• being bully at school listen to me

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    have you ever being bullyed listen to me

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    A Home School Success Story

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    Which school setting works best for your children Public Education or Home school?  Listen to our live Radio Show by calling (713) 955-0815 this evening @ 4:30 pm CST, Or visit us on the web at www.blogtalkradio.com/humanrightsjc.com You will be amazed at this wonderful success story- how one family created economic empowerment and founded a business from home. J. Price Kids & Company used their resources from home to create a small business. Please tune in and listen to their stories. You could be a future guest on our Human Rights Radio Show, or land a broadcasting opportunity with us. For more information on being a guest visit our website: www.humanrightsjc.com

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    Pastor Wendy Allen with The School of the Prophets

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    Pastor Wendy Allen with The School of the Prophets

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    School for Startups with Jim Beach

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    School for Startups with Jim Beach is our show today on The Core Business Show with Tim Jacquet. Entrepreneurship offers a different path, actually a safer path. Traditionally, entrepreneurs have been considered the world’s big risk-takers. They were the ones who quit their jobs, mortgaged the house and went for broke, with broke often being the end result. This book is not about that. Jim started working as a research assistant at the Japanese External Trade Organization in Atlanta. He attended graduate school in Hawaii before working for Coca-Cola in Japan. At age 26, he founded American Computer Experience, which provided technology training for young people. He sold the company in 2001 and started teaching at Georgia State University. He now teaches at the University of Tennessee/Chattanooga. He has worked extensively with United Parcel Service to promote exports. This show is sponsored by Apple Capital Group, Inc. #applecapitalgroup #applecapital #thecorebusinessshow #timjacquet #jimbeach

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     Hopefully we'll have better news than the Titanic  did with the iceberg.Our guests today are Rich Bagin, Executive Director of the National School Public Relations Association, Gary Marx, current president of  the Horace Mann League and President of the Center for Public Outreach and  James Harvey, Executive Director of the National Superintendents Roundtable, and primary researcher and author of the report.

    Presented by SCHOOL MESSENGER

    www.schoolmessenger.com  @schoolmessenger

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    Sustainability School and Personal Power Plants

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    Today on "It's My House" we shall discuss the formation of a school that focuses on "Real World Education", based on everyday situations and problems; for the time being we shall call this project "Sustainability School".  One of the fundamental features of the educational process is how to have your own "personal power plant".

    By having your own "personal household power plant" your household have save thousands of dollars and even earn a consistant monthly income by educating others.

    Be sure to have pen and paper available to take notes.



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    Congrats and welcome to Colorado's Cory Notestine, a counselor at Alamosa High School, a rural high school. What he does that makes difference


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    The School of the Prophets with Pastor Wendy Allen

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    Welcome to "The School of the Prophets” with Pastor Wendy Allen. The School of the Prophets is also, known as a "Company of Prophets". 1st Samuel 10:5, 1st Samuel 10:10, 1st Samuel 19:20

    Question for the hour: Can anyone attend and be a part of the School of the Prophets? The answer is absolutely yes. The School, of the Prophets is not just for Prophets or Pastors or ministers...Peradventure, some may be turned into another person and prophesy among the Prophets or serve with the Prophets.   Everyone should have the knowledge taught in the school of the Prophets to serve in the Body of Christ and in the five (5) fold ministry.  Ephesians 4:7-13 ....everyone should know how to walk in the spirit of God with the Prophet and with any one of the 5 in the Body of Christ.

    "The School of the Prophets" is a part of "Tabernacle with Yeshua". I am a Prophet from my mother's womb and I served as an Evangelist as well for years. Then God called me to Pastor. I have a call and commission to bring Jews Gentiles and Christians to the knowledge of Jesus Christ (Yeshua) as Messiah and Savior and of the Hebrew roots of their Christian faith.

    Check out the website at: www.tabernaclewithyeshua.org

    God Bless Pastor Wendy Allen

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    Episode 2: Re-Up, Back to School

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    The second episode of Kristial & Rj: After Dark. 
    School is back and in session! <3

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  • Sunday School on the Air!

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    Join Your Radio Minister, Rev. R.D. Vance, for this weekend's review of the Sunday School lesson. Each lesson is derived from the International Sunday School Lessons; all scripture passages are from the King James Version of the Holy Bible unless otherwise noted.


    This week's lesson:
    Title:  "Jesus' Prayer For His Disciples"
    Text:  St. Luke 17:6-21

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