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    National Scouting Report Talks Golf Recruiting with Tanya & Trey

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    National Scouting Report is the world's oldest, largest and most respected scouting and recruiting organization.  NSR has been assisting high school athletes obtain college scholarships for 35 years. 

    Tanya Olson competed in softball, basketball and golf. Although she competed nationally in softball at the age of 10, it was golf that ultimately became her passion. After winning 4 regional state titles and a state championship, she became Miss Kentucky Golf and earned a 4 year full scholarship to the University of South Florida. After graduating, Tanya remained in the golf world. She landed in the Chicago suburbs as Marketing Director at Naperville Country Club for the next 8 years.  She has also coached at the collegiate level. Tanya is a two time participant of the Women's USGA Amateur, as well as a 4 time participant in the Women's USGA Mid Amateur. Due to her continued participation in national events, she is still very much in tune with the dedication and determination required to be a successful athlete. Tanya serves as the Golf Recruiting Specialist for National Scouting Report.

    Trey Miller is no stranger to the golf world!  After serving in the Marine Corp, Trey was a touring golf professional.  He participated in the Golden Bear Tour, Hooter's Tour, Tight Lies Tour, Lone Star Tour, and the King Stahlman Tour.  He was a Tournament Champion during this time.  Trey also served as a Club Pro in Texas and in Arkansas.  He currently continues to serve as the Head Golf Professional in Heber Springs, Arkansas while serving as one of the Golf Recruiting Specialists for National Scouting Report.  

    Tanya and Trey are dedicated to helping golf athletes obtain scholarships!


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    TA's Scouting Scoop - "2013 Fall/Winter Scouting Report!"

    in Football

    TA's Scouting Scoop is an NCAA Certified Scouting Service in football that regularly reports the accomplishments on prospects in the Central Texas area year around. 

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    TA's Scouting Scoop - "2014 Signing Day Highlights!"

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    TA's Scouting Scoop is an NCAA Certified Scouting Service in football that regularly reports the accomplishments on prospects in the Central Texas area year around. 

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    Scouting the West Episode 4: The NFL Scouting Combine

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    Mouth takes the reins, and steers the show through a forest of combine stats, God talk, and hot sports takes. 

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    Scouting Super Mom

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    Being a scouting Mom can be hard at times when working with a scout who is on the Autism Spectrum. What happens when you have not one, not two but a total of seven kids on the spectrum all in scouting at one time or another? You have a Scouting Super Mom and Autism and Scouting Radio is looking forward to interviewing Linda Horvath today.At the current time Linda has six of her seven kids in scouting. Her 19 year old and 13 year old are in Troop 454 which is a Special Needs Troop, her 16 year old Life Scout is currently taking a break from scouts, her 11 year old twin boys are in Troop 300 and her 6 year old twin girls are both Girl Scout Daisies. Linda is a leader in each of the scouting units of her sons and daughters. We are going to talk to her about how scouting has changed the lives of sons and daughters, how she manages all of the scouting events and celebrate her journey in scouting.

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    A Mom's Perspective on Scouting

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    Special Guest Ericka Schron has two sons who have Aspergers and one son with ADHD, all have been or in the scouting a Boy Scouting program and she will share a unique view on what scouting has done for her sons. 

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    National Scouting Report Talks Softball Recruiting with Rusty and Robby

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    Welcome to National Scouting Report's Blogtalk Radio Show.  This show will feature some aspects of college softball recruiting.  Today's guests will discuss recruiting as it relates to high school and travel ball pitchers that desire to play collegiate softball on scholarship. NSR has been helping high school athletes obtain athletic and academic scholarships for over 35 years.  College coaches from all over the United States depend on NSR for accurate and dependable scouting reports on qualified student athletes.

    Rusty Rigney joins our show today as one of the recruiting experts for sotball!  What makes Rusty an expert in softball recruiting?  First, Rusty has coached travel ball for many years.  He has "sat on the bucket" for countless hours giving instruction to pitchers.  Rusty has a daughter, Rachael, who is currently pitching at D1 Troy University.  If those two facts alone are not enough, well. Rusty is the long time President and CEO of National Scouting Report.  NSR is the world's oldest and largest scouting and recruiting organization.  Rusty's father, Bob Rigney, founded NSR in 1980.

    Robby Wilson is also an expert guest today.  He is the Director of Softball Scouting for National Scouting Report. Robby has a B.S. in Exercise Science and has been a certified strength and conditioning specialist working with High School and College athletes for 10 years. As a previous college athlete and high school standout Robby endured the recruiting process himself and has seen firsthand, the changes over the years. As the Director of Softball, Robby works with College Coaches, high school/club athletes, as well as high school and travel coaches on a daily basis in pursuit of getting the athlete the right exposure and promoting those athletes to collegiate athletic programs for them to continue the love for their sport while getting a quality education.

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    TA's Scouting Scoop - "Why Recruit in Central Texas?"

    in Football

    TA's Scouting Scoop is an NCAA Certified Scouting Service in football that regularly reports the accomplishments on prospects in the Central Texas area year around. 

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    Autism Empowerment unveils a new Autism and Scouting website

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    Autism and Scouting Radio and the Autism and Scouting Program are both part of Autism Empowerment -- a 501(c)3 public charity dedicated to providing Acceptance, Enrichment, Inspiration and Empowerment within the autism and Asperger communities locally, regionally and worldwide.
    Today Autism and Scouting Radio talks with Autism Empowerment co-founders John and Karen Krejcha to get an update on all the excitement behind the scenes at Autism Empowerment over the past few months.
    We'll talk about:
    The unveiling of the new Autism Empowerment website
    How to plug into new Autism and Scouting training and support resources.
    Updates on the Autism and Scouting Leadership Training Kit being released in November 2013.
    The new Autism and Scouting Unit Locator.
    Reported stories of scouting success over the past few months.
    We are very excited about the positive momentum Autism Empowerment and Autism and Scouting are achieving and look forward to sharing this with you.

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    TA's Scouting Scoop - "What it Takes to be an All-American!"

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    TA's Scouting Scoop is an NCAA Certified Scouting Service in football that regularly reports the accomplishments on prospects in the Central Texas area year around. 

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    TA's Scouting Scoop - "Upcoming Summer/Fall Scouting Report"

    in Football

    TA's Scouting Scoop is an educational radio talk show for college football coaches, fans, & players about high school football prospects in the Central Texas Area. We broadcast live on Sunday's from 6pm to 7pm CST.

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