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    Barack Obama, The Wicked Ruler

    in The Bible

    Barack Obama is a wicked ruler. He has abused the authority of his office domestically and has used his authority to commit war crimes internationally. He is a usurper and should not only be impeached but should also be arrested and put on trial for his crimes. The Bible calls for justice for the poor and oppressed yet the Christian leaders in the America have been very tepid in specifically calling out the President. This week Gary Fox makes the case regarding how Barack Obama does exemplify the qualifications of a wicked ruler and why he should be impeached.


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    Last Second Shot Podcast Episode 15

    in College & High School

    Darren Clora and Eric Thomas are back for the 15th edition of the Last Second Shot Podcast. We talk about the past week in girls basketball in Michigan. Down goes frazier!  Lathrup and Bay City John glenn take losses. Detroit country day and Arbor Prep coming out victorious in Saturday matchups. What games are we looking forward to? We are getting closer to the end of the season, do not forget to email us clips for the end of the season mixtape as well as individual mixtapes. Last Second Shot Podcast the voice of girls basketball in Michigan

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    Last Second Shot Podcast Episode 14

    in College & High School

    Darren Clora and Eric Thomas are back for another exciting edition of the Last Second Shot Podcast. This week they recap games that has passed and talk about upcoming games this week. The playoffs are creeping closer and closer. What do we think about the Bay City John Glenn and Arbor Prep matchup, Detroit Country Day and Southfield Lathrup? Find out on this episode. Also: What is the craziest play that you have seen in girls basketball in Michigan? We talk about it all this week!

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    Hard Starboard Radio: Is Barack Obama Mad As A Hatter?

    in Politics Conservative

    Obama: Economic self-destruction would save terrorists the trouble; Pope Francis calls Christians & Muslims "brothers"; WaPo smears Pro-Life community with blame for Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shootings; Obama caves on key elements of Iran Nuclear Capitulation; Still no governmant shutdown likely over Planned Parenthood funding; Ben Carson blows his socon cred on Colorado Springs shooting; Hillary Clinton & the power of vaginas; Obama: Destroying the global economy an economic and security imperative; Obama military aid to Ukraine was - and is - garbage & scrap; Ted Cruz: GOP is not the “condom police”; Obama: Mass shootings just don’t happen outside the United States; and Raum Emanuel fires Chicago police chief to placate the black mob.

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    Was Barack Obama a good president and a gay school for children to open?

    in Entertainment

    On the next edition of The Absolute Truth, we will examine the legacy of President Obama, entering his last year. Did he do enough in his 2 terms to help the country forward or is did he do more harm? Also, the opening of schools for LGBT children. Is it too young an age or is it just the right time? And your Twitter questions this Monday night at 9 pm on The Absolute Truth Show  with your host with the most, the king of kings himself  The Hot Rod, the one and only  Sean Black and  the lovely Anitra B!

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    Last Second Shot Podcast Episode 11

    in College & High School

    In the eleventh episode of the Last Second Shot Podcast Eric Thomas and Darren Clora dive into the world of MHSAA girls basketball. Brackets are released!! We discuss the district matchups and more. Who are this week's big performers? Plus we preview the upcoming games this weekends? The Last Second Shot Mixtape is set to release on Martin Luther King Day! Make sure to follow Darren on twitter @sportspokenreal and Eric a@Quiet_Storm30. The premier radio show for girls basketball in Michigan!


  • WE'RE BACK with 50+ The Second Half "Sports Talk"

    in Sports

    It's been a while, but we are so happy we're back! First and foremost, we hope 2016 is all that you are hoping for. Join your host, Fuzzy Q, Stephen L, Radar aka The Sports Doc. and we have a new person joining our team, Carolina. Please call in to welcome Carolina to the show. 

    Well, Superbowl 50 is just around the corner. Call in with your favorite to win. We have ours. Join us at 7:00 p.m. and the number is: 347-539-5867 EST.

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    12/8/15 - #Muslim #Immigrants, #DonaldTrump, #Barack Obama Speech

    in Politics Conservative

    Tonight, I talk about Donald Trump's recent statements about banning Muslims from coming to America.  His followers love the red meat and keep asking for more.  Some say he's going to destroy the Party.  Others think he'll run 3rd Party.  He's the front runner, Ted Cruz is closing in, and others like Ben Carson and Marco Rubio are still in the hunt.  Today I got to experience the vitriol of the fanatical Trump supporter.  I'll talk about their tactics and how they try to attack anyone who speaks ill of their leader.  Plus, we have hi-lights from Obama's Speech about guns and terrorists.  I'll share some thoughts in this as well.  Call in and voice your opinion.

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    Last Second Shot Podcast Episode 13

    in College & High School

    This week we welcome back Antoinette Miller, point guard of Southfield Lathrup High School. We talk about her promise to not lose another game this year and about the last Southfield High vs.Southfield Lathrup matchup. There was also a guarantee of victory by a Southfield High player, we get her thoughts about that. Kysre Gondrezick went for another fifty point game, and we talk about the Detroit Country day vs Rennaisciance matchup that took place this week. and more. Be sure to follow Darren Clora @sportspokenreal on Twitter and Eric Thomas @Quiet_Storm30

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    What Will Be the Legacy of President Obama?

    in Politics

    Joining CAN WE TALK FOR REAL co-hosts Teresa M. Jackson and Michelle E. Brown on Wednesday, February 10th to talk about the Obama Presidency – its place in Black history, its impact on LGBTQ rights and preserving its legacy for equal rights – is Earl Fowlkes. President/CEO of the Center For Black Equity, Inc. (formerly the International Federation of Black Pride (IFBP). Fowlkes founded the IFBP in 1999 ago as a coalition of Black Pride organizers the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and South Africa formed to promote a multinational network of LGBT Pride and community- based organizations. Earl previously served fifteen years as the Executive Director of the DC Comprehensive AIDS Resources and Education Consortium (DC CARE Consortium) and Damien Ministries, organizations that provided services to person living with HIV/AIDS in Washington, DC. Earl attended Rutgers University with degrees in history/business. Earl resides in Washington, DC however remains a devoted to his hometown Philadelphia Phillies, Eagles and Flyers, and all things Pennsylvania.Call in to 347-215-8985 to join the conversation, show starts at 8:30 est/7:30cst,, Press 1 to speak.

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    Last Second Shot Podcast Episode 10

    in College & High School

    Darren Clora and Eric Thomas are back for another episode of the Last Second Shot Podcast. We recap our five days at the Motor City Roundball Classic. Somebody flirted with a quadruple-double, another player had a PERFECT game, and more. Who are the top players that Darren and Eric have seen from 2008-2014? This game has witnessed so many great players in the time frame that this might become a heated debate. What games are we looking forward to seeing this week? Find out on this episode.