garfield, attorney, expert witness and former investment banker. Neil is the editor and chief reporter for the largest internet site providing free information and forms for lawyers, litigants and government officials at www.livinglies.wordpress.com.